"Dad, I'm glad that you're not angry with Brother Zhai." Brother Zhai did not even inform us before he sent Qiao Zijin and her mother away. Her father had been worrying for the whole morning.

Qiao Dongliang hesitated for a while. "Nan Nan, why do I feel that Zhai Sheng seems very concerned about our family's matters? He helped your sister arrange the school. I don't think he did it for your sister, did he?"

Zhai Sheng did not know Zijin at all. Hence, they were not close to each other. So, it was not possible that Zhai Sheng would spend so much effort to do this for the elder daughter.

In terms of closeness, his relationship with Zhai Sheng was not better than Nan Nan's relationship with Zhai Sheng.

Given Zhai Sheng's status and his busy state of affairs, he still took the time and effort to pay attention to the matter of the Qiao family. Qiao Dongliang felt that his concern was more than that of a normal friend.

"Dad, Brother Zhai has said that my sister will not come back to Ping Cheng for more than one year, at least until she graduates from senior high school. Brother Zhai did this to give me a more conducive learning environment and to prevent one problem after another." Qiao Nan took a deep breath. She did not explain to her father explicitly but started to give hints. "Dad, will you be angry with Brother Zhai and me because of this?

"No, I won't." Qiao Dongliang was stunned. Nan Nan's words felt so strange. Could it be the reason that he was thinking of?

Impossible. Zhai Sheng was older than Nan Nan by six years. Nan Nan would only graduate from college in six years' time. Could Zhai Sheng wait that long for Nan Nan?

Right, Nan Nan was still young. Very young.

Be it age or status, it was not possible between the two of them. He must have been overthinking.

He must have been influenced by Sun Lei's words earlier. Now, he associated whatever he heard with puppy love. "Zhai Sheng's arrangement is quite good. Your sister… The more she studies, the more her character degrades. She actually started to cheat when she first went to senior high school. After the change in environment, she may start afresh and take her studies seriously. With Zhai Sheng's arrangement, not only you won't be harassed by your sister and mother but also your sister can quiet down and focus on her studies. Alright, I'm not worried now that I know of your mom and sister's whereabouts. Zhai Sheng is so good to you. Nan Nan, you have to focus all your time and effort on your studies and don't get distracted by other matters. In the future, attend a good college to repay your Brother Zhai. Understand?"

"Okay," Qiao Nan replied. Did her father really not get it? Or did he intentionally avoid it?

It was also due to Miao Jing that Qiao Nan mustered the courage to hint Qiao Dongliang today.

Upon hearing what Qiao Dongliang said, that little courage of Qiao Nan was like the air in a deflated balloon, disappearing into thin air.

"What's the matter? Don't tell me your mom and sister created troubles again?" At the sight of the downhearted Qiao Nan, Zhu Baoguo knitted his brows. "Grandpa clearly told us that he had checked with The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China. Your sister was willing to leave the school. After creating such a huge fuss, they still have not learned their lesson?"

"Hahaha." Qiao Nan leaned on the table. "You're saying this because you don't understand Qiao Zijin. It's a small issue that she's no longer a student of The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China, but it's a big issue if she can't continue with her studies. Fortunately, she left with my mother to another place to study. Otherwise, given Qiao Zijin's character, my mom will really continue to create a fuss."

It could be said that it was fortunate that Brother Zhai had made prior arrangements. Otherwise, she would be caught off guard by her mother and Qiao Zijin again.

"Is she so horrible and difficult to get away from?" Damn, Qiao Zijin was already dismissed by the school, yet she refused to be more obedient. What kind of person was that? "Xiao Qiao, did you know that the Wang family's project has been stubbed? Wang Yang is more abiding and obedient recently. He has been pretending to be good and trying to curry favor with me every day."

"Since the Wang family's project has been stubbed, Wang Yang can't be bothered about my sister's situation now?" Qiao Nan had a sudden realization. So, this was the good outcome of the collaboration between Brother Zhai and Zhu Chengqi.

"Isn't that so? A few days ago, when we talked about it, Wang Yang purposely put up a pretense in front of me. He said he's so busy recently and that he didn't know how to differentiate between the good and the bad people in the past. He also said that he's already in secondary three and just wished to focus and do well in his studies, wanting to be like me and attend Ping Cheng High School. Spat!"

"No wonder…" Wang Yang brought trouble to himself and could hardly fend for himself now. Hence, although something so serious happened to Qiao Zijin, Wang Yang dared not do anything to help. He could only shrink back and hide in his own turtle shell.

The Wang family's project had been slashed. This should be a warning given by Zhu Chengqi and Brother Zhai to the Wang family and Wang Yang.

If the Wang family dared to go overboard in order to achieve their aims, particularly just like what they did in the past, Zhu Chengqi would definitely slash all the wants of the Wang family.

"You don't know. I heard from my maternal grandpa that my dad did quite a lot recently. For more than a decade, the Wang family rode on the name of the Zhu family and climbed as high and fast in their careers as they could. My dad recently used the fastest speed and nearly revert them back to the original state. Now, not only Wang Yang is afraid of my dad but also that uncle-in-law of mine. Only my auntie is oblivious to the situation. She has been complaining to my paternal grandpa that my dad is too heartless, that he doesn't help his own brother-in-law or the Wang family at all."

After being with and chatting with Elder Lee for some time, Zhu Baoguo had learned some of these matters and tactics.

His grandpa told him that by riding on the glory of the Zhu family, the Wang family had progressed too quickly. They became complacent and even more ambitious. In addition, the Zhu Baoguo two years ago was so hopeless and disappointing, further fueling the ambitions of the Wang family.

Zhu Baoguo finally understood. Two years ago, he was beaten by that group of hooligans and Wang Yang purposely drugged his fruits. Wang Yang did all these to achieve those motives.

He initially thought that Wang Yang dealt against him as he purely disliked him and could not see eye to eye with him.

He had been envious that Wang Yang had a father and a mother. Subsequently, Wang Yang was also jealous of his birth status and the high status of the Zhu family.

"No wonder…" The Wang family could hardly fend for themselves. How could they have the time and effort to arrange for Chen Jun's father to be promoted from the deputy commissioner to commissioner? Of course, Chen Jun would not come and harass her again.

To Qiao Nan, all the people that she hated in her two lifetimes, Qiao Zijin, Ding Jiayi, and Chen Jun, would not harass her again for the time being. Even the troublesome Wang Yang who 'just' appeared in this lifetime would not create trouble for her again. All of a sudden, Qiao Nan felt that the sky was so bright. Even the air was fresher.

Time passed in the blink of an eye, especially when there was no one to harass her. One month after Ding Jiayi and Qiao Zijin left, it was May Day.

Before Qiao Nan could leave the entrance of Ping Cheng High School, she was thinking about the arrangements during the May Day holiday. After all, her master requested her to make a trip to the house of the Lin family. It seemed like he had many assignments for her.

At the sound of a screech, a four-wheeled car openly stopped at the entrance of the school, and right beside Qiao Nan. This resulted in a crowd of onlookers.



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