If that was the case, then perhaps, she could consider changing the behavior a little and carry it out.

"Not possible. No matter who we beg now, the school will not take me in as their student anymore. Mom, you really dote on me, right? You will certainly help me, right? You definitely can't bear to look at me suffer in pain, right?" Qiao Zijin's eyes looked bewildered and deranged. She was certainly not in the correct state of mind. She was like a mad woman.

"Zijin, what's wrong with you? Don't frighten Mom." What was the point of doing all these if it could not make the school accept Zijin as a student again?

"Hahaha! Qiao Nan harmed me. She has always wanted to harm me. I can't let her lead a good life. We'll all perish together. She made me lose my education. I must let her be in the same plight as me! Everyone will stop studying, then. Qiao Nan is so heartless to me… So heartless!! I'm her biological sister, but she did this to me nonetheless! Is she still a human? Since she's heartless, I must be more heartless than her! Hahaha!!"

Qiao Zijin, who had suffered a great blow, was already incoherent in her speech.

At this moment, the world was hopeless and dark to Qiao Zijin.

In the realm of darkness, she only thought of one matter, and that was to drag whoever she could hold onto to sink with her in this bottomless abyss.

"Zijin, do we have to do this? Is there a point in doing this?" Ding Jiayi hugged Qiao Zijin tightly. She was in a panic and confused state. However, she could not agree with what Qiao Zijin said.

"Mom, you won't help me? I'm in so much pain. I'm so miserable. You said you love me, yet you refuse to help me?! I don't wish to live anymore. Dad doesn't love me, and neither do you. All of you are biased toward Qiao Nan! Since that's the case, why did you give birth to me in the past? I'll go and die. When I'm dead, you'll have Qiao Nan as your only daughter. You all can then be good to Qiao Nan wholeheartedly. In this way, you all will be satisfied, won't you?! You all will be happy, won't you?!"

Qiao Zijin's eyes were staring straight, looking determined and vicious.

Qiao Zijin did not seem to be all talk and no action. She pushed Ding Jiayi away and then knocked her head against the wall. The sound of banging made the ears hurt.

"Zijin, don't… don't frighten Mom… Fine, as long as you're happy, Mom will do whatever you ask me to. How could Mom not love you? How would I not want you? Those words of yours pierced my heart…" Ding Jiayi cried uncontrollably.

She did not understand why the situation turned out this way after just one short night. Now, Zijin even threatened to end her life. Clearly, all was fine before yesterday.

Upon hearing what Ding Jiayi said, Qiao Zijin stopped her self-torturing behavior immediately.

It was just that her forehead, which was considered quite fair, was already swollen and bruised the moment she stopped. "Mom, you can't back out on what you have promised me. Go now. Go immediately. You also have to change your clothes. You have to wear shabbily and mess up your hair. Make yourself look as miserable as you can. Hurry, hurry and go."

"Fine, Mom will do that now." Ding Jiayi was really frightened out of her wits by Qiao Zijin. Qiao Zijin finally stopped knocking her head against the wall, and Ding Jiayi dared not refuse to listen to Qiao Zijin's bidding. She turned and went to her bedroom to change.

Yesterday, Ding Jiayi was invited to the school via a phone call by the teacher in Qiao Zijin's school. To give Qiao Zijin's face, Ding Jiayi dressed her best.

For the sake of Qiao Zijin, Ding Jiayi searched high and low and took out the oldest and most shabby clothes that were tucked under her luggage.

When she heard Ding Jiayi searching high and low in her room, Qiao Zijin, who had been behaving like a mad demon and sitting on the floor in a foolish manner, had a flash of cold and sinister light in her eyes.

Qiao Nan was the one who forced her to do this.

If she really could not continue to study at The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China and other schools would not accept her, it would be hard for her to have any success in this society without any educational qualifications.

In the time to come, no matter how much her mother liked her and hated Qiao Nan, her mother would eventually give up on her. Her mother would be gradually bewitched by Qiao Nan who graduated from a prominent school and was full of glory.

Even if her parents were failures, and she did not care much about them, but all things or humans that belonged to her… She would not let Qiao Nan benefit even if she did not want them! She would rather throw them away!

She could no longer continue with her studies. When Qiao Nan was in the same plight as her and could only take manual jobs to earn money with low education, she did not believe that her parents would still favor Qiao Nan.

At the very least, she would be on the same runway as Qiao Nan. She could still turn the tides and surpass Qiao Nan.

She could only quit school and stay at home whereas Qiao Nan could study at a prominent senior high school and even a reputable college. Qiao Nan wished to leave her behind and surpass her so much?

Dream on!

Qiao Nan could forget about having such a day!

According to Qiao Zijin's request, Ding Jiayi spent half an hours' time and really dressed herself as a female beggar.

Ding Jiayi tugged at her clothes in an uneasy manner. "Zijin, do you think this looks fine?"

Qiao Zijin lifted her head and looked at Ding Jiayi coldly. "It should be fine. Mom, remember what I told you just now. You must do it. You must think of a way to let Qiao Nan be like me and can't continue with her studies. Mom, if you can't do it, I will die. I will really die for you to see!"

"Don't, Zijin, don't scare Mom. Isn't it just quitting studies? It's no big deal. Don't worry. Mom will do what you told me to. Mom never wanted Qiao Nan to continue with her studies ever since two years ago. To Mom, you're the most important. Zijin, you must live on well."

If the principal of Ping Cheng High School also covered up for Qiao Nan like he did previously, then… then she would directly beg Qiao Nan! If Qiao Nan refused, she would threaten to die before Qiao Nan. She did not believe that Qiao Nan would let Qiao Zijin and her die before her no matter how cold-blooded she was.

If the lives of her two next-of-kin were in her hands and Qiao Nan still refused to give up her studies, Qiao Nan would definitely be drowned by other's gossip when she stepped out of home henceforth.

"Mom, I only have you now. I'm really left with you. You can't lie to me. You have to help me." Hugging Ding Jiayi tightly, Qiao Zijin's face that was leaning onto Ding Jiayi's shoulder looked sinister and gloomy.

"Sure, who will help you if Mom doesn't? There's no other person in this world that Mom wants to help. You… just wait. Mom will definitely do it."

"Mom, take this along." Qiao Zijin ground her teeth. Either she did not do it or did it all the way. She wanted Qiao Nan's reputation to be worse than that of hers.

Having that said, Qiao Zijin passed a small and sharp knife that was used for sharpening pencils to Ding Jiayi. Qiao Zijin had been grabbing this in her hands all this while. "If Qiao Nan refuses, you know what to do. You just have to slash your hands with this a couple of times casually. You don't need to use too much strength. The people in Ping Cheng High School will not dare to hold you back. Qiao Nan will also be scared of you."



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