"They're the extremely stubborn type that is impervious to advice. Before Wang Yang makes her suffer, it will be a waste of my breath to persuade her. When she suffers a setback due to Wang Yang, I may not even be able to make her understand. A person will not learn how to walk properly without first having a fall. Your sister was too sheltered by your mom and me. It's time to let her learn a lesson. It may not be a good thing if one's life is too smooth-sailing."

When Qiao Dongliang brought up Qiao Zijin's matter again, his tone was much calmer than before. He also seemed calmer. "Nan Nan, you're right. You're just your sister's sibling. You don't owe her anything. There's no need to make your life suffer because of her. However, I'm different. I'm her father. Even if the whole world deserts her, ignores her, I can't do that. Your sister's current thinking is too ambitious and wild, and I can't control that. As her father, what I can do is… One day, when your sister fails and everyone leaves her, I will then help her as much as I can."

"Dad, as long as you're happy." Qiao Nan pursed her lips. She did not wish to argue with Qiao Dongliang.

She had never suspected the good intention of her father. However, she did not have confidence in Qiao Zijin.

An eternal life of staying by one's side was easier said than done. Her father's heart and mind might not be as determined as he thought himself to be.

"Dad, Uncle Yang's son is getting married and they'll definitely hold a banquet. Should you help them out then?" Qiao Nan did not voice out her thoughts. It was enough that she knew it herself. "When we moved house last time, Uncle Yang helped us quite a lot."

"It goes without saying. Today, your Uncle Yang asked for my help. There's no reason for me to decline. It's just that, coincidentally, you won't be around on the day of the marriage. Otherwise, I can bring you along to the banquet." Qiao Dongliang's face was full of regrets.

Qiao Nan was amused. "It doesn't matter. You could wish the couple a long lasting and blissful marriage on my behalf. Dad, I heard that there are many things to prepare for marriage. This time, it'll be tough on you. Since they're getting married, have they decided on the banquet menu, where to buy, and how much to buy? Have all of these been settled?"

"Nan Nan, you know quite a lot," Qiao Dongliang said in astonishment. "There are so many complicated things. I'm not too sure too. Last time, your mom and I had a very simple banquet. We only had two tables of guests. There wasn't so much trouble. If Old Yang didn't mention it to me today, I wouldn't know that there's so much involved in preparing a banquet. Nan Nan, how did you know so much? It was as if you have done it before."

As a father, he did not know more than his daughter. Qiao Dongliang felt that he truly needed to reflect on himself.

Logically, Nan Nan studied at school every day. She would revise her studies and do her homework when she was home. She would not come into contact with more people than him. He only just got to know what Nan Nan already knew. Had he been out of touch with the society?

There was a flash of guilt in Qiao Nan's eyes. Her laughter also sounded weak. "Dad, did you forget that my results are so good? I've read so many books and there are all kinds of contents in them. There're even mathematics questions for matters such as wedding banquets."

How could she not know?

When Qiao Zijin was getting married, she was the one who prepared everything. Her mother only sat on the stool, opened her mouth, and pointed her fingers left and right. Her father tried to help. However, just like now, her father was of no help at all as he had no experience with it.

Not familiar?

When Qiao Zijin got married, she gained all the experience.

At that time, Qiao Nan even suspected whether it was her parents or her who was marrying the daughter off.

"Really?" Qiao Dongliang had a look of disbelief on his face. Books were truly the most magical thing in the world. They even taught such matters.

"Of course it's true, Dad. If you need it, I'll go to the library tomorrow and borrow a book back for you to read." Since Qiao Nan had already told such a lie, she had to stick to it. As per what she said, there were truly books related to this topic.

"No need." Qiao Dongliang simply waved his hands. "It's Uncle Yang who's getting a daughter-in-law, not me who's marrying my daughter off. If there's really such a book, then that's also good. You help me remember it. When it's of use on the day I marry my daughters off, you can help me borrow this book then. One month later, I'll be helping your Uncle Yang. As long as Uncle Yang knows and I assist by the side, I will be able to learn a lot too."

Qiao Nan pursed her lips and smiled. "Sure. Dad, you've been perspiring a lot since you came back. I'll boil some water for you. If you don't wish to bathe, sponging your body is also good. It will make you feel more comfortable."

"Sure." Qiao Dongliang agreed readily. He then went into his bedroom to get his clothes.

After Qiao Nan boiled the water, she moved it to the restroom. She did not have to bother about the remaining matters.

Both father and daughter had their meal. They then sat together to watch the television for two hours. It was almost nine o'clock when they prepared to go to bed in their respective bedrooms.

Qiao Nan certainly would not fall asleep as soon as she went into her bedroom. She had to read books for an hour.

As for Qiao Dongliang, he was running errands the whole day and had to discuss so many things with Old Yang. He did not feel that tired during the day, but he felt particularly so at this moment as he lay in bed.

Before Qiao Dongliang could let his thoughts wander, and before Qiao Zijin's name appeared in his mind, he fell asleep within seconds. Qiao Dongliang's problem was due to stress. Now that he was more relaxed, he was cheerful and in a better mood. All his ailments seemed to be recovering.

In the coming weekend that Qiao Nan was at home, Qiao Dongliang either went out to attend his old friend's gathering or looked for neighbors to catch up with them.

Moreover, Qiao Dongliang actually revived his habit of jogging in the morning after leaving the army for more than ten years. He woke up at five o'clock in the morning and jogged around the small courtyard. It was only until six o'clock, when he was perspiring all over, that he returned home for breakfast.

There were many things that Qiao Dongliang could do. He even put the issue between Qiao Zijin and Wang Yang out of his mind and did not bring this up to Qiao Nan anymore.

He said he had sorted out his thoughts and would not interfere unless Qiao Zijin could not get over a setback. When the whole world deserted her, as a father, he would then help Qiao Zijin. Qiao Dongliang truly stuck to his words.

Once Qiao Dongliang had calmed down, he was able to sort out his thoughts more clearly.

Even if he showed concern for Qiao Zijin now and fought with his life at stake to save her from falling into the big hole, she would not appreciate his fatherly concern and benevolent intentions. Contrariwise, she might despise him for being a busybody, as if he intended to harm her.

It was really unnecessary for him to do this kind of arduous and thankless matter.

If Qiao Zijin and Ding Jiayi felt that this was good for them, then he would allow the mother and daughter to create a fuss. Unless they suffered a major setback, any invaluable advice would not register with Ding Jiayi and Qiao Zijin. They would not listen to any of it.

As such, after Qiao Dongliang put down his worries, he felt much more relaxed.



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