"Zijin is already in her second year of senior high school. It's the critical period of her studies. Why did you ask her to come?" Ding Jiayi's tone was full of resentment. It was as if the principal of Ping Cheng High School was holding back Qiao Zijin from her studies and future.

"Qiao Zijin's mother, trust me. If it's not necessary, I'm not willing to ask you to come to Ping Cheng High School as well." The principal was both amused and angry.

In the Qiao family, besides Qiao Nan and her father, her sister and mother were quite abnormal.

"Since everyone is here, let me first tell everyone what happened." The principal knitted his brows and told everyone the whole story. "Sun Lei insisted that Qiao Nan is in a romantic relationship with him and said that Qiao Nan refused to admit it. However, Qiao Nan said she doesn't even know Sun Lei and today was the first time she met him. After all, this matter concerns the students from both schools. Hence, I feel that there's a need to have a face-to-face meeting to investigate this matter clearly."

"Is there such a matter?" The expression of the principal of The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China was very ugly. The school forbade puppy love. Students would receive a demerit record if they were discovered to be in such a relationship.

He did not expect that, despite being in the second year, someone dared to go against a regulation that the school strongly advocated.

"This matter is between Qiao Nan and this guy. Why did you ask Zijin to come?" Ding Jiayi did not understand. They could settle the scores on their own. Why did they have to waste Zijin's precious study time?

"Don't be anxious. We'll explain the matter one by one." The principal of Ping Cheng High School cast an even colder look at Ding Jiayi. It was no wonder she could say such ugly words the last time she came. In the eyes of this parent, Qiao Zijin was the precious biological daughter. It was as if Qiao Nan was picked up from the streets and was not part of the family.

"You're Sun Lei, right? You said that you've been keeping the letters from Qiao Nan, didn't you? Did you bring them? Can you take them out?"

"Sure." True enough, Sun Lei took out a number of letters from his schoolbag. Anyway, his own principal was present. He did not believe that the principal of Ping Cheng High School would tear all the letters from Qiao Nan in front of everyone to destroy the evidence.

"Principal Wei, this is Qiao Nan's homework." Teacher Liu also placed Qiao Nan's homework on Principal Meng's office table so that both principals could see them clearly.

When Qiao Nan's homework was placed on the table, Qiao Dongliang was the first to reach out and look at them.

As if the matter had nothing to do with her, the snobbish Ding Jiayi turned her head without care. She looked as if she did not wish to be associated with Qiao Nan's scandals.

Qiao Zijin was the only one who had a strange look on her face, shivering with fear.

Qiao Zijin mustered her courage and walked a few steps toward Qiao Nan. She then lightly tugged at Qiao Nan's sleeves, looking at her with a pair of pleading and pitiful eyes as if to say, 'Help me. Just this once. We're biological sisters, aren't we? Don't watch me die.'

She could not allow the matter to continue to stir up. She must think of a way to make Qiao Nan admit and take responsibility for everything.

If the fuss continued, Sun Lei was also not someone to be trifled with.

This time, she really would not be able to continue with her studies at The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China if the truth came to light.

She swore to heaven that if Qiao Nan was willing to help her tide through this occasion, she would definitely treat Qiao Nan as her next-of-kin and be extremely good to her. She would not talk bad about Qiao Nan in front of her mother again or plot against Qiao Nan anymore.

At this juncture, Qiao Zijin realized that the only people who would forgive her again and again regardless of the situation were these few next-of-kin of hers.

She did not wish to be given a written warning or be expelled from the school. If Qiao Nan admitted that she was dating Sun Lei and was the one who wrote all these letters, then she would be able to safely pass this hurdle.

In this way, no matter how unhappy Sun Lei was, he would only vent all his frustration on Qiao Nan and would only scold Qiao Nan.

When that time came, she just had to give Sun Lei a few words of comfort and fawn on him a little. This matter would then come to a closure.

Qiao Nan and Sun Lei were not schoolmates. Qiao Nan would not be able to hear Sun Lei scolding her. Hence, Sun Lei's words would have no impact on her at all. It was different for her. She and Sun Lei were not only schoolmates but also classmates.

Therefore, all of Sun Lei's resentment and anger must be targeted at Qiao Nan.

Qiao Nan's grades were so good anyway. Even if she was truly involved in a romantic relationship, Ping Cheng High School would not give up such a good student. Besides a few words of scolding, Qiao Nan would not lose anything else.

In actual fact, it was not that difficult for Qiao Nan to help her and be the scapegoat.

They were biological sisters, right? Qiao Nan would definitely help her on this occasion, right?

"What are you doing?!" Before Qiao Zijin could receive a definite answer from Qiao Nan, Zhu Baoguo jumped in immediately and gave an extremely hard slap on Qiao Zijin's hand that was gripping the back of Qiao Nan's hands. "Let go of Xiao Qiao! Don't hold on to her right at this moment as if you are pleading her! What do you mean by this?!"

"Nan Nan, come here." Qiao Dongliang's face was sullen. Puppy love! What a serious matter!

In the face of major issues regarding right and wrong, Qiao Dongliang was not willing to give up on Qiao Zijin umpteen times, so why would he give up on Qiao Nan now?

Before Qiao Nan could react, Qiao Dongliang was already acting like a cow shielding his calf, pulling Qiao Nan to his side. "Nan Nan, stand beside me." Having that said, Qiao Dongliang even swapped places with Qiao Nan and used himself as a barrier between Qiao Nan and Qiao Zijin.

As biological sisters of the same family, Nan Nan could help Zijin in all matters.

Zijin did not differentiate between the good and the bad. She was always together with Wang Yang. Nan Nan certainly should warn Zijin about Wang Yang's character, and Zijin should not be too close with him. If Zijin committed any wrongdoing, Nan Nan not only had to testify against her. As a family, the more she should not give up on Zijin, her sister. Before Zijin changed for the better, she should lend her a helping hand when Zijin encountered difficulties.

But this did not mean that Nan Nan should step forward to be Zijin's scapegoat when Zijin committed wrongdoing and dared not bear the responsibility for her own actions.

This was not helping Zijin but indulging and covering up for her!

In the end, Qiao Zijin's hand not only held on to nothing but was also hit by Zhu Baguo. Ding Jiayi was full of heartache as she quickly held Qiao Zijin's hand and blew on it.

Tears welled up in Qiao Zijin's eyes. She then quietly leaned on Ding Jiayi's shoulders and said, "Mom, help me…"

Ding Jiayi was stunned. She looked at Qiao Zijin with shock and disbelief. Did today's matter really have something to do with Qiao Zijin?

Qiao Zijin tugged at Ding Jiayi's sleeves. She then shook her head to express that they could not let this matter continue to spiral out of control. Someone had to take the plunge and bear the responsibility. Otherwise, she would be in deep trouble.

Ding Jiayi was at a loss but she understood what Qiao Zijin meant. She cleared her throat. "I… I heard you and I understand. Isn't it just two kids having a relationship? These two kids are not really that young anymore anyway. This matter can be discussed."



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