Speak of the devil. Just as Zheng Lingling returned to her seat, Zhu Baoguo came back with a sullen look on his face. "Xiao Qiao, have you really decided to choose humanities class? Clearly, you're able to do so well in your science subjects. You achieved full marks for almost all of them. Don't you think it's a pity if you don't study in the science class? Did Teacher Liu have a chat with you on this?"

"No." Qiao Nan shook her head. "My grades for science subjects are good, but I've never fared badly in my humanities subjects either. Hence, Teacher Liu has no issues regarding which course I opt to go to."

Zhu Baoguo knitted his brows. There was a flash in his eyes. It was apparent that Zhu Baoguo was in a dilemma at this juncture. "Alright, humanities then. So be it."

"What humanities and so be it? Don't do anything foolish." Qiao Nan rolled her eyes at Zhu Baoguo. "Don't forget the status of your family. Even if you select the wrong choice 'accidentally', your family definitely has the ability to rectify that error."

Was Zhu Baoguo mad? He actually wanted to accompany her to the humanities course. It was not as if this was a case of accompanying the emperor to study.

"Zhu Baoguo, you're not young anymore. You're even older than me by one year. Can you stop being as childish as a kid? In particular, you're acting as if you're a girl that needs people to accompany you to the toilet. Why do you have to be in the same class as me? This time, you choose the humanities course because of me. How about next time? This is your life. You can't keep following me. Aren't you afraid of becoming a laughing stock?"

Qiao Nan did not quite understand Zhu Baoguo's thoughts. Initially, she certainly led and guided Zhu Baoguo.

The master teaches the trade, but the apprentice learns the skill with his own effort.

With Zhu Baoguo's current ability, he was entirely capable of handling his future.

Although he was not Wang Yang's match as of now, he was not easily influenced by others at school. He was now an ordinary student who was able to pick up and fully absorb the knowledge taught by the teachers and put them to good use.

It was time that she retired as she had accomplished what she set out to do.

She was not Zhu Baoguo's real mother. Did she need to keep Zhu Baoguo company for his entire life?

"I…" Zhu Baoguo said in a gloomy manner, "You… We've been classmates and deskmates since junior high school. Now that we're going to be separated from each other in the second year of senior high school, could you bear to let this happen? Don't you think it's a pity?" He was extremely unhappy at the thought of having to separate from Xiao Qiao. Why was Xiao Qiao still able to laugh at this?

Qiao Nan put down her pen and closed her books. She looked at Zhu Baoguo. "You still refuse to admit that you're childish. You keep calling me 'Xiao Qiao' and address me as your younger sister. Don't you think that you're too dependent on me? We have to study separately. You study whatever you like and are good at. There's no reason for you to choose the humanities course for my sake. Zhu Baoguo, judging by your current behavior, I'm really concerned for your future wife. As a man, you have to be responsible and decisive. Don't be more wishy-washy than a young lady like me. Look, have I ever changed my mind because of anyone?"

Actually, the reason Qiao Nan chose humanities was twofold. First, she was interested in humanities. Second, this was the outcome of the discussion with Zhu Chengqi.

She did not know if it was because she was the first woman that had an important place in Zhu Baoguo's life. On the surface, Zhu Baoguo seemed very domineering, bad-tempered, and rather decisive. However, in actual fact, he was very reliant on Qiao Nan. It was as if he would only feel assured and be able to think calmly when Qiao Nan was with him.

To Qiao Nan, it was still the same saying. She was not Zhu Baoguo's mother and could not possibly stay by Zhu Baoguo's side forever.

If the situation continued, Zhu Baoguo would find himself in another problem after just solving one. There would be no end to it.

"Zhu Baoguo, don't tell me that when you grow up and have to pick a wife, you will still need me to look out for you or accompany you to the matchmaking session and decide on your behalf? Thereafter, do I have to take care of all the wedding banquet arrangements for you and your wife? Are you trying to kill your wife with jealousy or kill me with all the work?"

"What are you talking about? What wife? That's not what I mean. I'm just thinking that finding a good friend in school is hard to come by and we know each other so well. We'll certainly be happy to continue studying in the same class."

"Alright, after saying so much, don't you think you're like a child that has not weaned or grown up? You're not mature enough but you should learn to be." She patted Zhu Baoguo's shoulders. Zhu Baoguo had not been with Zhu Chengqi long enough. Otherwise, why couldn't she see Zhu Chengqi's tough side in Zhu Baoguo?

"Since when I was not weaned?!" Zhu Baoguo felt unjustified.

Qiao Nan tilted her head and looked at Zhu Baoguo. "You still won't admit it? Think about it. When did Wang Yang do this? Have you seen Wang Yang disregarding his forte and interests to pick something he is weaker in? It's still fine in our country. You may not know that other countries, such as Korea, have girls' schools. That means all the students in the school are girls. Actually, even Hong Kong has such schools. If we're living in Hong Kong and I'm going to study in a girls' school, are you able to change your gender and accompany me to that school?"

If that was the case, Zhu Baoguo should not go to the girls' school. He should go to Thailand instead.

Zhu Baoguo waved his hands in irritation. "Alright, don't talk about it anymore. Xiao Qiao, you seem happy. Are you pleased that we'll be in a different class?"

Was he the only one who cared and kicked up a fuss due to this matter?

"There's no such thing as happy or not. We'll still be friends regardless. In this world, there's no such thing as we won't be friends if we're in different classes. If that happens, our friendship isn't true to begin with. That said, Zhu Baoguo, why are you in a dilemma? We have a long life ahead of us, not to mention the many years of studies that we still have to go through. You can pick the humanities course for my sake this time. What about the next time? Can you do this all the time? Zhu Baoguo, actually, I don't quite understand your way of thinking."

"Ah, fine, fine. You always have a lot of reasons. I can't outsmart you." Upon hearing what Qiao Nan said, Zhu Baoguo also could not really understand what he was so unhappy about.

He only knew that he was very unhappy because he had to be in a different class from Xiao Qiao. They would not be deskmates anymore. He was not pleased and not willing to accept this.

"That's because I've all the right reasons. That's why you can't outtalk me. Don't always be so childish and kick up a fuss. You're a grown-up now and should plan your future properly." Qiao Nan yawned. "I'm so tired and sleepy. I wish to go to bed soon. Fortunately, it's almost the end of the evening self-study time. You go and think about your own matters."

Nevertheless, regardless of Zhu Baoguo's decision, Zhu Chengqi would have the final say.

Before Zhu Baoguo completely matured, she and Zhu Chengqi really could not afford to slack and worry less for Zhu Baoguo.



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