At the thought of her father who was not keen on her marriage with Zhai Sheng, Qiu Chenxi was not very happy. "Mom, Dad is too petty-minded. Back then, he already knew what happened between you and Uncle Zhai, so why would he rake up the past now? Why would he be jealous of something that happened so long ago?"

That was then. What happened now was a different matter.

Twenty years ago, even though her mother first started going out with Uncle Zhai, her father still chose to bend to his family's wishes and married her mother in the end so that the Qiu family and the Qi family could cooperate and bring benefits to each other.

Decades had passed and her mother had given birth to her, but why was her father still angry about it?

"Your dad has always been like this. If Uncle Zhai didn't… your dad would not have the chance to marry me. Forget it. Don't mention what happened then. If your dad hears it, he will be unhappy." Actually, Qi Minlan and Qiu Qin had a similar family background, but when compared to Zhai Yaohui, the latter paled in comparison.

It was because Qi Minlan had no hope of marrying Zhai Yaohui that the Qi family settled for the second best by arranging her marriage with Qiu Qin.

"Mom, don't worry. I will work hard to become Mrs. Zhai, the wife of the chief of the army." At the thought of the glorious life that Miao Jing now enjoyed, Qiu Chenxi had an ambitious look in her eyes.

She wanted to marry Zhai Sheng not only for her own future, but she also wanted to take revenge on Miao Jing for snatching Zhai Yaohui away from her mother.

Since Miao Jing snatched her mother's boyfriend, she would marry her son.

If not for Miao Jing, she should have been the daughter of the chief of the army!

"That's right! You must do me proud." Qi Minlan smiled happily. After she married Qiu Qin, the best thing that Qiu Qin did was giving her a daughter like Chenxi who was clever and smart and understood her.

Qiu Chenxi and Qi Minlan waited anxiously for the answer. True enough, her uncle was very efficient. He got back to them with the transcripts of the first-year students from the two schools in three hours' time.

They looked at the stacks of transcripts before them. They did not need to search for Qiao Nan's results. They only needed to look for the top students of the two schools.

Qiao Nan was telling the truth. She came in the first place for all subjects. Qiu Chenxi finally felt reassured.

"Mom, what now?"

"Let's compare the results."

The mother and daughter compared the monthly results. They checked diligently to see which student of the two schools had better results.

They were very cautious, taking extra care not to miss any exams or tests. Even though there were a lot of tests and exams in Ping Cheng High School and The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China, they painstakingly went through all the results.

Qiao Nan not only ranked first in Ping Cheng High School for every test and exam, but her score was also higher than that of The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China's top student.

Although the score was only a few points apart, it still proved that Qiao Nan was much better than the students in The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China.

Even if someone else scored slightly higher than Qiao Nan in the college entrance examination in the future, it was undeniable that she had very good results.

Even when Qiu Chenxi was in her prime, what she did was not as well as what Qiao Nan did for the past two semesters.

"Qiao Nan is really amazing." After looking through Qiao Nan's results, Qi Minlan could not believe it. Most girls would not have such good results after going to high school, yet she could maintain the first place for two semesters.

Qiu Chenxi smiled, apparently at ease. "Qiao Nan is so remarkable. So that's why when Uncle Zhai found out that Zhai Sheng has been helping Qiao Nan, he did not blame Zhai Sheng. Instead, whenever he mentions Qiao Nan, he seems to be very appreciative of her hard work."

Fortunately, such an outstanding Qiao Nan was not her love rival.

Otherwise, she would have been worried.

"Mom, although we are certain that Qiao Nan is not the woman who has been in close contact with Zhai Sheng recently, we still don't know who the woman is. If I can't figure out her identity and get rid of her, I can't rest assured. I don't wish for another 'Miao Jing' to appear out of nowhere." It was a terrible feeling to lose everything you worked hard for at the last minute.

"No, that won't happen." Qi Minlan smiled in a mixture of regret and pride. "Back then, if not for Old Master Zhai hindering us, I would be the one to marry Zhai Yaohui. You are luckier than me. Zhai Yaohui likes you because of me. Hence, you will have fewer obstacles than me. With Zhai Yaohui around, Zhai Sheng's opinion doesn't matter."

However, she hoped that Zhai Sheng would be willing and more than happy to marry her daughter.

In this way, Chenxi would be able to find happiness in her marriage and would not end up like her who married Qiu Qin, despite not liking him, for the sake of the two families.

"Mom, I am lucky to have you with me." Qiu Chenxi embraced Qi Minlan. Qiu Chenxi was very clear that what her mother said was the truth.

Qi Minlan held Qiu Chenxi and patted her daughter's shoulder, smiling very brightly. "You are my only daughter. Of course I have to help you. Chenxi, you are my life and dreams. You must succeed and take back all the things that I have lost."

"Yes, Mom, I will."

Qiu Chenxi judged others by herself and felt that since her results were affected by Zhai Sheng, Qiao Nan, who was younger than her, must have performed worse if what she suspected had been true.

Therefore, she put down her vigilance against Qiao Nan after realizing that Qiao Nan had been doing very well for her exams. Because of this, she missed the best opportunity to break up Qiao Nan and Zhai Sheng.

"Hi, is that Brother Zhai?" During the weekend before returning to school, Qiao Nan took the initiative to give a call to Zhai Sheng behind Qiao Dongliang's back.

"Your voice is odd. Did you catch a cold again?" Zhai Sheng was sharp. He noticed right away that Qiao Nan sounded odd.

"Qiu Chenxi came looking for me yesterday, and I caught a cold after that. Brother Zhai, I still have two years in high school. What should I do?" Qiao Nan did not want to be so selfish either. Her grades were good, but she was just an ordinary person. She had worked hard to achieve these results.

If she had not been through a lifetime and was more experienced than others, she would have crumbled and suffered an emotional breakdown for having such a boyfriend and being visited by Miao Jing and Qiu Chenxi. She would not have been able to concentrate on her studies.

"Do you want to break up with me?" Zhai Sheng lowered his voice, as if a storm was coming.

"I can't. If I break up with you, I will not be able to find another person like you," Qiao Nan said miserably. In this lifetime, she was finally lucky enough to meet Zhai Sheng. She must be a fool if she broke up with him.



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