At the sight of the shiny and majestic-looking four-wheeled car, the students of Ping Cheng High School were quite attracted. Many stopped in their tracks and took a few more glances at the car.

Tang Mengran's small mouth simply formed the shape of an 'O'. "What do you all think? This car…"

"Should be here to fetch Nan Nan," Fang Fang adjusted her glasses and said calmly.

Tang Mengran touched her chin. "Isn't Nan Nan's family quite ordinary and her family situation not very good? That's why she receives sponsorship every year and her school and miscellaneous expenses are all waived?"

A four-wheeled car came to fetch her. Her family's situation was much better than that of Nan Nan, but she had never enjoyed the privilege of being chauffeured by a four-wheeled car.

"The car is meant to fetch her, but that doesn't mean it belongs to her family. At most, she's just lucky to know someone rich." Xu Tingting snorted. Similarly, a flash of jealousy appeared in her eyes. Qiao Nan was good. She made it sound as if she was a saint, but in actual fact, she was bitchier than a bitch. She already had her eye on the big fish. No wonder she had never fought with her for the small fish and fry.

Clearly, Qiao Nan was not any better than her in terms of moral character.

Zheng Lingling knitted her brows. "You can take a meal indiscriminately, but some words can't be said irresponsibly. You have been taught so many lessons, yet you didn't manage to become more sensible. If Nan Nan hears what you said earlier, what do you think will happen?"

"You! I don't think you are all that free to complain against me? Don't be too stubborn. You're good to Qiao Nan, but Qiao Nan may not be true to you. You'll never know. She may stab you behind your back at some point in time." Xu Tingting's expression changed. She was scared stiff by Zheng Lingling's words.

Till date, Xu Tingting had not forgotten how the beating she got last year felt.

She was not afraid of offending Qiao Nan. Even if Qiao Nan fought with her, both were girls. She would not suffer and might even be able to teach Qiao Nan a lesson mercilessly.

However, it was different if Zhu Baoguo was involved.

Zhu Baoguo was a jinx. If Zhu Baoguo wanted to beat her, she would be held onto by Zhu Baoguo's lackeys and be whacked by them mercilessly before she could even retaliate.

"It's a woman. The passenger in the car is a woman and she's quite old." Tang Mengran's eyes were sharp. When the door opened, she saw Miao Jing sitting in the car. "Did you see that? When that woman saw Nan Nan, her eyes were very warm and affectionate. Is she Nan Nan's relative? Auntie or something?"

If she was not a relative, then why would that wealthy woman look at Nan Nan that way?

"Have you seen that? If you talk like a scum again, don't blame me for telling on you. Zhu Baoguo has a lot of spies in Ping Cheng High School. Most likely, before we say anything, whatever you said just now has already reached Zhu Baoguo's ears. Hope you'll take more care of yourself."

"Zheng Lingling, you!" Xu Tingting's face turned pale. She stomped her feet in fury and left school in a hurry to get away from Zhu Baoguo. Who would have known that Qiao Nan did not do things by the book? An old woman actually came to fetch her. She's sick.

"Auntie Miao, you're back?"

"Yes, come in." Miao Jing patted on the seat beside her. "Isn't this the May Day holiday? I've to come back and take a look. Although I've married your Uncle Zhai for so many years, I've not been in the house much. It's quite a joke when I think of it."

Qiao Nan pursed her lips but she still bent and got into the car. "Auntie Miao, you came back alone this time? Uncle Zhai didn't come back?"

"No." Miao Jing's voice turned slightly cold. "Your Uncle Zhai met a very important old friend. Both of them are enjoying each other's company. I won't disturb them. It's very sickening and tiring whenever I think of this."

"That friend of Uncle Zhai is a woman?" Qiao Nan tested as she observed Miao Jing's expression.

Miao Jing reached out her finger and pointed at Qiao Nan's forehead. "You're just a young lady, but you know so much. You're too smart for your own good. In the future, when those men who want to woo you understand you better, they'll all run away with fright. But that's good too. If a girl is smart, she'll be stronger and not easily cheated and bullied by men." Using herself as an example, she felt inferior her entire life. Even though her children were already of marriageable age, she never felt truly confident.

Clearly, Zhai Yaohui was her husband and man. He was the father of her children.

However, when Qi Minlan appeared, she, the wife, had to give up her seat and leave.

Miao Jing mocked and laughed at herself. She endured the pain in her heart and only felt that there was no point in this kind of life.

"I'll send you home first."

"Thank you, Auntie Miao." Would the chief have some problems in romantic relationships? A woman that could make Auntie Miao give way… What kind of woman was that?

When Miao Jing sent Qiao Nan home, Qiao Dongliang was not back yet.

Obviously, Miao Jing came looking for Qiao Nan this time for the same reason, and that was to treat Qiao Nan as the hole in the tree. So, when she saw that Qiao Dongliang was not at home, she did not leave immediately. Instead, she started chatting with Qiao Nan. "Nan Nan, listen to Auntie Miao once. When you find a husband in the future, never find someone whose family status is much better than yours. Also, don't find a soldier. Understand?"

"…" Qiao Nan felt guilty-conscious. Was Auntie Miao purposely trying to persuade her to break up with Brother Zhai? Did she already know about the matter between Brother Zhai and her?

"Auntie Miao, why did you say that? Uncle Zhai is a soldier, and so is Brother Zhai. Given what you said, Brother Zhai won't be able to find a wife in the future?" Qiao Nan endured a tummy full of guilt. Unless Auntie Miao spoke to her explicitly, she could only act dumb all the way.

Miao Jing gave a sigh and smiled bitterly. "The status and power of the Zhai family can easily bewitch people. So, you don't need to worry about your Brother Zhai. I just don't want you to endure so many hardships. You don't know that one can't divorce after marrying a soldier. There'll definitely be arguments when two people get together, but some conflicts can't be just described as such. Clearly, they are not suitable but have to be tied and live together. It's simply too much suffering for these two people. Even if I understand now and wish to let go, it doesn't seem possible now."

Didn't Zhai Yaohui love Qi Minlan and regret not marrying Qi Minlan for his entire life?

Fine. She could give way and divorce with Zhai Yaohui. Zhai Yaohui could marry Qi Minlan then?

When that time came, Qi Minlan would become Zhai Sheng's stepmother, and Qiu Chenxi his sister. She wanted to see how Zhai Yaohui could shamelessly force Zhai Sheng to marry Qiu Chenxi then.

Instead of letting Zhai Sheng marry Qiu Chenxi to make up for the regret in his younger days, why wouldn't he simply marry Qi Minlan himself? Wouldn't that be a more direct way?



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