"Now that Chief Zhai has brought Auntie Miao away, will there be any issue? Why don't you go back and take a look? When everything is fine between Auntie Miao and Chief Zhai, look for me if you have time." Qiao Nan gave Zhai Sheng a push. Ultimately, she could not help feeling worried about Miao Jing and Zhai Yaohui's situation.

Even if Chief Zhai did not do anything that let Auntie Miao down, the situation was quite serious anyway.

After thinking, Qiao Nan told Zhai Sheng, "Auntie Miao even thought of having a divorce. The situation is not good."

Zhai Sheng pulled a long face. "Fine, I'll go home first to take a look. I will look for you again when the matter is settled."

"Okay. Quickly go back. If the two of them quarrel, Brother Zhai, you have to help Auntie Miao." When a couple argued, the woman was the one who would often be at the losing end.

Her mother was usually as domineering as a crab at home. However, when her father was really angry, her mother would be the one who was physically disadvantaged.

"No, it won't. The men in my family don't have the habit of hitting women." Zhai Sheng immediately refuted. "All these years, my dad has never touched a single strand of my mom's hair. However, my mom cared too much about my dad. It's certainly easy for her to be the one who's at a disadvantage. If your mother-in-law knows that you care so much about her, she will definitely be very happy."

Qiao Nan pushed Zhai Sheng. "Alright, hurry up." Brother Zhai was not even willing to miss the chance to take advantage of her with his words.

Qiao Nan's worries were not completely unfounded. Although Miao Jing followed Zhai Yaohui back to the house of the Zhai family, she did not speak a word to him throughout the whole journey.

Zhai Yaohui was already used to Miao Jing taking the initiative when they were together. When Miao Jing was silent, Zhai Yaohui moved his lips but could not manage a word.

Just as Miao Jing alighted from the car and entered the main door of the house of the Zhai family, she saw Qi Minlan, who was in tears and looking miserable. "Sister Miao, where did you go yesterday? Why didn't you tell Brother Zhai? Do you know that Brother Zhai and I have been so worried about you the entire night that you did not come home?"

"…" Miao Jing's face turned white. She was so furious that she lifted her head and looked at Zhai Yaohui. "Why is she at our house?"

Did Qi Minlan not return to her own house yesterday and had been keeping Zhai Yaohui company and 'worrying' about her together at the house of the Zhai family all this while?

"Minlan, why are you here?" Zhai Yaohui was shocked. "When did you come?"

"Yesterday, Sister Miao Miao left just like that. I'm worried, so I rushed over this morning to take a look. I then knew that Brother Zhai went to fetch Sister Miao Miao. Fortunately, you fetched her back. Otherwise, I really don't know what to do. It's my fault for causing that misunderstanding and making Sister Miao Miao unhappy. Sister Miao Miao, I can explain yesterday's matter. There's nothing between Brother Zhai and me. After Brother Zhai married you, he only wanted to be good to you. The truth of the matter is not like what you saw."

"You shut up!" Miao Jing's face froze. When Qi Minlan said this, she was showing off rather than explaining.

Zhai Yaohui 'wanted' to be good to her. It was only a rational 'want', but Zhai Yaohui's heart had always favored Qi Minlan.

Qi Minlan said so much just to tell her this?

Qi Minlan really treated her as the wild wretched girl who just came from the village twenty years ago and tried to play such tricks with her.

"Miao Miao." Zhai Yaohui knitted his brows. "Minlan is our guest." As the host, how could they ask the guest to shut up?

Tears welled up in Qi Minlan's eyes. She lowered her head slightly, but her lips were slightly curled up into a smile. It was Miao Jing who did not know her limits to compete with her in front of Brother Zhai.

Heaven knew that she was so happy when she saw Miao Jing running off and leaving the camp because of the misunderstanding yesterday. If Miao Jing could know her limits and leave twenty-five years ago, then she would have been the wife of the chief.

"Now, we're going to settle some domestic matters. Are you going to continue to let Qi Minlan remain at our house? If you feel that that's appropriate, then I have nothing to say." Miao Jing's face was black as she looked at Zhai Yaohui coldly.

Zhai Yaohui sighed. "Minlan, you should leave. Don't be worried. Miao Miao is not a petty person. She knows the big picture. After I explain clearly to her, she will not be angry with you anymore."

"…" Qi Minlan did not remain pleased for long. Her expression changed as she heard this. Brother Zhai actually listened to Miao Jing and wanted to chase her out?

"Qi Minlan, you've heard him. We're going to settle the domestic affairs of the Zhai family. As a friend and guest, you can come again next time." Miao Jing smiled as she looked sideways at Qi Minlan. This time, Qi Minlan was asking for her own suffering.

What should Qi Minlan be complacent about? At this kind of moment, as long as she did not take the initiative to give in, the person who should leave was Qi Minlan and not her. She was the only one who could openly and rightfully remain in the house!

"Brother Zhai, you should explain to Sister Miao Miao properly. If it's still not settled, look for me again. Sister Miao Miao, I'm going back first. Right, if you encounter any unhappy things in the future, please don't keep it to yourself. You can find someone or a friend to chat about it. Sister Miao Miao, I'm always available, in case you keep everything to yourself and not voice them out. This will cause Brother Zhai to worry."

When Qi Minlan lifted her face, it was full of gentle smiles. However, when her eyes turned toward Zhai Yaohui, there was a flash of hurt and resentment. This made Zhai Yaohui so awkward.

Before Qi Minlan left, she even played such a tactic on Miao Jing. Miao Jing was furious. How she wished she could do what she did as a child, simply going up to the person who provoked her and giving the person a beating.

"Minlan, you can leave now." Zhai Yaohui frowned as he stood in front of Miao Jing to shield her. He had noticed the animosity between Qi Minlan and Miao Jing.

"Brother Zhai, then I'll leave. Don't worry. Just explain to Sister Miao Miao as per what I told you. Sister Miao Miao will definitely accept it." At the sight of Zhai Yaohui's subconscious protective behavior toward Miao Jing, Qi Minlan was truly a little hurt.

It was only until Qi Minlan sat in the car of the Qiu family that she touched her unhappy heart and thought to herself. Miao Jing had been married to Brother Zhai for so many years and even bore a son and a daughter for him. Brother Zhai was never someone who was heartless. They had so many years of relationship. It was, in fact, not strange for Brother Zhai to act like that toward Miao Jing.

Although there was no love between Brother Zhai and Miao Jing, it had been twenty-five years. At the very least, there should be kinship.

In this life, even if Miao Jing married Brother Zhai, the only person Brother Zhai loved in his heart was her.

No matter how much fuss Miao Jing kicked up or how tight she watched after Brother Zhai, it was of no use.

Miao Jing was able to watch Brother Zhai physically, but could she secure him emotionally?

All these years, Qi Minlan was aware that Miao Jing had been sticking to Brother Zhai so tightly. Each time, Qi Minlan waited to watch the fun as Miao Jing embarrassed herself.

"Miao Miao…" After Qi Minlan left, Zhai Yaohui felt that he could give a proper explanation to Miao Jing.



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