"Actually, the reason why I like West Lake Longjing tea is because of Uncle Zhai's heavy influence. I am sorry. I shouldn't be telling you all this. You must feel very bored. Uncle Zhai is just like this. When he likes someone, he can have a lot of topics to chat about with that person. Of course, both of them need to have common hobbies and knowledge to be able to engage in a conversation. There is nothing much for Uncle Zhai to chat about with someone who does not understand Chinese tea and has never had good tea before."

Qiao Nan smoothed her hair. It seemed like Qiu Chenxi was very hostile to her. She might have heard of something for her to behave in such a manner. "Miss Qiu, what you said sounds really familiar. When Auntie Miao first came to my house, she also complained that I did not have any good tea to serve her. However, from then onward, she would always drink the water that I poured for her. She is, after all, the wife of the chief. Although she is stern, she is very considerate of others and never makes it difficult for others."

Qiu Chenxi turned green in anger at the mention of Miao Jing.

Sure enough, on the seventh day of the Lunar New Year, Miao Jing indeed brought Zhai Sheng to Qiao Nan's place, didn't she?

The Zhai family and the Qiao family did not know each other at all, so why would Miao Jing visit them on that day? What did she mean by that? Why the sudden change of attitude?

Miao Jing used to like her very much and would always call her affectionately. In the blink of an eye, she had a total change of attitude toward her. Until now, Qiu Chenxi still could not understand what caused the change in Miao Jing.

It was fine if Miao Jing did not like her, but why the sudden interest in Qiao Nan?

She did not believe that Miao Jing would take a fancy to Qiao Nan.

"By the way, Miss Qiu, let me give you a gentle reminder. Tea has a natural color and is good to drink occasionally. However, if you drink a lot of tea every day… You should know that as Asians, our complexions are yellow. Too much tea will make our skin …"

Qiao Nan stared at Qiu Chenxi's face that was white from the layers of powder and sighed, shaking her head.

She was curious about how Qiu Chenxi would look without makeup.

"You…" Qiu Chen pulled a long face. "Are you implying that my face is dark?"

"Do you think your face is fair enough?" Qiao Nan smiled. "Miss Qiu, it's early in the weekend morning. Is anything the matter?"

"Let me ask you. What is your relationship with Brother Zhai?"

Qiao Nan's finger knocked on the table and looked at Qiu Chenxi curiously. "In what capacity are you asking this question, and why do you think I will answer you?"

Qiao Nan was not sure what Qiu Chenxi had heard about her and Brother Zhai. As far as the current situation was concerned, it was impossible for Chief Zhai and Auntie Miao to accept her. Besides, she was still in high school. It was not suitable for her to expose her relationship with Brother Zhai.

She could not give a direct answer and she could not say no as well. Thus, she could only evade her question.

"I am Brother Zhai's fiancée!" Qiu Chenxi gritted her teeth. When she first saw this little girl more than a year ago, she felt particularly uncomfortable. In the end, after spending so much effort, not only had she failed to get Lin Yuankang to be her master, but she was also robbed of the chance by this young lady who came out of nowhere.

She did not care that she was not Lin Yuankang's pupil, but Brother Zhai was hers. No women could fight with her!

"Fiancée?" Qiu Chenxi refused to drink water, while Qiao Nan liked drinking water. "Is it true? Auntie Miao and Brother Zhai have not mentioned this. When I see them next time, I must ask them. Auntie Miao likes me a lot, but why didn't she tell me that Brother Zhai is engaged? She should at least offer me some candies. It's too much."

Luckily, Brother Zhai had told Qiao Nan about Qiu Chenxi.

Otherwise, Qiao Nan, who was not wide awake early in the morning, might have misunderstood Brother Zhai upon hearing such a piece of news from Qiu Chenxi.

"Qiao Nan, stop acting in front of me. We may not be engaged yet, but we will soon. Last time, you might be able to have Lin Yuankang as your master but you will not be able to snatch Brother Zhai away from me now. Stop daydreaming. There is no way that the Zhai family will accept someone like you." Qiu Chenxi slammed on the table and stood up angrily.

Even though she had yet to be engaged to Brother Zhai, and Miao Jing had a change in attitude toward her, Uncle Zhai was very supportive of her. She believed that Brother Zhai would listen to him.

Therefore, as long as Uncle Zhai was on her side, she would be Brother Zhai's wife eventually.

"Are you finished?" Qiao Nan appeared to be very calm, more so than when she opened the door for Qiu Chenxi. "If you are done, you can go back."

"What do you mean? You don't believe me? Do you think I am lying to you? Believe it or not, I will definitely marry Brother Zhai before the end of this year. I will be his wife before he turns twenty-five years old." Qiu Chenxi was getting angry. Did Qiao Nan think that she is bluffing?

Qiao Nan pursed her lips. "I don't know why you came to my house to say this to me. As for the future that you have in mind, I don't care whether it will come true or not, and I don't need to express any opinion as well. It doesn't matter to me whether what you said is true or not."

Qiu Chenxi might have said that she wanted to marry Brother Zhai, but there was no guarantee that it would happen.

Chief Zhai was not the only one who could make the decision at the Zhai family.

Qiao Nan could not be bothered with what Qiu Chenxi said.

Since everything was just her one-sided thinking, be it engagement or marriage, Qiao Nan did not have to trouble herself with whatever Qiu Chenxi said.

Whatever Qiu Chenxi said was useless. Brother Zhai's words were those that mattered to her.

"You…" Qiao Nan looked as if nothing happened at all. It made Qiu Chenxi wondered whether she had the wrong person. Qiao Nan might not be the reason why Brother Zhai gave her the cold shoulder.

In fact, Qiu Chenxi did not know for sure whether Zhai Sheng rejected her due to Qiao Nan. It was purely her intuition. She felt that Zhai Sheng seemed to have a change of attitude toward her and that he seemed to be influenced by someone.

Besides, since a young age, Zhai Sheng did not mix with girls. But when Qiu Chenxi went to the army and had a long chat with Zhai Yaohui, she heard from him that Zhai Sheng seemed to treat Qiao Nan differently.

Even though Zhai Sheng did not do much for Qiao Nan, but given his usual style of doing things, it was considered rare that he would do anything for other girls.



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