This was, in fact, a beautiful misunderstanding.

Of course, what was even beyond Qiao Nan's expectation was that she would see someone she least expected to see on the next morning.

Qiao Nan was really tired and she finally got to rest at home and had a good night's sleep. When Qiao Nan woke up the next day, it was already eight o'clock. Qiao Dongliang had left a note for Qiao Nan. He went to the Yang family's residence to help out and the breakfast was placed in the pot. Qiao Nan could have them when she woke up.

Qiao Nan had not changed her clothes. She was wearing a thin autumn shirt with an outer coat. She did not bother to comb her hair and went to brush her teeth.

After brushing her teeth and washing her face, she heard a knock on the door, and her heart skipped a beat. "Who is it?"

Who would come to their house early in the morning? She did not even have time to eat her breakfast.

Qiao Nan went to the door and raised her voice. "Who is it?" There was no response. Qiao Nan frowned. "Maybe they have got the wrong house?"

Qiao Nan was about to turn back when the knocking started again.

"Who is it?"

There was no response.

Qiao Nan laughed to herself. She was 'lucky' that someone played a trick on her early in the morning.

This time, Qiao Nan no longer asked anything. She turned and went back to the house. Whoever was at the door could knock for all they wanted. She was not in the mood to read today. She wanted to watch television. As soon as the television was switched on and the volume was turned up, she could not care much about the knocking.

The person outside the door seemed to know that Qiao Nan intended to ignore the knocking and spoke up. "It's me."

Qiao Nan almost tripped on what she heard.

It was not indicative of one's identity at all. Nevertheless, there was no way that she would know who the visitor was.

The other party seemed to realize the ridiculousness of the reply and took a deep breath before saying, "I am Qiu Chenxi."

Qiao Nan widened her eyes and dug her ears. Qiu Chenxi came to her house?

Qiao Nan refused to believe it. She opened the door and was given a shock by Qiu Chenxi who was dressed in white from head to toe.

Even though Qiao Nan only met Qiu Chenxi once, and that was a year ago, she still remembered how she looked. Qiu Chenxi's hair was longer than a year ago, almost reaching her waist. This added an ancient charm to her beautiful face.

The dress worn by Qiu Chenxi was very westernized. On top of the thick cotton was a layer of yarn, and the pattern was particularly beautiful. Covering her arms were little puff sleeves that were inspired by the western royal style. The hemline used high-quality yarn, and the linings were thick, hence they opened slightly at the bottom, looking very beautiful.

Qiu Chenxi looked as if she was a noble princess who came out of a fairy tale. Contrariwise, Qiao Nan, who only wore a coat with autumn clothing, looked as if she came out from the dark corners. They looked way too different. Qiao Nan blushed in embarrassment.

She had acted on impulse. Why did she open the door straight after hearing Qiu Chenxi's name? She should have changed into something presentable.

Her clothes might be no match for Qiu Chenxi's, but she had to wear proper clothes at the very least.

"Can I come in?" Qiu Chenxi who looked dignified just now turned sullen.

Qiao Nan had thought that Qiu Chenxi was angry at her for showing up in shabby clothes.

Not to mention that Qiu Chenxi was still her love rival for the time being, even if she was to welcome an ordinary friend into her house, it would be inappropriate to receive them while wearing her current outfit. For her to welcome Qiu Chenxi in her current outfit, she must still be half-asleep.

Qiao Nan was upset at herself, but she did not know that Qiu Chenxi was full of jealousy right now.

Because Qiao Nan had just woken up, there was a faint blush on her face. She looked especially beautiful in that way. Her dark round eyes seemed to be sparkling and glittering.

Even women would be mesmerized by Qiao Nan, let alone men.

Her natural complexion and looks could not be compared to any amount of cosmetics or expensive outfits.

Moreover, Qiao Nan had invincible youth. From that alone, Qiu Chenxi could not match up to her.

Qiu Chenxi could not help but straighten her waist and puff up her chest. She could not lose to Qiao Nan in terms of her figure.

Qiu Chenxi was taller than Qiao Nan, but Qiao Nan had better body proportion than Qiu Chenxi. Qiu Chenxi could tell it at one glance from the autumn clothing that Qiao Nan wore.

Qiao Nan was not as tall as Qiu Chenxi, but her legs were slender and long. From the shape of the autumn pants, Qiu Chenxi was sure that Qiao Nan's lower legs were longer than her thighs. More importantly, Qiao Nan did not have thick legs or bowed legs.

Her calf muscle was just nice.

From the way Qiao Nan dressed, her legs looked long and slender. Qiu Chenxi could not help but glare at Qiao Nan.

The autumn clothes that Qiao Nan wore also drew attention to her figure.

Qiao Nan had curves in the right places. She was still young and might develop more curves as she grew older.

To Qiao Nan, she felt that she looked terrible, especially with her messy hair that looked like a 'bird's nest'.

But in the eyes of Qiu Chenxi, Qiao Nan's hair that was slightly over her shoulders was draped casually over her back. The few strands of hair that were slightly unkempt highlighted her rosy cheeks and made her look even more charming and mesmerizing.

She was simply a seductive fox spirit!

"Please come in." Qiao Nan stood to the side. After Qiu Chenxi entered the house, Qiao Nan closed the door. "Miss Qiu, please have a seat. I will change into some other clothes and come out."

"Change into some other clothes?" As soon as Qiu Chenxi sat down, she turned hostile. "Given your family situation, do you think you have clothes that can compare with what I wear?" Qiu Chenxi hinted that Qiao Nan's family situation could not be compared with hers.

"I think Miss Qiu has misunderstood. I am just afraid of catching a cold. Do you want me to talk to you while I am dressed in this manner? Sorry, I am currently in high school. It is a very crucial time for me, so I have to take care of my health. I can't afford to make any mistakes." Qiao Nan looked ridiculously at Qiu Chenxi.

She knew that Qiu Chenxi's family background was better than hers.

The Qiu family was very established. Like Brother Zhai, their grandparents were veteran revolutionaries.

Although technically speaking, she could be considered as being born into a respected family, she and Zhai Sheng were still worlds apart.

Qiao Nan was not so foolish as to compete with Qiu Chenxi in terms of their outfits.

Without another word, Qiao Nan returned to her room and changed into her usual dress. She came out from the room and asked Qiu Chenxi, "Do you want to have some water?"

"It is nothing but boiled water. I prefer to have West Lake Longjing tea. I can't drink those normal teas, let alone plain water. I bet you don't know. Uncle Zhai is especially fond of tea, and he knows a lot about Chinese tea."



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