Before Zhai Yaohui could open his mouth to chide Zhai Sheng, Zhai Sheng raised his hand as if he was about to act.

Zhai Yaohui quickly held on to Zhai Sheng. "What are you doing? You're using the skills that you picked up in the army in this way?" Zhai Yaohui, who said this, totally forgot that he had intended to do the same thing before Zhai Sheng came.

Zhai Sheng sneered loudly. "Mom is angry with you. As to why she's angry, I don't wish to ask. It's fine as long as your conscience is clear. Otherwise, don't blame Zhai Hua and me for standing on Mom's side. Dad, don't forget that you're a soldier! Mom won't let Nan Nan open the door. If I don't do this, don't tell me you will? Do you wish to continue standing at the entrance and let others watch a joke?"

Zhai Yaohui was dumbfounded by Zhai Sheng's words. He could only let go of him.

Zhai Sheng propped his hand on the wall and lifted his legs. In a perfect posture, he flipped to the other side of the wall in a swift and relaxed manner. When Zhai Yaohui's chauffeur saw this, his jaw dropped, and he stayed dumbfounded for some time.

After flipping over to the house of the Qiao family, Zhai Sheng did not open the door for Zhai Yaohui. Instead, he entered the house.

When Zhai Sheng went into the house, he saw her mother occupying the whole house like a queen, whereas Qiao Nan carried a stool and sat by the side, not daring to murmur a word. She was like a pitiful little daughter-in-law.

"How did you come in?" Miao Jing raised her eyebrows and looked at Zhai Sheng in disbelief.

"Mom, do you think the soldiers raised in our country are useless? If we can't even get into the house of the Qiao family, how do we carry out our duties? Nan Nan, you look listless. You didn't sleep well last night?" Zhai Sheng's heart ached at the sight of greenish dark eye circles under Qiao Nan's eyes.

"There's no such thing. Qiao Nan slept with me yesterday. She slept so well!" Miao Jing refused to admit that Qiao Nan did not have a good night's sleep because of her.

"What? Nan Nan slept with you yesterday?" Zhai Sheng raised his voice and stared at Miao Jing.

Miao Jing shrank her neck uneasily. "Is there a problem?" Why did she feel that her son's eyes were full of green light? There even seemed to be a ring of green light hovering above his head. Did something just happen that she did not know about?

Zhai Sheng, who initially did not wish to open the door for Zhai Yaohui, turned his back and left without a word. He then opened the main door widely and welcomed the 'samurai' in. "Take your wife away. Settle your own matters and don't cause disturbance and troubles to others."

Zhai Yaohui, who just stepped into the house, gave Zhai Sheng a glance. "That's my wife. She is also your mom."

Zhai Yaohui only went in for not more than twenty seconds before he brought Miao Jing out.

At the sight of Zhai Sheng who did not seem to have the intention to leave, Zhai Yaohui said in an unhappy tone, "Why are you standing there? Aren't you going back? Didn't you say that we should not disturb others?"

"My mom has inconvenienced others for so long and we're leaving just like that. Do you think that's the appropriate behavior of a soldier?" Zhai Sheng replied with no hurry.

Zhai Yaohui was trying to control his breathing. "Alright, tidy up the mess for your mom. No matter what, your mom has inconvenienced the young lady for a night." At the sight of Qiao Nan just now, Zhai Yaohui knew that although he had been worried the whole night, this young lady did not have it well either.

Now, Zhai Sheng could openly stay back at the house.

After Zhai Yaohui brought Miao Jing away, Zhai Sheng then quickly walked over and carried Qiao Nan from the small stool. He wanted to put Qiao Nan in his arms.

Qiao Nan gave Zhai Sheng a push. "Don't. Your mom left, but most likely, my dad is coming back."

"Is everything fine yesterday?"

"What could happen? Your mom hugged me for the whole night. I didn't sleep at all." Qiao Nan was full of misery. "Brother Zhai, does Auntie Miao have the habit of hugging someone when she sleeps?"

"Not too sure." Zhai Sheng shook his head.

"Haven't you experienced the same thing as me? Has Auntie Miao never kept you company and coaxed you to sleep before?"

"No, I only sleep with my wife." He was not interested in 'other people's' wife.

As for her mother's habit of hugging someone while sleeping, he really did not know.

"Brother Zhai, what is wrong with Auntie Miao and your father? Hearing Auntie Miao's tone yesterday, if it's not an army marriage between your dad and her, she's feeling so despaired that she wanted to have a divorce with your dad. She even advised me not to find someone whose family situation is much better than mine, and not to marry a soldier in the future. When I first heard that, I was shocked and thought that Auntie Miao had found out about the two of us."

Initially, she had wanted to hint to Auntie Miao just like what she did to her father. This was so that she could plant a secret path for the future.

However, as Auntie Miao said those matters all of a sudden, she was so scared that she dared not mention it.

"I just knew about this too. In the past, before my mom was married to my dad, my dad had a young lady he liked. She's Qiu Chenxi's mother, Qi Minlan. Yesterday, Qi Minlan went to the camp to look for my dad. My mom left soon after. As to what happened in between, they most probably are the only ones who know."

"What a big splash of drama!" It spilled over and drenched her. "Auntie Miao didn't know about this in the past?"

"She knew."

"Then, she still…" Auntie Miao clearly knew that Qi Minlan was nearly together with Chief Zhai, yet she still tried to matchmake Brother Zhai and Qiu Chenxi. "In the past, Auntie Miao and your dad… I doubt the situation was as what I'm thinking of." Auntie Miao was the third party?

"It has nothing to do with my mom. It's my grandpa who liked my mom very much. He was determined and strongly objected to the relationship between Qi Minlan and my dad. My dad wasn't able to overcome my grandpa's decision. He could not fulfill his wish, so he wanted me to help him do so. My mom… She cared too much about my dad in the past. That's why she went along with my dad to create this mess. Fortunately, after your advice, my mom completely ignores Qiu Chenxi now." Zhai Sheng did not feel that dirty linen should not be aired in public in front of Qiao Nan. Moreover, he told Qiao Nan everything to allow Qiao Nan to handle his domestic affairs more accurately and confidently.

"So, that's what happened. Then, it really had nothing to do with Auntie Miao. Your dad should bear responsibility. Given what you have said, both Qi Minlan and your dad not only got married to someone else respectively but also had their own family and kids. Despite this, they still got together and aggravated Auntie Miao. What did they mean by that?"

According to Brother Zhai's saying, Auntie Miao cared about and loved Chief Zhai very much.

It must be such a grave matter that Auntie Miao would think of having a divorce with Chief Zhai. "Brother Zhai, do you think your dad did something principally wrong or let Auntie Miao down?" In other words, did he have an affair?

Qiao Nan's face turned black.

As a woman, and given that she was on such good terms with Miao Jing, it could be said that Qiao Nan was completely unable to accept this.

"Impossible." Zhai Sheng denied. "Perhaps my dad still has a little feeling for Qi Minlan, but he will definitely not do anything that will let my mom down. As to why my mom flared up so badly, I'm very curious as well. I'm waiting for my dad to give us a satisfactory explanation."



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