"Does it matter?" Fang Fang felt uneasy and she switched the topic.

In the past, Fang Fang was not so persistent in taking science subjects. In fact, when she was a child, she was most fearful of mathematics. Thereafter, as she had been greatly affected by this gamble, Fang Fang was completely at odds with mathematics. She was bent on beating the subject. Even as she was selecting subjects in high school, she would insist on science subjects and not think of anything else.

First, Fang Fang wanted to prove herself to this person. Second, she had relied on this quote to persist until today. She was full of confidence.

Fang Fang thought about it this way. Hence, she also wanted to inspire Qiao Nan with this quote so that Qiao Nan would not waste her talent.

Qiao Nan swept her fringe with her hands. "Fang Fang, there's something that I don't know if I should tell you. If I don't, I'm afraid you'll constantly be brainwashed and misrepresent a noble person's original quote. If I do tell, I'm afraid of affecting you negatively. I'm in a fix."

Fang Fang was dumbfounded. "What do you want to tell me? Is it so serious?" Would she be affected just by a few words? She did not believe it!

She thought of the many things that that stinky man said to affect her, including what he said about the selection of subjects on this occasion. That man persuaded her for a long time and insisted that she select humanities instead of science. She snorted and refused to listen. She would definitely do well!

"Yes, what is it?" Tang Mengran ran over to Qiao Nan's side and pulled Qiao Nan's sleeve.

"Tell us. Tell us so that all of us will know."

"The original quote from the noble person?" Zheng Lingling's eyes lit up. "Are you referring to what Albert Einstein said? There is nothing wrong with this quote. I've seen this since primary school."

Qiao Nan pulled her hair and said helplessly, "Have you heard about misinterpretation out of context and generalization?"

"Yes, what about it?" He Yun's curiosity was aroused by Qiao Nan.

Qiao Nan let out a long sigh. "If I didn't remember wrongly, actually, the full quote says, 'Success is ninety-nine percent hard work and one percent genius. Nevertheless, usually, the one percent genius is more important than the ninety-nine percent hard work.'"

Although computers were only prevalent after the 2000s and every household had one, the behavior of 'screenshot' already existed from way before.

She did not know who, in order to encourage students, took a screenshot by directly snapping and posting only half of what Albert Einstein said. It might be done to encourage all the students in the world, but it also bluffed silly kids such as Fang Fang to make them happy.

"Is… is there really such a matter?"

When they heard that the full version of the noble person's famous quote that they had firmly believed in for so many years was, in fact, like this, everyone in the dormitory except for Qiao Nan was dumbfounded, not to mention Fang Fang.

The first half of the quote encouraged people to put in great effort to learn and improve, but the second half was demoralizing. Although only one percent genius was mentioned, it was also talking about congenital talent. Moreover, the famous quote expressed that talent was indeed more important than working hard.

Fang Fang looked like she had been dealt with a big blow. She lost her usual calm composure as tears welled up in her eyes. She looked as if she was about to cry. Qiao Nan had a fright. "Fang Fang, don't panic. You should look at this quote from another perspective. If you wish to become a scientist, you must have that one percent talent. Of course, if you just wish to be a science class student and perform well in your studies, it's actually enough to rely on that ninety-nine percent hard work. The extent of work is different, so the expectations are certainly different."

"Yes, yes, yes! Nan Nan is right. Nan Nan is a very good example. Didn't Nan Nan say that she's actually not talented? She succeeded because of hard work. That's why her results are so good. Fang Fang, we don't need to be sad. Don't cry." Zheng Lingling hugged Fang Fang's shoulders and patted her back. Similar to Qiao Nan, she felt that Fang Fang was going to cry.

He Yun had a face full of heartache. "I feel so gloomy. I'm so furious. I was such a naive and pure child. I can't believe the school has been bluffing us for so many years. I'm so hurt."

"Don't talk about it anymore. I feel disappointed at the mention of this." Tao Zhenqin held her chest. If Nan Nan did not mention it, she would never know the original quote.

"…" Qiao Nan, who accidentally revealed the truth of the matter, did not know what to say at the sight of the situation. What she said not only affected Fang Fang but also the rest of the dormitory residents after all.

"I… I need to calm down alone." Fang Fang, who felt the most hurt, was dumbfounded. She refused to let anyone accompany her during that evening's self-study time. She ran out, found a quiet place, and was prepared to calm down by herself.

As per her previous practice, Qiao Nan continued to revise her studies in the classroom.

Unexpectedly, the senior that was 'rejected' by Qiao Nan last week with a question came looking for her again. "Hi, Qiao Nan. I hope you still remember your senior from the third year."

When she heard the voice, Qiao Nan lifted her head and raised her eyes. "Senior, have you solved that problem?"

The male student hesitated for a while. He then said as a matter of fact. "I didn't solve it." Nevertheless, he already knew the answer.

Initially, the male student intended to bluff Qiao Nan that the problem was solved by him. But at the thought that Qiao Nan's results were so good and she was able to give him such a difficult problem, she might do it again.

He was able to 'solve' it on this occasion. However, if he could not do it again, wouldn't that be too embarrassing?

The male student was most worried that Qiao Nan would immediately throw him another problem after he had just 'resolved' the current one. He could not possibly leave with Qiao Nan's question every time and pass the answer to Qiao Nan a week later, could he?

Hence, the male student thought of another way. "Then, Qiao Nan, a few days have passed. Have you found the answer?"

If Qiao Nan had not been able to resolve it, then he could discuss and examine it together with Qiao Nan. From no solution to having a solution. Wasn't that a good excuse?

Qiao Nan knocked the tip of her pen on the table a few times. She completely ignored those in and out of the classroom who wished to watch the fun. "Senior, judging from the look on your face, you seem to have gained something."

"Yes, I've consulted someone. At the very least, I've managed to find the solution. I've also understood the whole solution. Do you want to go to the library together to decipher this question?"

"Since senior already has the answer, that's good enough." Qiao Nan smiled. Immediately after, she tore a paper. "This question is too difficult. It's not easy to try to solve it. After getting this question, I solved it on the very same day and found its answer. However, as it's too difficult, I'm not confident of my answer. Since senior has already found the correct answer, do you want to read what I wrote first to see if my final answer is the same as what you have? That way, I'll know if I've done it correctly."

"Poof… Cough, cough…" Tang Mengran, who was having some water, directly choked on it. She was coughing non-stop.



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