"I… I have been wronged. I really don't know… They're all Qiao Zijin's doing! She lied to me! She has been lying to me!" Sun Lei kept harping that he had been wronged and that all the bad things were done by Qiao Zijin and had nothing to do with him. After all, he, too, had been bluffed by Qiao Zijin.

"Qiao Zijin, I helped you so much, but are you even worthy of my help?! You'd better tell the truth to the principal and the teacher quickly and clarify this matter. Otherwise, don't blame me." Sun Lei gave Qiao Zijin a malicious and deadly stare.

If Qiao Zijin was not able to help him tide over this, he would be unruly to her and reveal all the bad things that she had done.

"I… No, please don't…" Qiao Zijin stammered, tears rolling down her face uncontrollably. She was scared out of her wits. "Yes, I did all these. Actually, it was not Sun Lei. It… it was also not Qiao Nan."

"This had nothing to do with Xiao Qiao? Why did you have to introduce him to Xiao Qiao and not anyone else? What were your intentions? You're just trying to harm Xiao Qiao!" Zhu Baoguo was driven mad. There was no sincerity in her apology at all. Crying! Would crying help?!

Sun Lei was angered by what Zhu Baoguo said.

Did Qiao Zijin and Qiao Nan have any conflict? Could this be why he was introduced to Qiao Nan? For the sake of getting Qiao Nan into trouble?

He truly wished to have a girlfriend. Qiao Zijin dared to play tricks on him although he had gotten a handle of her. She treated him like a pawn. He would deal with Qiao Zijin when he was back in school!

Upon the scolding from Zhu Baoguo, Qiao Zijin cried even harder.

Ding Jiayi was full of heartache for Qiao Zijin. She kept comforting her. "Qiao Nan, do you have any conscience? Your sister said all this to protect you. You are letting your sister be the scapegoat and bear the consequences for the things that you have done. How did the teachers in your school teach you to be a person? Has your conscience been eaten by a dog?"

"Hahaha!" Qiao Nan could not help but laugh. Her laughter sounded so cold and helpless.

Ding Jiayi scolded her badly. In the end, wasn't she just trying to make her step forward and take the blame for Qiao Zijin?

Initially, she had wanted to let the matter rest.

But her mother had to protect Qiao Zijin so anxiously. Qiao Zijin had such a 'fabulous helper'. How could she let the matter rest before making it more exciting?

She would not initiate any trouble or take any action against Qiao Zijin, but she did not say that she would not bring up old scores and reveal all the 'good things' that Qiao Zijin did. Qiao Nan then gave Zhu Baoguo, this 'noob teammate', a kick.

Zhu Baoguo had clearly voiced out Qiao Zijin's ill intention a while ago, but he stopped at the most critical juncture. Was he stupid?

Zhu Baoguo, who was kicked, did not quite understand Qiao Nan's action. He looked at Qiao Nan. Qiao Nan then glanced toward Sun Lei.

Zhu Baoguo was initially a clueless fool. Suddenly, his eyes lit up. He nearly could not react in time. "This is not right. Qiao Zijin, I think you not only wanted to harm Xiao Qiao but also this person called Sun Lei? Xiao Qiao is such a good kid. How could she be involved in a romantic relationship at an early age? Moreover, she did not even know the existence of Sun Lei! Because of your 'introduction', Sun Lei really seemed to take Xiao Qiao as his girlfriend. Did you already foresee that Sun Lei would not be able to stop himself from coming to look for Xiao Qiao in person one day? When that time came, this puppy love scandal would then be spread and Xiao Qiao would be given a warning. Most likely, this fool, Sun Lei, will be in trouble as well? You are classmates after all. Sun Lei, did you offend Qiao Zijin before?"

Sun Lei gave a stare. There were two words 'written' on his face: confused and cornered!

"No, it's not like that. Absolutely not. Sun Lei, don't listen to Zhu Baoguo talking nonsense. He's on a very good term with my sister. He said this to sow discord between us to help my sister. Please don't be foolish. Don't believe him."

If that matter was revealed, that would be the end of Sun Lei and her. Sun Lei would not be so silly to perish together with her, right?

"That's enough. We can talk about it further after going back." Principal Wei was having a bad headache. Could there also be other issues aside from this 'puppy love'?

"Principal Wei, why are you so anxious? I also wish to know. As Qiao Nan's biological sister, why did Qiao Zijin have the intention to harm Qiao Nan?" It was really like mother, like daughter. Of course, Qiao Nan was the exception.

In the past, he had felt that Ding Jiayi's behavior was beyond comprehension. Judging by Qiao Zijin's behavior today, it was exactly the same as what Ding Jiayi did previously.

Since today's matter had nothing to do with Qiao Nan, Principal Meng was very interested to know the conflict between Qiao Zijin and Sun Lei.

As a veteran teaching professional and a form teacher, Teacher Liu was able to sense the problems between students with some guessing.

Seeing that the situation seemed a little odd, Teacher Liu suddenly interrupted and asked, "Principal Wei, the student from your school kicked up a fuss at our school. Putting aside the relationship between Qiao Zijin and Qiao Nan, this matter should be between both our schools. It was an ugly sight at the entrance of the school today. Qiao Nan suffered much wrong too. Did Principal Wei think that just a word of apology is enough to settle this matter? I wish to know how your school will handle Qiao Zijin's and Sun Lei's situation."

"That's right. The matter has snowballed. Most likely, before the day ends, this matter will be spread to the ears of everyone in the school, just like what happened previously. It will also have a great emotional impact on Qiao Nan. If others know about this, what will people think of your school? Principal Wei, don't spoil the school's culture and reputation just because of a few individuals." Principal Meng fully agreed with what Teacher Liu said. Before the situation was clarified, he nearly misunderstood that Sun Lei was purposely sent by Principal Wei to distract Qiao Nan so that she could not continue to perform well in her studies.

"First, your student's mother came and kicked up a fuss at our school. Today, your student came and created a fuss. In the context of the school, they are your students and student's parent. Principal Wei, it's best that you consider this carefully."

"What do you mean by a student this time and her mother the last time? Are you referring to me?" Seeing that so many adults targeted and bullied her child, and none was willing to be magnanimous and let Qiao Zijin off, Ding Jiayi was both furious and anxious. She was at a loss of what to do.

Upon hearing Principal Meng's words, Ding Jiayi was like a firecracker that was lit up. She exploded.

"If not?" Principal Meng laughed with ridicule. He could not understand why Ding Jiayi was shameless enough to ask this question.

"What about me? What about me?! Tell me. What about me?! All of you are trying to malign me after maligning my daughter?" Ding Jiayi would not concede defeat. "Don't think that just because all of you are principals and teachers, you can gang up and bully a mother and daughter like us!"



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