She even suspected if Miao Jing did it on purpose. Why did she pick a day when their family would be visiting the Zhai family to discuss marriage to bring Zhai Sheng out?

Unfortunately, if the matter was successful, Miao Jing would be her future mother-in-law. Hence, Qiu Chenxi dared not vent out her frustration and anger. If she dared to be disrespectful to Miao Jing, Brother Zhai would most probably be even more reluctant to marry her.

Zhai Sheng had been avoiding her. There was really no other alternative. Qiu Chenxi could only take the initiative to come to the army.

"You came here to report?" Zhai Sheng's eyes sharpened. He did not receive any notification regarding this.

"Yes, from today onward, I'll need Regiment Commander Zhai to take care of me. I'm a newbie and don't know anything. Regiment Commander Zhai, you have to guide me." For the sake of wooing Zhai Sheng, Qiu Chenxi spent so much effort to fight for the learning opportunity to come to the army.

"Is that the case?" Zhai Sheng simply picked up the phone and dialed a number. He then found out about Qiu Chenxi's situation. "I roughly understand your situation and your reason for being here. You want to know more about the army. That is fine. I will send someone to look for you and help you familiarize yourself. Do you have any other matter? If not, please help me close the door when you leave."

"Can I seek Regiment Commander Zhai's help to guide me?" Qiu Chenxi could not help but ask.

"It is not convenient, and I could not do that either." Zhai Sheng declined. "There are female soldiers and instructors in the camp. If you need anything else or have any other questions, you may look for the female instructors directly. It seems like you do not have any other matters. You may leave."

"Brother Zhai, on the seventh day of the Lunar New Year, where did Auntie Miao and you go? Brother Zhai, you know my feelings… Do you really hate me so much and don't want to marry me?" Having been rejected by Zhai Sheng many times, Qiu Chenxi could not endure further. She had an ulterior motive for coming to the camp: Zhai Sheng.

When she managed to settle the marriage between Zhai Sheng and her, Qiu Chenxi would immediately think of a way to leave the camp.

Zhai Sheng sat in a prim and tense manner as he looked at Qiu Chenxi. He looked strict and serious. "No, I do not dislike you."

Qiu Chenxi smiled when she heard this reply.

"To be explicit, I do not dislike you, and neither do I like you."

"Brother Zhai, you… What do you mean by this?" Qiu Chenxi's smile disappeared and she froze.

"What I mean is that I don't know you that well and don't have many opinions of you. In comparison, I am more willing to train with my soldiers and brothers than to be with you. Regarding the topic of marriage, I believe my attitude has always been obvious. I have never agreed to the matter between us. It is not possible between us. You can spend your effort and time on someone else."

"But you didn't object to it in the past, though? Haven't you always been keeping mum?" Qiu Chenxi was not convinced. "Brother Zhai, can you tell me? What made you become so direct and decisive all of a sudden? Brother Zhai, do you have someone that you like? It's impossible!"

How could Zhai Sheng have someone that he liked? He was like a block of wood. He did not have the intention and could not be moved. In Zhai Sheng's eyes and mind, there were only the army and the country.

Was there a difference to a woman when she faced the air or Zhai Sheng?

In this world, there would not be any woman who could move Zhai Sheng's heart and even make Zhai Sheng reject the marriage between Zhai Sheng and her. Impossible. Such a woman could not possibly exist in the world.

"It looks like you are aware of my stand now. You can leave. Also, close the door." Zhai Sheng did not bother about Qiu Chenxi's questions. Qiu Chenxi could pose them but he did not have the obligation to answer.

Qiu Chenxi ground her teeth. "Brother Zhai, aren't you being too irresponsible with your words? In regard to the matter between the two of us, our parents have already made themselves clear. Now, you're telling me not to take it seriously just because you said so? I won't give up! I'm not satisfied with the answer you gave, and neither can I accept it!"

Zhai Sheng was a man that she liked, someone she had waited for more than ten years.

All of a sudden, Zhai Sheng rejected her flatly and so decisively. There must be other reasons.

If she just gave up like that, her name would not be Qiu Chenxi!

After leaving Zhai Sheng's office, Qiu Chenxi's eyes were red with anger. She then casually grabbed hold of a junior soldier. "Can I ask you whether Chief Zhai and his wife are in the camp? Particularly Madam Zhai."

The junior soldier whom she caught was initially quite pleased. He had never seen such a young, beautiful, and charismatic woman, especially after he entered the army. There was no chance to do so at all.

However, upon hearing Qiu Chenxi's words, the soldier's expression changed immediately. After all, it was again another woman who liked their regiment commander and wished to go through Chief Zhai and his wife.

Regiment Commander Zhai was so outstanding. There were countless women who liked him. What was so special about this woman? "They're in that building. I'm not sure of their exact location. Look for them yourself."

"Sigh, you…" Seeing that, similar to Zhai Sheng, the junior soldier ignored her and gave her such cold shoulders, Qiu Chenxi stomped her feet in fury. Needless to say, that stinky soldier must have been under Zhai Sheng's wing. His temper was as bad as Zhai Sheng.

It was fortunate that the junior soldier pointed Qiu Chenxi to the general direction. Qiu Chenxi simply went looking for Miao Jing.

Previously, Qiu Chenxi believed that the matter between Zhai Sheng and her was more or less cast in stone. First, Zhai Sheng didn't like her but didn't reject either. Second, both Zhai Sheng and her parents were very supportive of the marriage. Basically, there was not much obstruction between Zhai Sheng and her.

Zhai Sheng's attitude had changed. However, Miao Jing's attitude was what Qiu Chenxi was most concerned about, one that she could not get over with.

Clearly, Miao Jing liked her so much in the past. If Zhai Hua had any negative opinions of her, Miao Jing would even chide Zhai Hua in front of her. They had not seen each other for a short period of time, yet Miao Jing's attitude not only took an opposite turn, but she also simply brought Zhai Sheng out of the house during the first few days of the Lunar New Year.

For Zhai Sheng to speak with her in this manner today, he might have been influenced by Miao Jing's recent attitude.

Qiu Chenxi did not believe that Zhai Sheng had someone that he liked. However, why did Miao Jing's attitude toward her changed so greatly? She had to find out the bottom of the matter.

Qiao Nan, who was still at the small courtyard, did not know that while she had just rejected Zhou Jun, Zhai Sheng had also kicked away an unwanted love. "Dad, you're back? Did you have a good chat with Uncle Yang?" It was rare that Qiao Dongliang had a day to rest. He went out with his friend to bond and chat. When he came back, he was in a much-lifted spirit and mood.

"Yes, it's quite good," Qiao Dongliang replied happily. "Your Uncle Yang's son found a girlfriend."

"Oh, then I will have a sister-in-law soon? Uncle Yang must be very happy."

"Hahaha…" Qiao Dongliang could not help laughing out loud as he thought of something. Qiao Nan did not know why.

"Dad, is there any more good news?" Qiao Nan felt puzzled. There was something odd about this laugh.

"I'm sure you don't know. Today, Uncle Yang told me something. It has got something to do with you."



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