Tang Mengran, whose face was quite fair, turned crimson instantly. It looked extremely scary.

"Slower, slower." Tao Zhenqin was startled by Tang Mengran. She quickly patted Tang Mengran's back to help her regain normal breathing. "You're not a three-year-old child. Yet, you can choke while drinking water. Don't kill yourself."

"It's all Nan Nan's fault!" Tang Mengran, who finally managed to breathe normally, said. The crimson color on her face faded gradually. "If not for what Nan Nan said just now, would this happen to me?"

She really took her hat off to Nan Nan. It was definitely impossible to find a second person similar to Nan Nan in the whole world. She was too extreme.

Last week, she saw Nan Nan posing such a difficult and grueling question to an outstanding third-year science student. She had thought that the question Nan Nan found did not have an answer, and the latter did it on purpose to make things difficult for the senior.

Who would have known that the answer would appear today? Nevertheless, it was terrible because Nan Nan was just too merciless.

Obviously, the question that the senior had to consult others to find the answer to had already been attempted correctly by Nan Nan long ago. That was Nan Nan's most unexpected and ultimate move.

True enough, as guessed by Tang Mengran, that third-year senior looked baffled when he read Nan Nan's solution. This was because Qiao Nan's workings were different from what he had in hand. Of course, the third-year senior was confused.

The senior did not understand Nan Nan's workings or train of thoughts. Nevertheless, one thing was apparent. Qiao Nan's final answer was exactly the same as that of his.

Hence, Qiao Nan's answer was correct, and so was her solution.

At that instant, the third-year senior's mouth was seemingly glued and he nearly could not open it.

He wanted to say that what Qiao Nan did was correct. However, he only knew the answer and did not understand how it was derived. Hence, it would be too embarrassing for him to say that.

The face of the third-year senior turned red. He simply covered his face with the paper in his hand and ran out of Qiao Nan's classroom. He left feeling downhearted following the defeat.

When the third-year senior left, there was a moment of silence in the classroom of class one.

The girls did not know if they should admire Qiao Nan's evilness and intelligence or be jealous of her popularity. As for the guys, they were thoroughly shocked by her valiant behavior. This also applied to a few of them who had a crush on her and were thinking of when to take action.

They had harbored hopes that although Qiao Nan had rejected a hundred people, she might have taken a liking to them. No one could predict such matters.

However, at his juncture, none of them dared to have the same thoughts again.

Weren't they making things difficult for themselves if Qiao Nan was their girlfriend?

When Qiao Nan encountered any problems in her studies, they would not be able to help her. Not to mention learning from each other, they would probably be the one consulting Qiao Nan, and she would the one guiding them. As a guy, their self-esteem would be affected if there were too many such occurrences.

It could thus be said that this tactic of Qiao Nan had not only forced the third-year senior alone to retreat, but also other guys who knew about this incident and liked Qiao Nan. They would distance themselves from Qiao Nan. It was fine to watch from afar. Otherwise, they would hurt themselves.

"Nan Nan, you're too much." Zheng Lingling sat in Zhu Baoguo's seat. She had to take her hat off to Qiao Nan for having thought of this method. "Nan Nan, given your situation, which kind of guy is worthy of you? Nan Nan, don't tell me that you advocate non-marriage and wish to emulate the foreigners and be a bachelorette?"

Nan Nan was so capable and defiant. It was hard to imagine what kind of man in the world would be worthy of Nan Nan. Even if there was one, it would definitely be difficult to find. It would be akin to digging for gold in the sand.

Zheng Lingling sighed. "Nan Nan, will you be left on the shelves in the future?"

"No need to worry about me. At the very least, I've already found someone who can accompany me to the library." Qiao Nan smiled happily.

"Is it true? Who's that? Why don't I know? Confess honestly!" Zheng Lingling jumped in shock. So, it was not that Nan Nan was against having a romantic relationship at a young age, but she had already found someone.

"What do you think?" Qiao Nan refused to answer or reveal further information.

When Qiao Nan said that earlier, her voice was neither too loud nor too soft, but at least a few people could hear it.

Going to the library together was a hint. Qiao Nan was not afraid that others would hear about it or spread the news.

First, she wished to completely break the phenomenon of people asking her for dates. Second, what she said was the truth.

"Impossible, are you lying to me? The few of us from the dormitory are always together, either in the classroom, canteen, or dormitory. We're never separated from one another. Whom could you revise your studies with in the library? There isn't such a person, right?"

Zheng Lingling wrecked her brains and could not think of anyone. "Nan Nan, did you do it on purpose…" Looking around her, Zheng Lingling lowered her voice. "Did you purposely say that to let people misunderstand and dispel the thoughts of those guys? Not necessary. Nan Nan, whatever you just said will make anyone who wishes to confess their love to you retreat. There's no need to say that. You… you also know the situation in our class. There are two flies that have been targeting you. They're still worried they can't get a handle on you to deal with you. If they tell the form teacher that you're involved in a romantic relationship at a young age, then what should you do?"

Without Zheng Lingling's elaboration, Qiao Nan knew who the two flies that she was referring to were. One was Xu Tingting and the other was Zhao Yu.

"What could they complain to Teacher Liu about me? That I went to the library to revise my studies with my classmate? Teacher Liu would criticize me because of this?" Qiao Nan smiled confidently. "After all, the excuse to revise studies at the library is perfect. Don't worry. Even if they wish to smear my name and complain about me, it won't be that easy to do so."

"Then, what you've just said is real?" Zheng Lingling agreed after some thoughts.

In order to prevent the teachers from catching a handle on them, all those in a relationship said that they went to the library to read books. What could Teacher Liu do to Nan Nan even if he knew about it? It would not be easy for Xu Tingting and Zhao Yu to make this complaint.

"You guess?" Qiao Nan smiled in a deep and mysterious manner. "Alright, you should go back to your seat. Zhu Baoguo is coming back."

"Alright, I'll go back. We'll be starting the humanities class in the second half of the year. Given our results, we may be classmates again. Most likely, Zhu Baoguo has to give up his seat when that time comes," Zheng Lingling said nonchalantly.

Zhu Baoguo seemed completely enlightened ever since he attended senior high school. Moreover, with Qiao Nan's influence, Zhu Baoguo's mathematics results were outstanding. However, the results of his humanities subjects paled in comparison.

Obviously, Zhu Baoguo would definitely opt for the science class in their second year of studies.



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