The more she thought about it, the more upset Qiao Nan was and her voice turned feeble. "Brother Zhai, what if you didn't know me and didn't meet me? Would you like Qiu Chenxi or marry one of the female soldiers in the army?"

Brother Zhai led a very simple life. His life was all about the army.

Therefore, apart from the female soldiers and Qiu Chenxi, Brother Zhai probably would not have any chance to get to know other women. He might not want to waste any time to get to know other women and experience the complicated process of falling in love before getting married.

Zhai Sheng pondered for a while before saying, "Yes, without you, I might have been married to Qiu Chenxi."

Qiu Chenxi was someone that his parents approved of. They had known each other since they were young. As long as he was willing, he and Qiu Chenxi could be married right away. It was much simpler and easier than marrying another woman. Zhai Sheng knew himself well. He was not willing to waste his time, so choosing Qiu Chenxi was the most time-saving and effortless way.

"Brother Zhai, do you have to be so frank about it? Aren't you afraid that I will be angry and break up with you?" Qiao Nan was displeased. She knew that if she did not appear in Brother Zhai's life, he would have married some other woman.

Brother Zhai was so sure that he would have married Qiu Chenxi without her. It implied that he liked Qiu Chenxi.

If that were the case…

Qiao Nan gritted her teeth. She could not stand a third party in their relationship. After what happened with Chen Jun, she would not make the same mistake again.

She could bear with the fact that she might not be the woman that Brother Zhai loved the most, but she must be the only woman in his life. There must be nobody else.

Sensing that Qiao Nan was angry, Zhai Sheng felt assured instead. One would only be angry if one cared for and cherished that person. Even though he was the one who confessed his love and kept Nan Nan by his side, it was never a one-sided love. Qiao Nan had the same feelings for him as well. "You won't be angry with me, and you won't break up with me either. The reason why I would consider marrying Qiu Chenxi is very simple. It is purely for the sake of convenience. I have known Qiu Chenxi for many years. She and the Qiu family know my temper. I won't do things to please her or sweet-talk her. The Qiu family can't use this as an excuse to make things difficult for me. Qiu Chenxi must be aware of this as well. Marrying Qiu Chenxi is simply to answer to my parents. It has nothing to do with me."

"Brother Zhai, is this how it is going to be if you really marry Qiu Chenxi?" This was treating marriage casually and carelessly. It was too perfunctory and fake. Brother Zhai was marrying for his parents.

Who was the one getting married in the end?

Judging from Zhai Sheng's tone, Qiao Nan could tell that even if Zhai Sheng really married Qiu Chenxi, it was not because he had feelings for her. It was for the sake of his parents.

"Don't be upset. Without you, I would feel that the arrangement was very good and convenient. But luckily, you appeared in my life. It is only when two people have feelings for each other will the marriage last forever." Before he knew what love was, he felt that marrying Qiu Chenxi would be a good option. But now that he understood about love, he knew that it was his greatest fortune to know Nan Nan.

Marrying the person you loved and marrying someone that you did not love was totally different.

Back when there was only Qiu Chenxi in his life, he would not think of her or miss her when he was in the army.

On the contrary, after confirming his relationship with Qiao Nan, Zhai Sheng would always have Qiao Nan on his mind. He did not find it an annoyance or bother. Instead, whenever he thought about her, he would feel warm inside as if he was recharged.

There was no better state than this!

"Nan Nan, you may not know. In fact, my mom doesn't like Qiu Chenxi at all. As for why she always goes along with Dad, I have no idea. But after she chatted with you on a few occasions, Qiu Chenxi no longer poses any problem for us. Nan Nan, I must hand it to you. You have won against your rival without doing anything. You have what it takes to be a military wife." Zhai Sheng smiled happily.

When Nan Nan was slowly making her influence on his mother, they were not in a relationship yet.

It was totally by pure coincidence.

"It just happened by chance." Actually, Qiao Nan still did not understand what was it that she said that brought about the change in Miao Jing.

According to Brother Zhai, ever since she helped Miao Jing clean up from her fall in the muddy puddle, Miao Jing had begun to act differently.

No matter how Qiao Nan thought about it, she remembered Auntie Miao looked as if she was worried that Qiao Nan would try to take advantage of her on that day. If that was the case, which part of her words made Auntie Miao change her attitude toward Qiu Chenxi? She was clueless.

"By the way, things might be happening on your side recently. No matter what the Wang family's response is or what attitude Wang Yang has, you don't have to be bothered." Zhai Sheng changed to a serious topic.

"The Wang family? Wang Yang? What do they want to do?" They were already providing for her mother and her sister. Would they be so free as to create more trouble?

Zhai Sheng laughed lightly. "Don't be anxious. The Wang family will not make trouble for you. They themselves are in trouble."

"Who is creating trouble for them? You?"


Zhai Sheng acted as if it was nothing to be concerned, but Qiao Nan was worried. "Brother Zhai, will this have any impact on you?"

Thinking about how Qiao Dongliang sided with Qiao Zijin, and how Zhai Sheng sided with her now, Qiao Nan felt a mixture of jealousy and happiness.

For her father, she and Qiao Zijin were his beloved daughters, but for Brother Zhai, she was the only one that he cared for.

"You can rest assured that I will not be affected." Zhai Sheng felt comforted at Qiao Nan's concern for him. He relaxed, his anger gone. If someone came in at this time, they would be able to tell that Zhai Sheng was talking on the phone with a woman, someone that Zhai Sheng liked and was in a relationship with.

"Brother Zhai, you must be careful. In fact, you don't have to do anything about the Wang family. Uncle Zhu will not sit and watch helplessly. Even though they are relatives, the Wang family is after Zhu Baoguo and as he is the only son of Uncle Zhu, Uncle Zhu will not sit by and do nothing." Protecting Zhu Baoguo was Zhu Chengqi's responsibility.

"This is none of my concern. I only know that Wang Yang wants to make use of Qiao Zijin to deal with you. I want to make life difficult for the Wang family. This is what I must do as your boyfriend," Zhai Sheng said stubbornly.

No matter what Zhu Chengqi did, it was to protect his son. But everything he did was to protect Nan Nan.

Zhai Sheng was in the middle of a conversation with Qiao Nan when someone opened the door to his office. "Zhai Sheng, what are you doing? I have knocked on the door for so long, but you did not answer. Are you very busy?" Miao Jing frowned. "Your sister and you are the same. Both of you only have eyes for your work. Are you on the phone with someone?"



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