Just like what Zheng Lingling said, after Qiao Nan rejected the second year student that day, a third-year student came looking for Qiao Nan a few days later, asking her to 'study together' with him. "Qiao Nan, I am in my third year now. I know more than you. If you have any problems in your studies, we can discuss and find a solution together. It may not be good to work on it alone."

The third-year student was smart. He knew that Qiao Nan valued ​​learning, so he tried to appeal to her through learning.

In the past, Qiao Nan did not care for these things. Hence, there were a lot of things that she had ignored.

Ever since Tang Mengran's reminder last time, Qiao Nan had become much more sensitive.

Qiao Nan noticed that when the third year student turned up at their class, many of the people in the class had their eyes on them. Many students were particularly crowding around the doorway of their classroom as if they were in for a good show.

"You are in the third year?" Qiao Nan tapped her pen on the desk.

The third-year student flashed a confident smile, showing his white teeth. "That's right. Like you, I am very interested and confident in my studies. My results have always been good and I have always ranked in the first ten in the level. If we study together, we can have a lot of discussions about the problems that we encounter in our studies."

Tang Mengran patted Zheng Lingling's shoulder. "I have some impression of this senior. His family is very well-to-do. The watch that he wears costs over a thousand dollars. Do you think he will be successful?"

Zheng Lingling gulped. "He will definitely be disappointed. Can't you see that Nan Nan does not have any impression of him? He is just like a passerby. He will not succeed. What I am curious about is how Nan Nan is going to reject him once and for all."

Qiao Nan arched her eyebrows and glanced at the empty seat next to her that belonged to Zhu Baoguo.

After Tang Mengran's reminder last time, Qiao Nan had figured out a pattern.

These boys who asked her to go to the library to 'read books' would usually come when Zhu Baoguo was not in the classroom. "You have come at the right time. I have a mathematics problem that I can't solve. Can senior take a look at it?"

"Sure." The student smiled. He was most worried that Qiao Nan would not give him any response. As long as she was willing to talk to him, he had a way to make her agree to go out with him.

Since the third year student agreed to help, Qiao Nan tore a clean page from her book and wrote said problem on it. She then handed the pen and rough paper to the third year student. "Senior, please help me solve this."

"No problem." The third-year student took the paper with confidence.

He was in the top ten among all the third year students. He had no problem with the third year questions, let alone first year ones. It was child's play to him!

"I will have to trouble senior." Qiao Nan leaned toward Zhu Baoguo's empty seat, leaving enough space for the third year student.

But the third year student soon lost the self-confidence that he had at the beginning. He was full of doubts and looked troubled. He frowned, deep in thought. He never stopped writing, and the rough paper was now covered with workings and calculations. However, he still could not get the answer.

When he realized that there was no more space on the paper, he hesitated before asking, "Can you give me another piece of rough paper?"

"No problem." Qiao Nan generously gave him a stack of rough paper. "Feel free to use them."

With the stack of rough paper, the third year student had lots of paper to work his calculations on.

The third-year student leaned against Qiao Nan's table for a quarter of an hour, writing three pages worth of calculations, but he just could not get the answer. "This question…"

"It's okay if you can't solve it…"

"No, I can solve it. It's just that this is your classroom. This is not the environment that I am familiar with. I am not used to it. Why don't I bring it back with me first? When I solve it, I will come back to show you how to solve it." The third-year student blushed in embarrassment. One could tell that he was just giving excuses.

Not your own classroom? Unfamiliar environment? Could not think clearly?

If this were the case, then the third year student could not possibly sit for the exam or the college entrance examination.

For the college entrance examination, it was common to sit for the exams in different classrooms. Some students even had to go to other schools.

"Sure, no problem." Qiao Nan nodded and agreed readily.

With that, the third-year student left the classroom without another word.

Fang Fang pursed her lips. "Nan Nan, what kind of problem is that? I want to give it a try, can I?"

"Sure." Qiao Nan smiled. "Why don't I write the question on the blackboard? Everyone who is interested can try it. We can discuss as well. This is what schools are for."

After that, Qiao Nan walked up to the blackboard.

Qiao Nan, who rarely wrote on the blackboard, had a piece of chalk in her hand and started writing. Her handwriting was beautiful and neat. It drew the attention of others.

"For goodness sake, Nan Nan, your handwriting on the blackboard is so beautiful! I heard many people may have good handwriting, but since they are not used to writing on the blackboard, their words will not look nice on it." He Yun was amazed. Qiao Nan's handwriting was much more beautiful than the teacher's. They looked as if they were printed onto the blackboard.

"You should have been accustomed to it. Nan Nan is an all-rounder. She outshines us all." Tao Zhenqin ground her teeth in a mixture of admiration and anger.

"Here is the question. Let's give them a try." He Yun picked up the pen and started to work on it. She wanted to know what kind of question could scare a third-year student away.

When most of the students in class one were working on this problem, several students from other classes, and even other levels, copied the question and spread it around.

It seemed that everyone felt that only those who could solve the problem were qualified to go to the library with Qiao Nan.

"Oh, my god! I give up. My brain cells are dying. This question is too difficult. Nan Nan, do you want us dead by coming up with such a question?"

Tang Mengran was the first to give up.

Tang Mengran knew her standard. Given this kind of difficult question, she would not be able to solve it in ten days or even ten years.

She did not believe that this kind of question would come up in the three years of high school.

Tao Zhenqin was the second to give up, and Fang Fang was the last to give up.

Regardless of whoever gave up first, everyone in class one gave up even before the self-study session was over.

Everyone knew their own standard.

They could tell whether they could solve the question or not.

Nobody was able to solve such a difficult question.



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