"What's the problem?" Zhai Yaohui was perplexed. He did not do anything. He merely lent Qi Minlan a helping hand yesterday. Why did Zhai Sheng make it seem like it was a big problem and he had to do something to solve it and that it was a source of worry and anxiety for Miao Miao?

"Qi Minlan and you have your own family. Even though what happened between the both of you was in the past, shouldn't you pay more attention to it? You know there is a knot in Mom's heart. Why can't you be resolute and decisive like a soldier and cut off all dealings with Qi Minlan and the whole Qiu family? Why must you make Qiu Chenxi a part of our family? Are you bent on making Mom uncomfortable?"

"What you said is all because of Qiao Nan?" Zhai Yaohui's face hardened and he stiffened his eyebrows. His comments were shocking!

Zhai Sheng paused momentarily and adopted a stern countenance. "Yes, I don't want anyone to be a hindrance between Nan Nan and me."

"Hehehe…" Zhai Yaohui smiled. "As a son, you should know your mother's temper best. Do you dare to repeat what you just said in front of your mom? I am sure that when she knows the truth, she will hate Qiao Nan as much as she likes her."

Zhai Sheng gritted his teeth. His father was a sly old fox. "It seems like you already know it. What do you want and what do you mean by this?"

His father knew that he liked Nan Nan, yet he tried means and ways to create an opportunity for Qiu Chenxi and him. What exactly was wrong with his father?

"Let me make things clear. I like Nan Nan, and in the future, she is the only one that I will marry. I have already prepared the marriage report. I only need to submit it to make it official. It is impossible for you to threaten me to be with Qiu Chenxi."

"Do you want me to keep this from your mom?" Zhai Yaohui sat down, looking very confident of himself.

Miao Miao was the only woman he could not understand in his life. However, he knew his son best.

"Don't beat about the bush."

"I want you to reconsider your engagement with Qiu Chenxi. Qiao Nan is not suitable for you. Qiu Chenxi is a better choice."

"Impossible!" There was no room for discussion.

"Fine, maybe I should let your mom know of the current situation. She may be appeased, and I won't need to sleep in the study room." He was married, a man with a wife, so why should he sleep alone?

Zhai Sheng leaned back slightly, but he kept his back straight. "If it has to be like this, then we will have to make a life and death struggle. You knew about this long ago, yet you only wait until now to tell Mom. Given her stubborn character, not only must you sleep in the study room, but I suppose you will also be banned from her room for three years. I am different from you. You have been married to Mom for twenty-five years. To put it bluntly, the time you have with Mom will decrease day by day, whereas Nan Nan and I are still young. Even though our days together will decrease day by day as well, as long as we persist, we still have a long time ahead of us."

"In addition, we are different from you. There's Qi Minlan between the two of you. Both of you do not have many happy memories together. Contrariwise, Nan Nan and I like each other. I have experienced the true love that you do not understand. Dad, in fact, I feel sorry for you. You cannot be with Qi Minlan, and you are cold and indifferent to Mom. Dad, do you really intend to dedicate your whole life to the army and spare no time for yourself?"

Zhai Sheng was a man. He knew what Zhai Yaohui's weaknesses were.

"Young brat, I am on good terms with your Mom!" Miao Miao liked him very much and he was very good to Miao Miao. They had a happy time together.

"Well, you have the final say. It's useless to deceive me. You have to convince yourself." Zhai Sheng noticed that Zhai Yaohui's expression had changed. He knew this was his Achilles' heel. Zhai Sheng relaxed further. "With my understanding of Mom, she came back with you as she didn't want to make it difficult for Nan Nan. She is still giving you the cold shoulder. She will not want to stay in this house and will definitely find a way to move. By that time, do you think I should find her a place that she likes?"

He knew his mother best.

"Dad, when do you think Mom will be appeased? Even if she stays in this house, when will she let you into the room? When you are away for work, do you think she will go with you? She has been taking care of your meals and your daily life for twenty-five years. If she is no longer by your side, do you think you can adapt?"

"Young brat!"

Zhai Yaohui was so angry that he felt like giving Zhai Sheng a few smacks on his bottom just like when he was still a child.

Whatever he had taught Zhai Sheng had been used on him instead. Zhai Sheng hit him where it hurt. His attacks were vicious, quick, and accurate!

He taught Zhai Sheng these tricks in order to deal with the enemy, but he ended up using them on his father!

"What do you want?"

"Dad, our position should be reversed. I should be the one to ask what you want."

"Let's exchange information. You should know why your mom flared up."

"Deal." Zhai Sheng agreed. "Tell me, how did you find out about Nan Nan and me?"

Just now, he was caught unaware by his father and hence he had yet to come to his senses. Now that he thought about it, his father should have found out about them not too long ago.

Otherwise, his father would never allow his mother to be close with Nan Nan.

"You're too careless. Qiu Chenxi is raised by the Qiu family. She has her means. She came up with ways to get hold of the list of people whom you contacted using the telephone in your office. The list almost ended up in Qiu Chenxi's hand."

"So, this list is now with you."

"Of course." Zhai Yaohui sneered.

Qiu Chenxi might have her means, but she has forgotten that Zhai Yaohui was in charge of the army.

She could think of ways to deceive Zhai Sheng, but she could never hide it from Zhai Yaohui, the sly old fox. As soon as the list of people whom Zhai Sheng contacted was compiled, it was sent to Zhai Yaohui straightaway. As for the list that Qiu Chenxi had, it was a different list that was sent by Zhai Yaohui.

Between his son and his friend's daughter, Zhai Yaohui could still get his priorities straight.

Zhai Sheng turned grim. "Thus, you think that she is suitable for me because of her capabilities? This is tantamount to planting a spy around me!" He should have expected that Qiu Chenxi would not give up easily.

He was so close to clearing every obstacle standing between Nan Nan and him. He had helped Nan Nan settle the problem with Qiao Zijin, but he had created another problem, which was Qiu Chenxi, for Nan Nan.

Qiu Chenxi could be much tougher to deal with than Qiao Zijin.

"It's your turn." Why was Miao Miao angry? What could he do to appease her?



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