However, Gao Yan knew that he did not need to thank God. The one he needed to thank was Qiao Nan.

After listening to it for a long while, Qiao Nan finally understood what had happened. "So it is like this."

"Thank you," Gao Yan said very seriously.

"Well, allow me to ask an impolite question. If this is the case, the person who should thank me is Fang Fang. Why would you thank me on her behalf?" Gao Yan seemed to have some feelings for Fang Fang.

"It was my fault that Fang Fang went down a dead end and was bent on choosing the science course. If she chose the wrong class because of me and ruined her future, I would have to bear the responsibility. Your unintentional words have affected Fang Fang and resulted in her making the correct decision. You have corrected the mistake that I made in the past, thus I have to thank you."

Gao Yan was one of the top students in The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China. He would not be stumped by Qiao Nan's question.

"Is that so? I understand." Qiao Nan shot Gao Yan another glance. "If there is nothing else, I have to go back to the classroom. I have caught a cold, and I feel cold standing outside." Besides, it was so late. Was there no nighttime self-study at The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China? Was it alright for Gao Yan to come all the way to her school to look for her?

"I am sorry." Gao Yan blushed slightly. He was so glad that Fang Fang could change her mind that he did not notice that Qiao Nan had a cold.

At Qiao Nan's mention, Gao Yan noticed that Qiao Nan's voice had a nasal-sounding timbre to it. "Sorry for disturbing you. I will get going."

Gao Yan then deftly stepped onto the perimeter wall of Ping Cheng High School and jumped over to the other side of the wall. Qiao Nan was left gaping in shock.

Did he have the habit of climbing over the walls?

Why was it that both Brother Zhai and Gao Yan had the habit of climbing over the walls?

Wait a minute. Since Gao Yan climbed over the wall to Ping Cheng High School, did it mean that Gao Yan actually skipped classes and climbed over the wall to leave The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China?

When Qiao Nan went back to the classroom with a stunned look on her face, Zhu Baoguo was already in the classroom. "Where have you been? I heard a good-looking kid was looking for you. Who is he?"

"Gao Yan."

Zhu Baoguo had never heard of Gao Yan. Who was he? How dare he tried to talk to Xiao Qiao with him around!

"Don't misunderstand. Gao Yan is Fang Fang's childhood sweetheart. He has nothing to do with me. He came looking for me due to Fang Fang." Qiao Nan took a sip of hot water and her itchy throat finally felt slightly comfortable.

Zhu Baoguo relaxed slightly. "So he was not here for you. Fang Fang's childhood sweetheart? I have not heard about such a boy in our school, though?"

"He is not from our school. He is from The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China."

"A student from The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China came to our school at this time! What a bad boy!" Zhu Baoguo used to be mischievous, thus he was aware that Gao Yan must have skipped his classes in order to come at this time. "Since he is Fang Fang's childhood sweetheart, why didn't he study at Ping Cheng High School?"

Since Gao Yan could climb over the walls of his school to come to another school all for the sake of Fang Fang, and Ping Cheng High School could be considered as a first tier high school as well, why did he not transfer to this school for Fang Fang's sake?

Qiao Nan sneaked a peek at Fang Fang. "According to my guess, these childhood sweethearts are having some conflicts. Gao Yan is a level higher than us. He is in his second year like Qiao Zijin. I guess his initial intention was to wait for Fang Fang to go to The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China. However, even though Fang Fang was admitted to The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China, she chose Ping Cheng High School instead."

"It's so complicated?" Zhu Baoguo, who was less sensitive to these things, found that it very complicated for him to understand.

"Alright, since you are clueless, you should not worry about other people's affairs." Qiao Nan shot Zhu Baoguo a disdainful look. Zhu Baoguo did not need to be concerned about others. He should be concerned about his own affairs.

"By the way, there is something I forgot to tell you."

"What is it?"

"Wang Yang." Zhu Baoguo's eyes lit up at the mention of Wang Yang. "It seems like my uncle has met some troubles recently. My auntie has been coming over to my house and seeking my dad's help. You should know that people from the Wang family are up to no good, yet they pretend to be good and upright. Without my dad, could Wang Qinglin achieve what he has today? Whenever he has anything to ask of my dad, he will not speak to him directly. My auntie will speak to my grandpa and he will talk to my dad. This time, it is somewhat strange. My auntie comes to my house every day for about half a month, but it seems like the trouble remains unresolved. Xiao Qiao, what do you think happened to the Wang family? My auntie has been given cold treatment, yet she does not give up and keeps coming to my house. I remember the Wang family likes to keep up appearances."

Zhu Baoguo was very much against the Wang family.

Whenever the Wang family encountered any problem, they would come asking for help. Zhu Qin would always be the one who came to ask for help on behalf of the Wang family.

In the end, when everything was settled, the Wang family would behave as if Zhu Qin was too willful to seek help from the Zhu family and that they could not stop her from causing trouble to the Zhu family. They acted as though they had no problem settling the problem given their capability.

Zhu Baoguo felt disgusted at the Wang family's behavior.

Whatever the Wang family said was putting the Zhu family down.

They said the Zhu family had doted and pampered on Zhu Qin such that she was too willful and stubborn and that nobody dared to persuade her to rein in her temper.

It was nonsense!

He believed that it must have been the Wang family who encouraged his auntie to seek help from her parents.

Grandpa had said that before his auntie got married, she was very good to Zhu Baoguo. The Wang family obviously had a bad influence on her.

According to the Wang family's usual style, if the Zhu family still refused to help after Zhu Qin came asking for help three times, the Wang family would solve the problem themselves so as to preserve their dignity.

However, his auntie kept coming to the Zhu family to ask for help this time around. Zhu Baoguo was puzzled and surprised.

"Have you ever asked your grandpa or your dad?" Qiao Nan lowered her eyes.

"Of course I did, but Grandpa refused to say a word. As for my dad, I only get to see him a few times in a year. It will be useless to call him on the phone. I suppose he will not say anything as well." He could not even get his grandpa to say anything, let alone his father.

Now that Elder Zhu and Zhu Chengqi refused to tell him what happened, Zhu Baoguo was all the more interested to find out what happened.

Zhu Baoguo could not think of a solution. He could only discuss it with Qiao Nan, hoping that she would come up with some ideas.



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