"On the pretext that they can continue to perform well in their studies, let them date. I have no objections."

When Ding Jiayi said this, both Principal Wei and Principal Meng rolled their eyes at her simultaneously.

Damn, she's sick!

"Nan Nan, both principals are busy people. They have to spend so much time and effort for that small matter of yours. Don't you feel ashamed? Don't you blame yourself? Step forward and bear the consequences since this is your responsibility. Don't drag everyone down to suffer with you. You're Mom's daughter and Mom only has Zijin and you as daughters. No matter what mistakes you have committed, Mom's heart will always be with you and you'll always be my good daughter. It's normal for humans to make mistakes. It's fine as long as you change. Mom is not angry and won't take issue with you. So, if you have anything to say, be good and quickly make yourself clear."

Ding Jiayi half pleaded and threatened Qiao Nan to take responsibility for the entire matter.

Although this would leave a black mark on Qiao Nan's life, it was fine. She would continue to treat Qiao Nan as her daughter and would not disown her because of this.

In regard to this, Qiao Nan did not need to feel burdened at all. She just had to bear the responsibility and there would be no more issue. At the very least, this would not affect their family.

Qiao Dongliang stared coldly at Ding Jiayi. He then grabbed Qiao Nan's hand strongly.

Qiao Nan looked down and saw the green veins on the back of Qiao Dongliang's hands, nearly exploding.

"Both principals, is there a difference in the handwriting?" Qiao Dongliang asked in a deep voice.

"Yes." Principal Meng did not say a word, but Principal Wei did. "There are some differences between the two handwritings. However, it's easy for people who can write well to make their handwriting look uglier. On the other hand, it's hard for people who can't write well to make their handwriting look good." Principal Wei was, of course, helping his own student.

Teacher Liu tugged at his face, which was frozen stiff, and smiled. "Principal Wei, don't need to worry about this. Can you let me make a call?"

"Please do." Principal Meng glanced at Teacher Liu and let the latter used the phone in his office to make the call.

Teacher Liu picked up the phone and dialed a number.

Although Qiao Nan had not dialed this number many times, she had memorized it by heart. She gave a stare and looked at Teacher Liu in disbelief. She then heard Teacher Liu say, "Is this Zhai Sheng? I'm Uncle Liu. This is what happened. You know quite a number of professionals. Can you help us find an expert who can verify handwriting? A student from The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China brought a few letters and insisted that one of our students is dating him, but the girl refused to admit to the relationship. Principal Wei feels that it's easy for someone who can write well to make the handwriting look uglier. Therefore, we need your help. Sure, fine, fine. You… you can lend us a hand, can't you?"

Even if Principal Wei wanted to have his way, Teacher Liu was not afraid of him. He had his 'backing'.

Other people might not have a solution to those rogue words of Principal Wei, but he did.

Zhai Sheng had said before that he should look for him for any troubles or problems pertaining to Qiao Nan.

With a huge backing such as Zhai Sheng, Teacher Liu was very confident of protecting Qiao Nan and not let any harm reach her.

"Zhai Sheng? Is it that Zhai Sheng?" At this moment, it was Principal Wei's turn to change his expression.

"Yes, my family and the Zhai family are a little bit related. Principal Wei, you don't believe the student's explanation. Don't tell me you don't believe in people from the army too?" Teacher Liu lifted his head and chest. He terribly wished that he had a long and big tail on his bottom so that he could sweep toward Principal Wei.

Since he knew who Zhai Sheng was, the matter would be easier to resolve.

Principal Wei pulled a long face. "Sun Lei, come here and see for yourself."

Upon hearing Principal Wei's words, Sun Lei, who had turned as quiet as a quail, went forward. He was full of fear of misgivings. Of course, Sun Lei recognized those letters. He hugged the letters to sleep every day in the past. However, he was extremely unfamiliar with the handwriting on the other workbook. "This is Qiao Nan's handwriting? This can't be. Qiao Zijin clearly told me that she and her sister have similar handwriting. The words on this workbook are obviously printed!"

"Oh, the two sisters' handwritings are similar?" Principal Meng smiled. He looked at Principal Wei.

Didn't this comment of Sun Lei tell it all?

Principal Wei's face turned black. He ground his teeth and asked Sun Lei. "What is wrong? What do you mean that the two sisters' handwritings are similar?" It was not written by the same person. Even the handwritings of twins would be different, not to mention biological sisters.

"I was classmates with Qiao Zijin in my first year of senior high school. So, I know Qiao Zijin. Thereafter, Qiao Zijin introduced her sister, Qiao Nan, to me and we became a couple through letters. I felt odd at that time as to why the handwriting of the two of them was so alike. Qiao Nan's words were, at most, more untidy than that of Qiao Zijin. Qiao Zijin told me she had a close relationship with Qiao Nan. Thus, Qiao Nan liked to imitate her. As such, her handwriting resembled that of hers. However, Qiao Nan's results were good. She placed great importance on her studies and didn't have much spare time. Qiao Nan had to make time to write to him. Therefore, her handwriting was not as tidy as that of Qiao Zijin."

Principal Meng had the answer in his heart. At this juncture, he was completely sure that his student had nothing to do with today's matter at all.

Although Zhu Baoguo was a little impulsive for hitting Sun Lei, Sun Lei deserved it.

"You said before that Qiao Zijin was the one who introduced you to Qiao Nan. You've only seen Qiao Nan's photo and it's the first time that you met Qiao Nan in real life today. Then, the letters that you wrote to Qiao Nan and those that Qiao Nan wrote to you… How did you deliver and receive them?" Principal Meng's voice sounded normal and he spoke in an orderly manner.

"Qiao Zijin became our goose."

Sun Lei's actions made the few teachers present curl the corners of their lips. Goose? What a poetic and artistic description.

Qiao Nan raised her eyebrows and met Qiao Zijin's eyes. "Really? This is odd, though? I've clearly not seen my sister for more than two months."

"We're biological sisters from the same family. Whenever there's a school break, don't we see each other? When did we not see each other for two months?" Qiao Zijin panicked and tears nearly rolled down her eyes. Help her once, just this once. Once. Couldn't you?

Qiao Nan turned away without a word, her stance obvious. No way!

It was precisely because she was a family member of Qiao Zijin that she had suffered so much.

Qiao Zijin plotted against her and framed her again and again. If Qiao Zijin was not her family, she would not have kept defending herself all this while and would have actively attacked and thrashed Qiao Zijin to the point that Qiao Zijin would not be able to lift herself up for her entire life.

It was because she was her family!!!

The reality was so depressing and detestable.

Because of the blood ties, the best that she could do was to endure and not actively harm Qiao Zijin and destroy Qiao Zijin's life. However, as for any other matters… You wished, Qiao Zijin!!



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