"Alright, you can make a phone call here. I need to go and get something." A sudden thought seemed to have occurred in Teacher Liu's mind. He even let Qiao Nan have the office. Fortunately, the teachers who were in the same office as Teacher Liu were coincidentally not around. Otherwise, it would not be appropriate to do so.

When Teacher Liu left, Qiao Nan dialed a number that she had learned by heart.

Before it could even ring once, someone had already picked up the phone. "Brother Zhai, it's me. My dad just called me. My mom brought my sister and moved away."

"I know."

"You know?"


"What's happening? Why would my sister agree to move out without an apparent reason?" Yes, putting her mother's thoughts aside, given Qiao Zijin's character, it would be impossible for her to move out in such a swift manner.

When Qiao Zijin was doing well, she was never generous. She had never thought of giving in to other people.

Now that Qiao Zijin was not doing well and even lost the identity as a student of The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China, something she was proudest of in her previous life, shouldn't Qiao Zijin think of ways and means to drag her down to perish together with her? That would be the normal thing she would do.

"I found a senior high school for your sister in a nearby town. The quality of that school is certainly not better than Ping Cheng High School and The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China, so she has to depend on herself to study. Nevertheless, the good thing about the school is its culture of simplicity and honesty. Your sister should be thankful."

"You're really the one who arranged it? Brother Zhai, please don't purposely tell me this to comfort me." Qiao Nan was a little doubtful.

"I've arranged someone to send your mother and Qiao Zijin away early this morning. With this departure, at the very least, she will not come back to Ping Cheng High School to harass you and Uncle Qiao before she graduates from senior high school. When she graduates, you'll be in your third year of studies. I'll send someone to watch her then." Zhai Sheng was also aware that what he did could at most provide Qiao Nan with one more year of peace.

As long as Qiao Zijin was alive, she would always think of ways and find the opportunity to come back and create troubles for Qiao Nan.

Unfortunately, Qiao Zijin was that kind of detestable character who only committed petty bad deeds. Taking advantage of her relationship as Qiao Nan's next-of-kin, she resorted to every means to humiliate and harm Qiao Nan. However, outside of that, Qiao Zijin had never done anything illegal, not even petty crimes such as pilferage, not to mention major crimes that were heinous and traitorous.

Qiao Nan let out a breath of relief. "That's good."

Qiao Zijin was too dishonest. Each time she quieted down, it seemed like the calm before the storm, just like what happened this time. It was ridiculous that she had a six months' pen pal cum three months''boyfriend' all of a sudden. She had a shock of her life.

"Brother Zhai, thank you."

"This is what I should do. But, Nan Nan, you have to understand. In this way, you'll at most have slightly more than one year of peace. You know Qiao Zijin's character better than anyone. Academic results-wise, it's not possible for her to get into a good college. If she can't, she'll make sure that you don't as well."

"No issue. It's good enough to have one year of peace." If such situations involving Qiao Zijin occurred again, she was fearful that she might not be able to focus on her studies regardless of how strong she was at heart.

She almost could not handle the current situation, not to mention her third year of studies.

"Brother Zhai, Wang Yang and Chen Jun did not look for me recently. Is it because of you?" Brother Zhai was the one who settled Qiao Zijin's matter by transferring her to another school. Then, where did Wang Yang go to?

Ever since he appeared on the second day of the Lunar New Year, Chen Jun seemed to have retreated in the face of difficulties and never appeared again. All these matters felt very odd.

"In regard to this matter, your godfather and I settled it together. Qiao Zijin and your mother left. Wang Yang and Chen Jun will also not harass you in the near future. Nan Nan, focus on your studies and fight for the chance to go to a good college earlier."

"Why is there such a hurry?" Even if she wanted to focus on her studies and get into a good college, why did it have to be 'earlier'?

"I've already prepared the marriage report. It's been in the drawer for two months. Nan Nan, tell me, when can I hand it up?"

This was the promise between Zhai Sheng and Qiao Nan. Unless Qiao Nan was admitted to college, they would not talk about their marriage.

"Based on preliminary estimation, it will be at least two years." Qiao Nan blushed. So, it was because of this. "Brother Zhai, don't be anxious. Don't forget that we've not settled the problems pertaining to Auntie Miao and the chief."

Qiao Nan rubbed her forehead.

Miao Jing, this future mother-in-law, was really not easy to manage.

In the recent few months, although she did not meet Auntie Miao face-to-face, she had talked to her through the phone. During each phone call, she would bring up Brother Zhai.

At the mention of Brother Zhai, Auntie Miao had only one topic, and that was guessing which family's daughter he had his eyes on and was dating. Auntie Miao requested her to think of a way and suggest an idea to make Brother Zhai and said lady break up earlier.

Each time Miao Jing talked about this, Qiao Nan did not know whether to laugh or cry.

Most importantly, Qiao Nan felt extremely guilty every time.

This was because she could completely sense that Miao Jing told her all these because she trusted her very much.

What if, one day, Miao Jing found out she was actually the girl that Miao Jing made every attempt to find? Qiao Nan really could not imagine how her relationship with Miao Jing would turn out.

Hence, each time Qiao Nan picked up Miao Jing's call, she felt tremendously stressed.

She kept having the feeling that she was lying.

Zhai Sheng, who was at the other end of the phone, was silent for a moment. "Nan Nan, if you really want to marry me and become a soldier's wife, the pressure you will face in the future will definitely be worse than this."

"…" Upon hearing what Zhai Sheng said, Qiao Nan really did not know how to reply to him.

Ring! Ring! Ring!

At this moment, the school bell rang and broke the silence between the two. "Brother Zhai, the lesson is starting. Let's talk again next time."

"Okay, focus on your studies."

It only came to Qiao Nan's mind as she was entering the classroom that she should give her father a call and told him about her mother and Qiao Zijin's situation.

Fortunately, Qiao Dongliang called her first during the noon self-study time.

"That was what happened. Dad, don't blame Brother Zhai for doing this. He did this for our sake. Besides, I can tell that sister was very satisfied with this arrangement."

"I understand." Qiao Dongliang sighed. "Given her situation, most likely, she'll not be able to find any school to continue her studies in Ping Cheng. Having a chance to study is better than nothing." Putting other things aside, given Qiao Zijin's character, if she was not able to continue with her studies and yet remain in Ping Cheng, Nan Nan could forget about studying as well. "This matter… Help me thank Zhai Sheng."

After all, it was thanks to Zhai Sheng's that Zijin could have a chance to continue her studies.

Zijin already had such a huge flaw in her character. If she also lost the opportunity to study and learn, he really could not imagine what would become of Zijin in the future.



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