"A handsome guy who is not from our school?" Qiao Nan knitted her eyebrows. She did not know a lot of people or handsome guys. Where did he come from? "Did he say who he is?"

"No." The female classmate was over the moon, looking infatuated. To her, it was a blessing that a handsome guy would talk to her, albeit not really interested in her.

"Thank you." Seeing the infatuated look of her classmate, Qiao Nan knew there was no way that she could get any answer out of her. Instead, she used a handkerchief to cover her red nose as she walked to the pavement on the side of the classroom building. "Excuse me, you are…?"

Qiao Nan had not met many men, but they were all top-notch and very outstanding.

Take Zhu Baoguo for an instance. He was overbearing, but he inherited the good genes from his father, Zhu Chengqi. He might be a high school student, but he was taller than most adults. Chen Jun might have a personality problem, but at least, he looked bright and cultured.

Zhou Jun was upright and righteous.

As for Zhai Sheng, he was the cream of the crop.

Although she had seen a lot of outstanding men, Qiao Nan's eyes still lit up when she saw the man right in front of her.

The man in front of her seemed to be on the thin side, but Qiao Nan, who came from the 21st century, was very clear about one thing: some men looked thin when dressed, but they were, in fact, well-built. Her intuition told her that this was the case with the man in front of her.

This man was charming and urbane. He looked very much like the cultured and refined scholar in the martial arts novel who was well-versed in martial arts.

He had a handsome appearance and a comforting and pleasing aura. He was that type of men that women would easily fall for.

However, no matter how he looked, Qiao Nan could not help but frown and said, "I don't seem to know you." Or rather, she had not seen this man before. "Have you got the wrong person?" In China, there were a lot of people with the same name and surname.

Gao Yan was very surprised as well. To think that the top student whom his childhood sweetheart was full of praise of was, in fact, a pretty and quick-witted girl… She did not look nerdy at all. "Are you Qiao Nan from first year's class one?"


"Then, I have got the right person." Gao Yan smiled and said, "You don't know me, so please allow me to introduce myself. I'm Gao Yan, a second-year student this year. I am a student at The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China."

"A second-year student at The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China?" That was the level Qiao Zijin was in. "And?"

"I have known Fang Fang ever since a young age. We grew up together."

"So?" Since he was Fang Fang's friend, Gao Yan should look for Fang Fang. Why did he look for her instead?

"I am here to thank you." Gao Yan had a wide smile on his face. He was not full of himself, but since a young age, most of the girls he met were interested in him. Some even deliberately engaged him in a conversation, not caring whether he was in a hurry or not.

Ever since he was sensible enough, he had only known two women that he found pleasing to the eye: his mother and his childhood sweetheart, Fang Fang.

Qiao Nan could be the third woman. After all, she was the classmate and roommate that his childhood sweetheart was very concerned about.

Qiao Nan looked perplexed. "I don't know you. What are you thanking me for?"

"Because of Fang Fang." Gao Yan smiled bitterly. "Fang Fang often mentioned you, so you must have known that she initially wanted to choose the science course. However, when she was back from school recently, I knew that she has changed her mind to choose the humanities course."

Qiao Nan still could not understand why Gao Yan would come all the way to her school to thank her.

Gao Yan was embarrassed to tell Qiao Nan of the conflict between him and Fang Fang.

Gao Yan was one year older than Fang Fang, and so he was a level higher than Fang Fang. Since a young age, he had been doing well in school. Fang Fang was equally smart, but she was also very stubborn. Her parents were always full of praise for Gao Yan as if he was the perfect son they had always dreamed of having. Fang Fang would be upset because of that and would give him the cold shoulder at times.

In fact, their conflict started when Fang Fang was in her fifth year of elementary school.

Fang Fang might have good results now and was equally good in the science and humanities subjects. However, when she was in elementary school, she did very well in Chinese, but could barely pass mathematics.

Gao Yan knew Fang Fang well and came up with a radical method to help her. He deliberately egged Fang Fang on so that she would give up on mathematics, saying that since girls could not do as well in mathematics as boys, she would not be able to do well in mathematics regardless of how much effort she put in.

After being provoked by Gao Yan, Fang Fang locked herself in her room for the whole day. When she left her room the next day, her eyes were red and swollen.

Fang Fang then constantly encouraged herself with famous quotes and devoted all her attention to mathematics. After half a semester, Fang Fang's results for mathematics were as good as her Chinese.

In order to prove it to Gao Yan, Fang Fang had always put more effort and time in mathematics. Even in high school, she had declared that she would choose the science course.

Gao Yan was helpless upon hearing this.

Back then, Fang Fang relied on hard work to do well in mathematics. Similarly, when she was in the first year of high school, she had to work very hard to maintain her results.

Fang Fang had beautiful eyes, but ever since the fifth year in elementary school, she had been spending so much time on reading that she had to wear glasses starting her sixth year in elementary school. She was only in her first year of high school, but her myopia was already over four hundred degrees.

Gao Yan was worried that if Fang Fang was so bent on studying in the science class, her myopia might exceed five hundred degrees even before she graduated. Worse, she might pass this problem to her next generation.

Gao Yan was full of regrets. He should not have come up with such a foolish method to help her. His method had backfired on him.

Students would be divided into two courses in their second year of high school, and they had to make a decision in their first year. In the past six months, Gao Yan had been trying to make Fang Fang change her mind to give up on the science class, but all his plans failed.

One's successes and failures were both due to the same person.

In fact, Fang Fang's firm decision to choose the science course was due to Qiao Nan.

At that time, whenever Fang Fang mentioned Qiao Nan, Gao Yan would be very angry at Qiao Nan. However, Gao Yan knew that Qiao Nan did nothing wrong at all. It was Fang Fang who was stubborn and obstinate. Nobody was to blame.

Just when Gao Yan was anxious and witless, Fang Fang came home and told him that she would not choose the science course. She said that she had decided on the humanities class.

When Gao Yan heard the news, he almost wanted to go to the temple to thank God that Fang Fang finally had a change of mind.



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