"This classmate, you may not know the situation, but my wife and I have been living separately. We're prepared to file for divorce in two years' time. Qiao Zijin will follow my wife and Nan Nan will follow me. Hence, our family has not seen one another for more than two months."

They did not even meet during these two months. How could Zijin help Sun Lei and Nan Nan pass letters?

"Ah?!" Sun Lei was stupefied. He initially came to look for his girlfriend to prove his innocence and show that he had not been lying. He did not expect that the domestic affairs of the Qiao family would be brought up in this conversation. "You… what you've said… Is it true?"


"Divorce is good!" Zhu Baoguo could not help but give a loud clap.

As long as Uncle Qiao divorced this woman, Xiao Qiao would then be able to leave the clutches of this mother-daughter pair and start her life afresh.

Pey! What a lousy sister. She was truly not a good thing.

He was already furious and annoyed by Wang Yang's deeds, and the latter was just his cousin. Qiao Zijin was Xiao Qiao's biological sister. Qiao Zijin did so many things that let down and harmed Xiao Qiao. Xiao Qiao's predicament was a hundred times worse than this.

"Old Qiao, what nonsense are you talking about? Can't you look at the current situation?" Ding Jiayi's face was swollen in red. She nearly fainted in anger. "Zijin is your daughter. Before saying all these, you should spare a thought for Zijin!"

Qiao Nan would not suffer much even if she took the blame.

Ping Cheng High School was willing to make accommodation arrangements for that wretched girl. They would certainly not do anything to her because of today's matter.

It was different for Zijin. She already had a difficult situation at school. She really could not afford to let more negative things happen. As a father, did Old Qiao really have to ruin Zijin for the sake of the wretched girl?

As long as the wretched girl took the blame, both Zijin and she would be fine.

In this way, it would be good for everyone. There's nothing bad about this arrangement!

"Qiao Zijin, right? Sun Lei has been saying that you're the one who introduced him to Qiao Nan. Do you have anything to say about this?" Principal Meng could not be bothered to look at Ding Jiayi. This parent's mind was quite abnormal. Anyway, today was not his first time experiencing it.

"I…" Qiao Zijin opened her mouth but could not even manage a complete sentence.

"What is the meaning of 'I'? Did you do this or not?" Principal Meng asked.

"Principal, what do you mean by this? Just because Qiao Nan is a student of your school, so you're siding with her? Since Zijin is not a student at your school, you don't have the right to interfere." Ding Jiayi pulled Qiao Zijin behind her as she tried to protect her.

Qiao Zijin hid accordingly as she wanted to avoid answering this question.

"Fine. Principal Meng doesn't have the right to ask, but I guess I do?" Principal Wei's expression looked extremely ugly. He had also reached the peak of his tolerance level. "Qiao Zijin, did you do this?"

Qiao Zijin was in so much pain and dilemma. She wrung the clothes behind Ding Jiayi's waist, nearly tearing it. "I… I did it. I didn't think much. I… I initially just wanted to let my sister have one more friend. It's a good thing that everyone can learn from each other and improve. I don't know how the two of them became pen pals, and a couple thereafter. Whatever happened later was not of my concern. I just introduced them to each other as friends!"

"Did you hear that? Whatever developed later was caused by themselves. It had nothing to do with Zijin." Ding Jiayi quickly helped to add on.

Qiao Nan knitted her brows. She narrowed her eyes to assess Qiao Zijin. Normally, Qiao Zijin would deny this. Instead, Qiao Zijin admitted to it. This was abnormal.

No, there was a problem!

Qiao Nan thought about it and pointed a finger at Sun Lei. "Sun Lei, my sister intended to introduce her sister to you as a pen pal. I'm younger than my sister by two years. Compared to you, I'm younger by more than two years. My sister trusted you so much, yet you kidnapped her sister to become your girlfriend and got her involved in puppy love at such a critical juncture. You really let my sister down."

Sun Lei was older. If this matter truly happened, then Sun Lei certainly had to bear a huge part of the responsibility.

If Sun Lei was the one who initiated a romantic relationship, then he was certainly the one in the wrong.

Even if Qiao Nan initiated it, as someone older than Qiao Nan, Sun Lei should be more mature and serious in handling such matters. Sun Lei should discourage Qiao Nan in an instant, then simply stopped being pen pals and ceased all contact.

Suddenly, Sun Lei was greatly reprimanded by Qiao Nan in front of the two principals and his own form teacher. His face turned crimson. In a state of agitation and panic, he spoke his mind. "I let your sister down? How did I do that? Both of you sisters are not good people and are full of bad ideas. If not for the fact that your sister… Anyway, it's your sister who promised to introduce a potential girlfriend to me. She even said that your grades were good and that you're pretty. She said she introduced you to me with absolute sincerity. What pen pals? Your sister clearly introduced you to me as a girlfriend. What pen-pals!"

The saying of pen-pals earlier was just to give everyone some face.

When Qiao Dongliang heard this, he clenched his fists in anger. The veins on his neck and hand were protruding as well.

Principal Wei let out a long breath. He regretted it. Two years ago, he should not have accepted Qiao Zijin into his school for the sake of that meager sponsorship fee. She was not a student. She was simply big trouble!

"Teacher Liu, right? We don't need to verify the handwriting anymore. Indeed, our students are the ones in the wrong in this matter. The responsibility is on my side and has nothing to do with you all. Qiao Nan classmate, I'm very sorry to have caused you such wrong and suffering. Our school will handle this from here on. I think it's best that I bring the students back."

Principal Wei was worried that the school would be utterly disgraced by these two students if they continued with the conversation.

Qiao Nan was a good student. How could she be involved in an early romantic relationship? Furthermore, would she find someone from The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China? If she had the intention, she would now be the top student at The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China and not Ping Cheng High School. Her biological sister introduced a boyfriend to her younger sister who was in her first year of senior high school. If words got out, he nearly dared not admit that he was the principal of The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China anymore.

Where did such a wonderful 'sister' come from? His school!

His students in the first year could not outperform Qiao Nan all this time. He was already very upset about it and this matter just had to happen today. The way Principal Wei looked at Qiao Zijin and Sun Lei was extremely unfriendly.

Sun Lei's form teacher was simply going along with the flow. However, his mood was also extremely bad at this moment.

Sun Lei was not blind. How could he miss the obvious and ugly expressions on Principal Wei's and his form teacher's faces? He was so frightened that he spoke whatever came to his mind.



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