"The scene that you saw yesterday was really just a misunderstanding. She came to me solely to discuss the engagement between Zhai Sheng and Chenxi. If the two of them are already engaged, Minlan will not come to look me."

"So, are you saying that it's my fault?" Miao Jing gave Zhai Yaohui a ridiculous look.

"This is not a question of who is in the wrong. In fact, nobody is wrong. Minlan is only concerned about her daughter's happiness. Zhai Sheng is not young anymore. We can put our mind at ease if we decide on their engagement now. What I want to say is that yesterday, when we were in a discussion, Minlan accidentally slipped when she stood up, hence I lent her a helping hand."

Zhai Yaohui felt helpless. Qi Minlan fell right in front of him. Even if he did not know her and she was just a stranger who happened to fall in front of him, he would certainly help her.

But Miao Miao happened to be there at the time. From her perspective, he and Qi Minlan looked as if they were in an embrace.

"Miao Miao, we have been married for so many years. Isn't there any trust between us? I am a soldier. I have absolute loyalty to the country, and I have the same attitude toward marriage as well. You should believe in me." This was what Zhai Yaohui was most disappointed about.

"Trust?" Miao Jing said with a bitter smile. "I want to believe you as well, but have you provided me the sense of security so that I can have absolute trust in you?" No, never.


What an affectionate way of address!


It sounded as if he was addressing his daughter.

"Miao Miao, what's with this attitude? Didn't I explain clearly to you?" Zhai Yaohui frowned. "Miao Miao, you were too much yesterday. You left the army without a word, and you didn't go back home! You stayed outside throughout the night and you didn't inform us!"

Miao Jing was both amused and angry. "Fine, I have gone overboard, whereas it was purely a misunderstanding between Qi Minlan and you. Since you have the final say, why did you bother to explain to me? You can do as you say. I don't wish to talk to you."

With that, Miao Jing went back to their room.

Zhai Yaohui sat down and massaged his temples. He was advanced in years. He only went without sleep for a night and he already felt exhausted.

"Madam, where are you going with the luggage?" Initially, when the auntie heard the quarrels, she dared not come out of the kitchen. When she came out later, she saw Miao Jing with the luggage, looking as if she was leaving.

"You?" Zhai Yaohui looked up and witnessed this scene. "What are you doing? Where do you want to go? After imposing on the Qiao family for a night, do you intend to continue to disturb them?"

Miao Jing sneered. "What's good about the Zhai family is that apart from this house, we have other apartments. I don't feel comfortable living here. I will stay at some other places. In that way, both of us will feel more at ease." Right now, whenever she saw Zhai Yaohui, she would be reminded of the scene that she saw that day.

She knew what kind of person Zhai Yaohui was.

Since he was married, whether he liked it or not, Zhai Yaohui would never mess with other women outside.

However, Qi Minlan had always been a thorn in her heart, especially since Zhai Yaohui insisted that his son married Qi Minlan's daughter. It was as if he kept pressing on the thorn in her heart. It not only made her uncomfortable, but it also caused her tremendous pain.

In the Zhai family's residence, there were many childhood memories of Zhai Yaohui and Qi Minlan.

In the past few years, Miao Jing always followed Zhai Yaohui around and neglected her children. Apart from keeping a watch on Zhai Yaohui, she did all these so as not to be reminded of the painful past.

Miao Jing took her luggage and had no hesitation in leaving.

When she passed by Zhai Yaohui, she stopped and reminded him, "It's good that you still remember you are a soldier. I am your wife. I will misunderstand upon witnessing such a scene. How do you think others, or even Qiu Qin, will react if they see that as well? Will they misunderstand? This is between you and Qi Minlan. I don't care if there's any misunderstanding. But if there's any speculation of your behavior and it affects our children, Zhai Yaohui, I won't forgive you!"

After saying her piece, Miao Jing intended to leave right away.

However, when Miao Jing walked past Zhai Yaohui, he turned, bent down, and lifted Miao Jing onto his shoulders. Luckily, Miao Jing had maintained her figure. Otherwise, even though Zhai Yaohui was a soldier, it would be tiring for him to lift her up at his age.

Zhai Yaohui lifted Miao Jing in one hand and the luggage in another hand. He brought her back to their room and left her on the bed.

"You…" Miao Jing's face was flushed as she was draped over Zhai Yaohui's shoulders. She was so angry that she felt like biting someone. "Zhai Yaohui, it's useless! Zhai Sheng is at home. Do you think I can't make it out of the house?"

Zhai Yaohui did not answer. He opened the closet silently, took a few pieces of his clothes, his pillow, and blanket. Miao Jing gave him a puzzled look. "There's no need for you to leave. I will sleep in the study room."

They were husband and wife. Why should they live in two separate houses? They were doing fine!

Seeing that Zhai Yaohui took the initiative to give in to her, Miao Jing did not know whether she should cry or laugh.

She waited for Zhai Yaohui to leave the room before punching at the bed. Zhai Yaohui did not like her, so he was not willing to spend time and efforts on her. Zhai Yaohui still did not understand why she wanted to leave the Zhai family's residence to stay at other places!

Zhai Yaohui did not understand women. He only knew what was on Qi Minlan's mind!

"Where's Mom?" Zhai Sheng came back at the right time. Zhai Yaohui happened to come out of the room with his pillow, blanket, and clothes, looking pitiful as he walked toward the study room.

However, Zhai Sheng did not feel any sympathy for Zhai Yaohui.

"Inside the room."

"What is it between Qi Minlan and you?"

Zhai Yaohui pursed his thin lips into a straight line. "What do you mean by that? There's nothing between us. Your mom has misunderstood us. She fell and I lent her a helping hand. That's all. Zhai Sheng, you are a man and a soldier. You can't possibly let your thoughts wander like your mom and think that there's something going on between the both of us?"

If this was the case, his son was insulting him as a father and as a soldier!

"Dad, don't you think that there's something very problematic with your way of thinking? Mom has been with you for so many years. Don't you know her temper? Do you think it was merely because of a misunderstanding that she blew her top?"



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