Qiao Dongliang was more relaxed. Qiao Nan felt even more so.

With this, she could completely cast aside the matter regarding Qiao Zijin and Ding Jiayi temporarily and focus wholeheartedly on her studies.

"Nan Nan, we'll have to choose from the two courses starting the second year. Have you decided whether to take the humanities or the science course?" Tang Mengran was holding the application form and hesitating. She was not sure of which option to select.

"There are only two choices to choose from. If your mathematics results are outstanding and you're more interested in science subjects, then pick science. If you prefer other subjects, then pick humanities," Fang Fang said nonchalantly.

"Don't make it sound so easy. My grades for both humanities and science subjects are comparable. It's really difficult to make a choice." Tang Mengran held her face miserably. "You might not know this, but my parents hope that I will choose science. They say a good mastery of mathematics, physics, and chemistry is the key to global success. I… I have no confidence in myself. My current mathematics grades are just passable, but I heard that mathematics will be more difficult in the second and third years. I'm afraid I won't be able to cope."

"Then, pick humanities," Zheng Lingling said with certainty. "Anyway, I've thought clearly about it. I'll choose the humanities course."

"Me too." He Yun and Tao Zhenqin did not seem to have any hesitation either. They already knew the answer in their heart. "Tang Mengran, don't listen to your parents. Given their saying, you also need to excel in mathematics, physics, and chemistry before you can attain success anywhere in the world. Otherwise, no matter how formidable these subjects are, do they have anything to do with us?" Tao Zhenqin felt that Tang Mengran was too easily influenced by her parents. Tang Mengran was the one who was studying, yet she did not seem to know her own situation any better than her parents.

"That's true." Tang Mengran sighed. "But if I select humanities, will my parents beat me to death?"

Fang Fang shook her head. "You're too exaggerating. I feel that your parents most probably just told you their views. If you discuss with them properly, they may accept your choice."

"Nan Nan, what do you think?" Tang Mengran sought advice from Nan Nan.

Nan Nan closed her book. "This matter is easy to resolve. When you go home, simply tell your parents that you've had a hard time studying science subjects and that if no one helps you, you totally can't catch up on your work. Your recent results have improved but it may not be sustainable. Tell them you're worried that if you select science and no one helps you, your grades will fall and you don't have any confidence as to which college you'll get into. If you pick humanities, you will be more confident about it."

The main point of what Tang Mengran's parents said was in the second part of their words. The Tang couple only wished for Tang Mengran to have a better future.

It would be of great help to Tang Mengran when she stepped into society if she mastered mathematics, physics, and chemistry. However, if Tang Mengran did not do well, enrolling into college would be a problem. It would be needless to talk about the future then.

"My parents know that you have been teaching me mathematics. Why won't you have the time to teach me?" Tang Mengran did not understand.

"The reason is simple. I'm going to study humanities." She already selected humanities. The mathematics knowledge that she would be learning would be different from that of the science class. At the very least, the difficulty level was quite apparent. This was also Qiao Nan's first time to study in senior high school. She could only guess the situation.

If the knowledge and difficulty level between the humanities and science classes were different, regardless of how formidable she was, as a humanities student, could she still guide a science student on their studies?

Fang Fang knitted her brows. "Qiao Nan, are you serious? I thought you would…" Given Qiao Nan's ability, she would not have any problems with the science subjects.

"Yes, I'm more interested in humanities, so I want to select the humanities course."

"Woo!" He Yun sighed. "For us, we selected humanities because we lack confidence in science. An ace student truly lives up to her name. Nan Nan could pick whichever course that she likes. An ace student is obviously determined!"

Zheng Lingling noticed that Fang Fang's tone was different. "Fang Fang, how about you?"

"I selected science," Fang Fang said.

As expected…

"Fang Fang, you actually selected science? You're the warrior in our dormitory." After resolving this dilemma, Tang Mengran was in a better mood.

When she went home this time, she would tell her parents as per what Qiao Nan taught her. It would not go wrong.

Fang Fang ignored Tang Mengran and looked at Qiao Nan. "Nan Nan, you can actually select science. I feel that if you select science, the place of the top scorer will not slip from your hands too. Why do you have to select humanities?" Didn't you feel that you would be wasting your talent?

Qiao Nan leaned toward the bed and smiled. "Can I say that I choose humanities because of interest and not ranking?"

"Forget it. As long as you've considered it carefully, then that's fine. Although I still feel that it's a waste for you to select humanities." Fang Fang pursed her lips. She sounded as if she expected something better from Qiao Nan.

Fang Fang's parents were teachers. She often heard her parents said that the girls' talent in science subjects was like their lack of a particular nerve as compared to the boys. Most of the time, they could not do better than boys.

It was rare to meet a girl who had the intelligence, talent, and diligence to outshine the boys. Unexpectedly, Qiao Nan wanted to be a humanities student.

"Fang Fang, you don't need to worry about Nan Nan. Whether Nan Nan selects humanities or science, she will be able to do well. Since that's the case, how will it be a waste?" He Yun patted Fang Fang's shoulders. She felt that Fang Fang was taking it too seriously.

Fang Fang's stance was extremely strong this time. "You all don't know. I feel that given Qiao Nan's intelligence, she may achieve one of the greatest successes in one of the scientific areas in the future. She can then contribute greatly to the country, society, and even the whole world."

"Do you take me as a scientist?" Qiao Nan was dumbfounded. "Where did all your confidence in me come from? I admit that I'm quite good at science subjects, but I've never said that I'm a science genius. The results that I attained were all due to my effort. The talent displayed by a real genius can be described as 'horrifying'. I can't compare myself with them."

"Albert Einstein once said that success is ninety-nine percent hard work and one percent genius." Fang Fang's face was red. She sounded full of indignation, as if she was at loggerheads with someone.

"Erm…" Qiao Nan was stunned. "Fang Fang, why are you so agitated suddenly? What is the real reason for you to select science?"

"This is my gamble with someone. He insisted that girls will not outdo boys in science subjects. I want to prove to him that, at the very least, I, Fang Fang, will not be worse than the boys. What's wrong with girls? Why can't girls choose to study science? Will they definitely not do well in science? His words are obviously favoring the male over the female and discriminating against women!" Fang Fang was so furious that she was clenching her fists tightly. The look on her face showed that she was as angry as she could be.

He Yun's eyes lit up. "Fang Fang, the person that you mentioned… Are they a 'he' or a 'she'?"



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