"Brother Zhou, have some water."

"Thanks." The cup of water that was served to him was warm, neither too hot nor too cold. It was just right for Zhou Jun to drink it as soon as he took it.

Sensing Qiao Nan's meticulous and caring manners, Zhou Jun's adrenaline rushed. The way he was holding the cup was as if he was holding one with wine. He drank the water all at once. "Nan Nan, I have something to tell you."

Nan Nan was so meticulous to him. Did that mean Nan Nan also liked him?!

"Okay… I can tell." Qiao Nan hesitated for a while. "Brother Zhou, what do you wish to tell me?"

"Nan Nan, I like you."

"Ah?" Qiao Nan's jaws dropped and she shook her head a few times. "Sorry, Brother Zhou. Recently, I've been busy with my studies. My hearing is not so good and can't hear you that well."

"Nan Nan, I like you. Be my girlfriend. After you graduate from senior high school and attend college, we'll get married!" Zhou Jun mustered his courage and finished what he wanted to say all at once.

Qiao Nan patted her face which was frozen stiff and then looked at Zhou Jun helplessly. "Why do all of you soldiers confess your love in such a way? Don't tell me there's a special consultation class in the army for this? Whatever you all say are the same. There's only one way to say and do it?"

What Brother Zhou said was exactly the same as what Brother Zhai said!

"Ah?" Zhou Jun was stunned and could not react in time. He also did not realize the deeper meaning in Qiao Nan's words.

"Brother Zhou, are you serious?" Qiao Nan took a deep breath. "If you're saying this out of impulse as you've been dealt with some blows, I won't take it to heart. If you're serious, Brother Zhou… I'm sorry. I can't accept your love for me."

Zhou Jun had not come to his senses. After hearing Qiao Nan's earlier words that carried a deeper meaning in them, and subsequently her rejection, Zhou Jun lost his ability to think. "Why? You… you don't like me? Or is there anything that I'm not good enough which requires me to change? Tell me. I'll change."

Qiao Nan shook her head. "It doesn't have anything to do with these. Brother Zhou, I treat you like my elder brother. Most importantly, I have someone that I like. I already have a boyfriend."

Zhou Jun's back stiffened and he looked a little sullen. "Nan Nan, you should know. Guys of your age are immature. To them, being in a relationship is akin to making a meal order. They're very casual and irresponsible."

"Brother Zhou, you're worried that my boyfriend will desert me and break up with me?" There was a flash in Qiao Nan's eyes. "Regarding this, you can rest assured, Brother Zhou. He wishes to marry me. First, I've not reached the suitable age. Second, I'm still young and wish to focus on learning and studies. Hence, I declined his proposal. I requested to date first before getting married. When I am of legal age, we'll talk about marriage then. He's not just toying with me. There won't be such a day. He's truly good to me. I've agreed to a relationship with him and am devoted to him wholeheartedly."

"You're certain?" Zhou Jun was utterly disappointed, feeling that he had not acted swift enough. He didn't expect that another man was quicker in action and he was, in fact, many steps behind. "You won't regret it? You're sure that that man is suitable for you and will be responsible for what he said?"

"Brother Zhou, I'm absolutely certain. He will be responsible for what he said. I will also bear all the consequences of my choice. As for whether we're suitable for each other, it's hard to predict what will happen in the future. But now, I feel that he's the most suitable person for me." Qiao Nan did not like to beat about the bush. Since she was already in a relationship with Brother Zhai, she would definitely not give others ambiguous hopes and find herself a 'spare tire'.

"…" Zhou Jun was quiet for a while. He then stood up with great effort. "Nan Nan, I… I only took half a day of leave. My time is up and I should go back to the camp. If there's any matter, let's talk about it another time."

Zhou Jun made his escape. When Zhou Jun was on the way to Qiao Nan's house, he thought of many possibilities. However, he did not expect that Qiao Nan not only rejected him flatly but also had a boyfriend who already proposed to her. The two of them were seriously dating. He stood no chance at all.

It was rare for Zhou Jun, who was almost thirty years old, to take a liking to a woman. However, the woman already had someone else in her heart. Zhou Jun suffered a tremendous blow.

Once Zhou Jun left, Qiao Nan felt so gloomy that she held her head tightly. "What's happening this year? Have I been possessed by evil?"

In her previous life, besides Chen Jun, all the men that she knew were introduced by friends. Everyone had already reached a certain age. All of them wished to find a partner in a similar situation and get married.

During this lifetime, she had already discovered that Chen Jun was most probably trying to win her heart as he was bribed by Wang Yang.

In her previous life, although she was almost forty years old, the only serious boyfriend that she had, Chen Jun, had such an unkempt reason for wooing her. In this life, she was only eighteen years old. Ever since Brother Zhai confessed his love and confirmed their relationship this year, the highly improbable things had happened. The iron tree had not only bloomed but turned into a peach tree full of flowers.

Qiao Nan could not even recall the countless people who confessed their love to her, whether implicitly or explicitly.

Was it the trend to form a group to confess their love at the same time in this era?

Qiao Nan did not know that Zhou Jun's way of love confession was exactly the same as that of Zhai Sheng because Zhou Jun had been greatly influenced by Zhai Sheng.

Qiao Nan did not know all these but when Zhou Jun returned to the camp, Zhai Sheng was almost the first to know that Zhou Jun fell out of love from being rejected by Qiao Nan.

"Brother Zhai, are you around? Can I come in?"

While Zhai Sheng was immersed in his satisfaction of Qiao Nan's efficiency in handling matters, he could hear a young lady's voice at the door of his office.

Zhai Sheng knitted his brows. "Please come in."

"Brother Zhai!" Qiu Chenxi smiled brightly, like a blossomed lily that not only gave out a delicate fragrance but was also fresh and dazzling.

"This is the camp. Please call me Regiment Commander Zhai. Is there any matter?" Zhai Sheng was completely shielded from Qiu Chenxi's radiance and charms. He completely went by the books.

Qiu Chenxi was not affected. She was used to Zhai Sheng's lack of expression during their interactions. Qiu Chenxi knew that Zhai Sheng treated not only her but everyone and every girl the same way. In comparison, when Zhai Sheng was with her, he was still willing to talk. "Brother… Regiment Commander Zhai, it's my first day reporting to the army. I'm not very familiar with the situation here. Can you bring me around to help me familiarize myself?"

She was supposed to be engaged with Brother Zhai last year. However, Grandpa Zhai came back unexpectedly at that time.

Thereafter, there was a rare opportunity to bring up the marriage between Brother Zhai and her during the start of the Lunar New year. She did not expect that Auntie Miao would bring Brother Zhai out.

At the thought of what happened on the seventh day of the Lunar New year, Qiu Chenxi's bright eyes could not help but dim.



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