As a soldier's wife, one was destined to be more resilient than other women. She not only had to endure the life where her spouse would always be absent from her side, but she also had to deal with both domestic and external affairs. She might even have to shoulder the responsibilities of caring for the parents from both sides of the marriage.

Being a solider was not easy. It was also not easy for a woman who married a soldier.

He was afraid that Qiao Nan was young and unable to withstand such loneliness and hardships. However, from today's situation, Zhai Sheng was astonished to discover that Qiao Nan was busier and had less time than him.

Perhaps, when the two of them were married in the future, it was not him who did not have the time to accompany Nan Nan. It was highly probable that Nan Nan would not have the time to bother about him.

The more Zhai Sheng thought about it, the more he felt that this was likely to happen. All of a sudden, he was having a headache.

The wives of everyone in the army were always displeased that their man was spending too little time with them. Why was it that when it came to him, the situation was reversed?

"Regiment Commander Zhai, did you just have a phone call with our future Mrs. Regiment Commander?" Zhou Jun was holding the results of the investigation as he entered the office smilingly. It was just that the teasing beneath his eyes was too obvious.

"Yes, I've finished the call." Zhou Jun took over from Zhou Jun some information regarding Chen Jun's family.

"Regiment Commander Zhai, what kind of person is our future Mrs. Regiment Commander? Is her surname Qiu?" In the past, the regiment commander did not seem to care much about that lady by the surname Qiu. The regiment commander had now come to his senses. He even knew how to coax the lady by giving her a call.

He nearly believed that this day would never happen.

"Her surname is not Qiu. She's still very young. Certain things can't be rushed," Zhai Sheng replied frankly.

"She's still young." Zhou Jun sighed with regrets too. Then, the regiment commander's situation was similar to his. "Regiment Commander Zhai, how old is Mrs. Regiment Commander?"

"Still studying."

"She's also studying." It's such a coincidence. The regiment commander's situation was the same as that of his. "Then, have you seen her parents and gained their approval? Have you settled the matter regarding your relationship?"

The more Zhou Jun asked, the more anxious he felt. This was because he had not resolved all of the problems that he was asking.

If Zhai Sheng had resolved them, he was prepared to seek advice from Zhai Sheng, this superior of his.

"My partner loves to learn. Her parents also take her studies seriously. Her parents don't have any issue with me, but they don't know about our relationship. So as to allow her to focus on her studies and avoid causing any worry to her parents, we don't intend to announce our relationship at the moment. We'll explain to her parents when she graduates."

"Yes, that's absolutely right!" Zhou Jun reacted strongly and he slammed the table. "Regarding this, there's really no hurry. She's still studying now. Regarding the current thoughts and actions that I have, the other party's parents will definitely not feel assured. They'll be afraid that she won't focus on her studies. If I make my stand now, the other party's parents will most likely reject me. No wonder her father objected when my parents brought it up previously. So, this was the reason."

Nan Nan's mother was muddle-headed but not Uncle Qiao. He doted on Nan Nan.

It was no wonder that Uncle Qiao refused when his parents brought up this matter.

At the end of the day, the three years in senior high school were critical as they would directly affect students' enrollment into college. During this period, certainly, no hiccups were allowed.

What if Nan Nan could not get into college and complete her studies due to the distractions from their marriage? Wouldn't that mean he ruined Nan Nan's future then?

"But Regiment Commander Zhai, if you don't make it clear to her parents, aren't you afraid that she will be snatched away by others?" The lady that the regiment commander liked must be very outstanding. At the very least, she must be better than the lady with the surname Qiu.

Such a lady was not afraid of having no suitors. She would only be fearful of the long queue waiting to woo her.

"Both of us are very rational. Both of our parents don't know about it, but we already have chemistry and agreement. Therefore, she will definitely become your Mrs. Regiment Commander. No one will be able to woo her away."

"Thank you, Regiment Commander Zhai. I fully understand now!" Zhou Jun gave Zhai Sheng a bow excitedly.

Her father mentioned that Uncle Qiao said before that unless Nan Nan liked him, the Zhou and the Qiao family could not become in-laws. In that case, the greatest problem for him now was not Uncle Qiao, but Nan Nan.

Nan Nan was still young. She had many more years to go before completing her studies. What he should do now was not to get engaged with Nan Nan but to confirm their feelings for each other, and let Nan Nan become his girlfriend first. Thereafter, would he still need to worry and be afraid that Nan Nan, his wife-to-be, would run away?

From Zhou Jun's perspective, Zhai Sheng was in the exact same situation as him. The method used by Zhai Sheng could be completely copied by him on Qiao Nan.

Upon hearing what Zhai Sheng said, Zhou Jun was enlightened and finally knew how to resolve the matter between Qiao Nan and him.

"Regiment Commander Zhai, can I take a day off?" After knowing what he should do, Zhou Jun was not willing to waste more time in case someone snatched Qiao Nan away before him.

Zhou Jun had no idea that Zhai Sheng's situation was not only the same as his, but they were also referring to the same person. It was just that Zhai Sheng knew about the situation but Zhou Jun didn't.

So, there was nothing wrong that Zhai Sheng was Zhou Jun's superior.

"You can make an application yourself. We'll see if the committee approves it." Zhai Sheng did not hold Zhou Jun back this time.

"Thank you, Regiment Commander Zhai!" After receiving Zhai Sheng's confirmation, Zhou Jun happily wrote and submitted his application for a leave of absence as soon as possible.

Fortunately, Zhai Sheng's team had not received many missions. It was not that difficult for Zhou Jun to take the half-day of leave that he applied for. The committee quickly approved it.

Once he obtained the approval, Zhou Jun went to look for Qiao Nan as soon as possible.

Previously, Zhou Jun did not find out clearly and wasted his trip. Today, Zhou Jun only applied for half a day of leave. Of course, he would not repeat the same mistake. He only rushed over after finding out Qiao Nan's address. "Nan Nan, are you at home?"

"Who's that?" Qiao Nan, whose heart was still thumping furiously because of Miao Jing, was frightened by Zhou Jun's hoarse voice before she could calm herself down.

"Nan Nan, it's me!"

At the sound of the other party's voice, Qiao Nan could sense the excited state the other party was in. "Zhou… Brother Zhou?"

Qiao Nan opened the door. "Brother Zhou, why are you here? Shouldn't you be in the camp now?"

"I applied for leave."

It was spring. Clearly, the weather was not that warm. However, Zhou Jun was already perspiring profusely. He seemed to have been running around. It was not convenient for Qiao Nan to ask further. "Brother Zhou, come in and take a seat first. I'll pour you a cup of tea."

"Okay!" Zhou Jun replied cheerfully as if he was responding to his superior.

In fact, although Zhou Jun had already prepared his script, his entire brains crashed like a computer when he saw Qiao Nan and he completely did not know how to get himself started.



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