"What does that mean?" Zhai Sheng relaxed. He could accept anything but a breakup.

Zhai Sheng had lived for more than twenty years and had been through a quarter of his life. He had finally met a girl that he liked very much. He could not wait for her to grow up immediately so that he could marry her right away.

If he had to break up with Qiao Nan right now, Zhai Sheng was not sure what kind of terrible things he would do once he lost control.

In this world, no matter how calm one was, if they were agitated, they would be capable of crazy deeds!

Zhai Sheng could stay calm in all situations except when Qiao Nan was involved!

"Do you want me to treat Qiu Chenxi the same as before?"

"If you do that, then we will have to break up." Qiao Nan had no idea how Brother Zhai treated Qiu Chenxi previously, but because of his attitude toward her, Qiu Chenxi had the idea that she would eventually marry Brother Zhai.

Qiu Chenxi could be a headache at times. She was too confident of herself.

"Alright." Zhai Sheng appeared to be calmer and appeased.

If Qiao Nan wanted him to treat Qiu Chenxi in the same way as before in order to avoid trouble, he would be really mad at Qiao Nan. "So, what do you intend to do?"

"I don't know. Qiu Chenxi came to look for me yesterday. I did not say anything out of the blue, and I have no idea how Qiu Chenxi came to the conclusion that I am not the girl that you like before leaving happily. She did not come again today. If Qiu Chenxi does not bother me, then it will be for the best. You should know about my situation at home. I wish to grow up as fast as possible and to be rid of both my mother and sister, going somewhere far away from them. So, all the more reason I have to study hard. The next two years are very crucial to me, and I believe you have your own ambitions and goals as well."

"Continue." Zhai Sheng did not deny her words. He had never liked to rely on his family. He was appointed the regiment commander based on his own effort and hard work. Of course, undeniably, he had more chances than the rest because of his family.

"Brother Zhai, let's try not to meet up as often as we used to do for the next two years in order to avoid trouble. We can communicate through the telephone." She also wanted to take these two years to know whether Zhai Sheng was serious about her and whether he would be able to withstand the test of time.

"What about letters?"

"I am afraid that people will intercept our letters. Qiu Chenxi has already gone all the way to the army. If we continue sending each other letters, given her courage and means, she may intercept our letters. What if she gets someone to imitate our handwriting and initiate a breakup? That will be terrible." Qiao Nan had been watching a lot of television dramas.

"Hehehe." Zhai Sheng smiled. "Alright, we will do according to what you said."

Qiao Nan felt that she had gotten these ideas from the television dramas, but in fact, Zhai Sheng knew that it was possible to pretend to be someone else and write a letter to the other party.

After all, apart from the handwriting expert, nobody knew how to test the authenticity of the handwriting.

"Brother Zhai, aren't you angry? You agree with me?" Qiao Nan did not expect that Zhai Sheng would agree with her.

Zhai Sheng tightened his grip on the phone. "Actually, we barely have the chance to see each other. If we refrain from seeing each other, it is quite unbearable for me. However, this is indeed better for you and me. We have a long road ahead of us, and for the sake of it, we must be farsighted. Nan Nan, I am glad that you have such awareness."

"Do you really think so?" Actually, she meant that unless she graduated from high school, it was best not to meet Brother Zhai at all.

Judging from Brother Zhai's temper, he did not seem like he would readily agree to not seeing each other for two whole years.

"Nan Nan, you seem to forget one thing."

"What?" What did she forget?

"My mom."

"Auntie Miao?" What about Auntie Miao? Qiao Nan was confused.

"My mom likes you very much. She even wants you as her goddaughter. So, as long as I am at home and my mom is also at home, we can meet each other without arousing any suspicion." Zhai Sheng never imagined that there would be such a day where his mother who was the most opposed to him seeing another girl, would become his excuse to meet with Qiao Nan without being discovered by others.

Thinking of this, Zhai Sheng smiled brightly and craftily, unlike his usual demeanor.

Qiao Nan paused momentarily. "That's right. How could I forget about Auntie Miao? She enjoys chatting with me."

"Well, someone is coming. Let's hang up now." With his mother as an excuse, there would definitely be a chance for him to meet with Nan Nan in these two years.

"Well, goodbye." As soon as she heard that someone had entered Zhai Sheng's office, Qiao Nan hung up the phone quickly. She was especially worried that it was Qiu Chenxi.

Unlike Qiao Nan, Zhai Sheng hung up the phone calmly.

"You're on the phone again?" Miao Jing entered the office and saw that Zhai Sheng had just ended the call. "Zhai Sheng, why do I feel that you are always on the phone whenever I see you? Is there so much work to do?" And every time it had to be communicated through the phone?

Miao Jing used to stay in the army in the past and would drop by to see her son once in a while, but she seldom saw her son on the phone.

"Yes," Zhai Sheng replied faintly. He tried to suppress his smile. "Mom, you are indeed my biological mom!"

"Of course!" Miao Jing gave Zhai Sheng a disdainful look. "Of course I am your biological mom." Miao Jing, who did not quite understand, was perplexed. "Did anyone tell you any nonsense?"

"No. I just feel that at crucial times, you are the most reliable and dependable." Zhai Sheng denied. "By the way, have you seen Zhai Hua? How is she?"

"Don't mention it. She is a young lady, after all. Why is it that she has much more missions than you? She is always outside, dealing with guns. I am…" Miao Jing's eyes reddened at the thought of the dangerous missions that Zhai Hua undertook.

She only had one daughter and one son. If anything happened to either one of them, she would not be able to take it.

But people from the Zhai family had the love and passion for the army life. She could not do anything to stop them.



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