"Thank you, Teacher Liu." Qiao Nan nodded. It turned out that as early as last year, even before they went into a relationship, Brother Zhai had already done so many things for her and she was clueless.

"Go back and study hard. You must not let those people who are good to you down." Teacher Liu had high hopes for Qiao Nan. He had taught many students over the years and Qiao Nan was one of the few female students who managed to maintain her standard even after she entered high school.

Teacher Liu was a mathematics teacher and Qiao Nan was good in mathematics.

In fact, Teacher Liu hoped that Qiao Nan would choose the science course. In that case, he would be able to continue to teach her.

However, Qiao Nan performed just as well in her humanities subjects. As such, she would also do well in the humanities course.

In the end, Teacher Liu had to forsake such a good student like Qiao Nan. After all, she preferred humanities and so he agreed for her to choose according to her preferences.

Otherwise, most teachers would not let go of such a good student like Qiao Nan.

In two years' time, his class might be able to produce a top student in the college entrance examination. It was a pity that she chose another class in her second year. Most teachers would find this situation unbearable.

"Goodbye, Teacher Liu." Qiao Nan left Teacher Liu's office, but she did not return to the classroom right away. Instead, she went straight to the telephone booth to make a phone call to Qiao Dongliang.

Qiao Nan knew best about what was going through Qiao Dongliang's mind regarding Qiao Zijin's incident.

Yesterday, Qiao Zijin lied to Qiao Dongliang in front of so many people. He must be devastated.

Qiao Nan could do nothing but console and comfort him.

It was during this time that Qiao Nan was especially thankful to Zhu Chengqi for giving them a phone to be used at home. If not for him, she would not be able to phone her father to check on how he was doing.

The phone rang a couple of times, but nobody picked up the phone.

Qiao Nan frowned. Could her father have been out to work?

After what Qiao Zijin did, her father must be very upset. How could he have woken up early in the morning to go to work?

Just when she was about to try calling again, the school bell rang.

Qiao Nan had no choice but to take out the telephone card and returned to her classroom.

It was only until noon that Qiao Nan had the chance to make use of the noon break to call Qiao Dongliang.

After ringing for a couple of times, the call was finally connected. "Hello, Dad, how are you? I guess you… didn't go to work today?"

Her father would usually have his lunch at the factory. Since he picked up her phone call, he must have stayed at home today.

"I didn't go. I took a day off today." Qiao Dongliang's voice sounded hoarse, like a broken drum.

"Dad, did you catch a cold?"

"I guess so."

"Have you seen a doctor?"

"I'm fine. I just need some rest." Qiao Dongliang's voice sounded weak. He did not want to do anything right now.

Qiao Nan pursed her lips. "Dad, there is a lot of cold medicine in the drawer in my room. You should take the medicine."

"No need. I felt much better when I got up today." Qiao Dongliang had no wish to take medicine. More importantly, there was no hot water at home. He did not boil any water at all.

"Dad, why don't I take a leave of absence this afternoon to check on you? Our house is very near to the school. It will only take an hour's time to travel to and fro. I can take a half-day leave and I will be able to make it back to school for the self-study session in the evening." As expected, her father had fallen sick because of Qiao Zijin's incident.

"It's fine. There is cold medicine at home. There is no need to have those in your room. I will take the medicine." Qiao Dongliang smiled bitterly. With his younger daughter around, there was no way that he could be lazy.

In the end, Qiao Dongliang had cold medicine with a cup of water that had not been boiled.

He did not hang up the phone while he had the medicine. He spoke into the receiver, "I have taken the medicine. Can you rest assured now?"

"Alright. Dad, have a good rest these two days. Don't forget to apply for sick leave with the factory."

"Alright, I will." Qiao Dongliang curled his lips, forming a smile. He had been in low spirits until just now.

One of his daughters despised him and complained that he was useless. However, there was another daughter who cared for him. He was not left with nothing after all.

"Xiao Qiao, is Uncle Qiao alright?" Zhu Baoguo asked as soon as Qiao Nan sat down beside him. "Was Uncle Qiao affected by what happened yesterday?" Zhu Baoguo could not understand. Qiao Zijin was so ill-natured, yet why would Qiao Dongliang be so concerned with her affairs and ask for trouble for himself?

Xiao Qiao was so much better.

Children were valued for their quality, not their number. Uncle Qiao should be contented with Xiao Qiao. Qiao Zijin was ill-natured. He should not bother about her. He could not understand why Uncle Qiao would trouble himself with her problems.

"Of course. My dad's bark is worse than his bite. He still cares a lot for Qiao Zijin. Yesterday, my dad asked Qiao Zijin several times whether she was guilty, but she denied it. My dad must be heartbroken that his daughter lied to him. Forget it. You won't understand how my dad feels. When you become a father, you will understand his feelings."

"Do you understand?" Zhu Baoguo felt unfair.

Qiao Nan rolled her eyes. "I have never been a mother, how would I understand?"

Zhu Baoguo blushed. "When we grow up and become parents, we will understand what it's like sooner or later."

"It's better not to understand," Qiao Nan said unhappily. To understand her father's feelings, one must have children like Qiao Zijin who was good for nothing, yet yearned for things that were beyond one's reach, whereas oneself was not capable and could not do much for the children. "Alright, enough of this. Even though mid-term exams have just finished, we still have a lot of homework today. We must continue to work hard."

Qiao Nan was not like Qiao Dongliang. After last night, Qiao Nan completely ignored Qiao Zijin and did not bother herself with her.

It would have to depend on her luck as to whether she could remain unscathed from yesterday's incident.

But after such things happened, it was difficult for Qiao Zijin to escape punishment.

On the night after Qiao Zijin was slapped by Qiao Dongliang, the former lost her temper and ran back to the Qiao family residence at the quad.

What Sun Lei said was a great blow to Qiao Zijin.

Qiao Dongliang had made it clear that he would not be able to help her. She did not have any hopes for Ding Jiayi to help her. The only person she could think of was Wang Yang.

Qiao Zijin tried calling Wang Yang using public telephone multiple times, but nobody picked up the phone. Even though the call was connected several times, it was the auntie that the Wang family hired who answered the phone. "Hello, it's you again. I have already told you that Wang Yang is at school now and he will only be back on the next weekend."



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