The man who made the call obviously said 'you all', so her mother was definitely included.

"Of course, I will accompany you. Who else can I accompany other than you? You can't continue to study in Ping Cheng, but that's no issue. As long as you can continue your studies, nothing else is more important. Mom will be worried if you go on your own. Even if it's for studies, Mom is concerned as well." Ding Jiayi smiled, knowing that Zijin was able to continue with her studies now. Hence, she no longer needed to create a fuss at Ping Cheng High School.

"Zijin, Mom knows that I'm not wrong about you. You'll definitely be successful in the future. When did you get to know such a capable friend at school? Why didn't you mention them before? Since your friend is so capable, why don't they find a way to let you continue studying at The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China? It's, of course, good to continue studying, but none of the schools are better than your current one. Furthermore, you have to transfer to another school in this case."

It would be the best outcome if they could continue to stay in Ping Cheng and study in The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China.

Asking for too much. This phrase was used to describe people like Ding Jiayi.

Ding Jiayi, who regained her senses, had forgotten what Qiao Zijin had just forced her to do.

Qiao Zijin smiled grimly. "Mom, you really dared to wish for the sky. Even if my friend is capable, there's also a difference in capabilities. It's good enough that they can help us arrange a comparable school and accommodation. Yet, you still want them to help us remain in the same school?"

"That… They're truly capable if they could do that. But they could only arrange another school for you. Is that considered capable? It's not truly capable. They're only a little capable." Ding Jiayi showed the tip of her small thumb, her tone full of mocking. Qiao Zijin ground her teeth angrily when she heard this.

Her mother was good at boasting and spanking other's buttocks. Talking about this skill, no one was most likely comparable to her mother.

However, when it came to ability, she was the one who thought of ideas and planned everything. At the very most, her mother would only obey her.

In the past, Qiao Zijin did not feel that there was anything wrong when she heard Ding Jiayi talking in this manner to Qiao Nan.

However, when Ding Jiayi used that same manner and thoughts on Qiao Zijin, Qiao Zijin was furious. Even the expression on her face when she looked at Ding Jiayi changed. But Ding Jiayi was too silly to notice this.

"Just one word. Are we leaving or not?!" Qiao Zijin had already shamelessly taken all the credit for this. Clearly, the person who made all the arrangements was Qiao Nan's friend, but she had packaged it as her friend.

Clearly, that person did all these for the sake of Qiao Nan. Qiao Zijin simply replaced Qiao Nan with herself. She said it as though she had such a friend that truly meant well and spared great thoughts for her.

"Go, go, go. When do we leave?" Seeing Qiao Zijin flared up, Ding Jiayi immediately restrained herself. Ding Jiayi was naturally able to tell from the look on Qiao Zijin.

"We'll leave tomorrow. Therefore, you have to pack quickly. I don't want us to still be packing when the person whom my friend sent comes to pick us up, and thus make them wait."

"Why can't we? The person hired by your friend is definitely of a lower status than them. Most likely, it's their chauffeur or someone who works for them. Since they're taking other people's salary, they, of course, have to do their jobs. What's wrong with waiting for us for a while? If he is diligent, he may even take the initiative to help us pack without us requesting for it, not to mention to wait for a while."

If that was the case, she could then slack a little.

"Mom, if you continue to be like this, I'm going to be angry. He takes salary from others, but we're not the one giving him the salary. They're my friend, not my biological parents. If your attitude is too much and provokes my friend, causing them to refuse to help me then, you can be prepared to kneel down at the entrance of Ping Cheng High School!"

"I won't say… I won't say anymore. I'll go and pack now." After being scolded by Qiao Zijin, Ding Jiayi, who really deserved a beating earlier, did not dare to breathe a further word. She obediently and abidingly returned to her bedroom to pack and prepare everything. "Zijin, are we really going to leave tomorrow? Did your friend tell you which high school you will be studying at? We're leaving. Should we leave a message for your dad?"

'No!" Qiao Zijin's tone was full of resentment. "Anyway, Dad only acknowledges Qiao Nan. He's not concerned about my life or death. Why do we need to tell him? That friend of mine… I've already said that they're my friend. They're willing to help me arrange a school. They'll definitely help and not harm me. Why are you asking so many questions? If you just wait until tomorrow, won't you know everything then?!"

Ask, ask, ask, and ask! She wanted to ask too! But that man did not tell her anything. Did she have a choice?

Qiao Nan was so fortunate. Everyone she knew was true to her.

But it was strange. In Qiao Nan's circle of friends, who had the capability and ways to arrange a school for her and leave Ping Cheng?

At the thought that she would not be able to return to Ping Cheng for over a year at the very least, Qiao Zijin felt very unwilling and unhappy.

When she and her mother were not around during this period, Qiao Nan should feel very happy. She only hoped that Qiao Nan would not be too happy and simply forget about the existence of her mother and her. After all, she would still be back one day!

"Okay, let's not leave a message then. In the future, you will be the decision-maker in this family. If you refuse to, we'll not do it then." Ding Jiayi had decided. Zijin would not lie to her. It was also quite good that she could leave Ping Cheng. In case the matter at Zijin's school spread to others, she and Zijin would be embarrassed and become a laughingstock in the quad.

All the arrangements had been made. Hence, Ding Jiayi did not need to bring Qiao Zijin to school to settle the administrative matters for being dismissed. Even if Qiao Zijin did not help, Ding Jiayi managed to pack everything that was needed within half a day.

Initially, Ding Jiayi did not wish to bring many things. At the very most, she only brought the clothing needed for the four seasons for both Qiao Zijin and her.

"Mom, why are there so little things?" Qiao Zijin was very dissatisfied when she saw only two small bags of items.

Qiao Nan's and her father's belongings were already considered very little. When they moved away previously, their luggage was twice as much as that of today. Did her mother miss anything?

"Didn't you say that your friend has already rented a place for us to stay? I think things such as bed, blanket, cutlery, and utensils must have been prepared. I won't bring so many things with me, in case I don't use them." If there was a new set of furniture as well, then it was actually quite good that Zijin transferred school.

She did not have to bring anything when she went there. On the contrary, when they came back, she would take everything the mother-daughter pair had used before.

Zijin's friend did not have that much capability but could also be considered capable.



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