Zhai Yaohui closed his eyes for a while. His eyes then revealed a flash that was as sharp as that of a falcon. "Right, let's be frank. It's rare that Miao Miao can get along with you. Therefore, I want to ask you some things about Miao Miao. You have to reply honestly."

"What do I gain out of this?"

"You dare to ask me about what you will gain?" Zhai Yaohui felt ridiculous. Who would have the gall of the leopard to dare to ask the chief of a country that!

"Chief Zhai, don't tell me you think that I'm obligated to reply to your questions? You may not know that besides my family members, I'm, in fact, quite difficult toward others." Qiao Nan smiled.

"Hahaha." Zhai Yaohui sneered. "Then, what do you wish to gain out of this?"

"Unless Auntie Miao realizes it herself, or Brother Zhai and I tell Auntie Miao the truth on our own accord, Chief Zhai, you should pretend that you don't know anything!"

Zhai Yaohui put down the cup in his hands. "So, you're not that good to Miao Miao and want to lie to her?" There was coldness in Zhai Yaohui's eyes.

Instead of being angry, Qiao Nan smiled and glanced sideways at Zhai Yaohui. "No choice. Someone caused Auntie Miao to have a knot in her heart regarding such matters. Yesterday, when Auntie Miao came, she even told me that when I find a man in the future, I shouldn't marry someone whose status is much higher than that of mine and also not to marry a soldier. It's too much of a hardship. Chief Zhai, should I discuss with Brother Zhai about how to repay this 'someone'?

"I agree to your terms."

Zhai Yaohui hit the nail on the head. After all, he had not intended to tell Miao Jing about this. Hence, he could find out information from Qiao Nan for free and not lose anything.

"Then, what does Chief Zhai wish to ask?" Qiao Nan secretly heaved a sigh of relief. Auntie Miao had just taken a great blow because of Chief Zhai and Qi Minlan. She was utterly despaired. If the matter between her and Brother Zhai was exposed, Qiao Nan was worried that Auntie Miao might not be able to take it well and would do something silly.

Zhai Yaohui thought carefully about which words to use. After some time, he only managed to ask a very ordinary question. "What is Miao Miao angry with me about?"

"Miao Miao misunderstood me, but I've already explained to her. However, Miao Miao did not seem to accept it. Zhai Sheng told me that Miao Miao gets along well with you. Do you know what Miao Miao is thinking about? Did she mention anything to you?" Having finished his question, Zhai Yaohui did not know whether to laugh or cry. He had become too confused out of anxiety. Was it appropriate to pose such questions to Qiao Nan, a young lady?

"It is fine if you don't know."

Having been treated as a 'tree in a hole' by Miao Jing for so long, how could Qiao Nan not know anything? "Chief Zhai, what are you anxious about? Did anything accidentally happen between Qiu Chenxi's mother and you and Auntie Miao saw it?" There would only be a few matters that a woman would be concerned about.

Brother Zhai said that it was impossible for Chief Zhai to have an extra-marital affair. In that case, it was merely physical contact then.

"You've already said it yourself. That was an accident!"

"Chief Zhai, I wish to share with you a secret regarding Auntie Miao. Would you like to know?"

"I don't want to know about it. Tell me the important things that matter." Things such as secrets could be revealed later.

"Are you certain you don't want to know? The matter concerns Auntie Miao and another man."

"Who's this man?!" Zhai Yaohui clenched his fists, his green veins nearly exploding.

Qiao Nan lifted her legs. She did that a few times before she could prop it up in a cross-legged position. "Chief Zhai, I don't think you know this. In the past, when Auntie Miao was still in the village, there was a Chinese teacher in town who was considered primary classmates with Auntie Miao. He liked Auntie Miao very much. If Old Master Zhai did not engage Auntie Miao to you, Auntie Miao would most probably not be the wife of a chief. She would be the wife of a teacher who had taught numerous students. That teacher had actually proposed marriage to Auntie Miao's family long before."

Zhai Yaohui was astonished because he completely did not know about this matter. "Where did you hear that from? Don't tell me you're weaving a lie?"

"This matter can't be lied about. As to why you didn't know… Chief Zhai, you have to reflect on yourself and shouldn't be asking me this. The greatest regret in that teacher's life is not marrying Auntie Miao. However, this teacher did well in life too. He became a school principal in the end. Auntie Miao is considered as the most successful and famous person in their area. This teacher recently contacted Auntie Miao to invite her back to her hometown and old school to do some sort of promotion for the school. That principal even said that Auntie Miao's hometown has changed greatly and Auntie Miao may not even recognize it now. When she goes over, he can be the tour guide to bring her around. Chief Zhai, what do you think of this matter?"

Although Zhai Yaohui did not reply, his face turned completely black, feeling as if the greatest enemy was approaching him. But that was enough of a response for Qiao Nan. He only had two words to say: No way!

No way at all!

"Chief Zhai, Auntie Miao has already promised that principal. She'll be going back after the May Day holiday."

"How dare she!" Zhai Yaohui stood up immediately. No wonder Miao Miao packed her luggage and said that she would be moving out for a few days. So, it was because she had a date with her old lover!

"Why wouldn't she dare? Chief Zhai, don't forget that you have always been keeping in touch with Qiu Chenxi's mother. Both of you have been discussing when Brother Zhai can marry Qiu Chenxi. You know, that principal has a son. After he saw Sister Zhai Hua's photo, he liked Sister Zhai Hua so much. He said Sister Zhai Hua looked exactly like Auntie Miao when she was young. He wanted to be in-laws with Auntie Miao. Auntie Miao is considering whether to marry Sister Zhai Hua into their family."

"Bah!" Zhai Yaohui did not respond. However, Zhai Hua, who had finally completed her mission and ran out of the camp to the Qiao family, could not help uttering expletives when she heard this.

Qiao Nan simply jumped in shock. "Zhai… Sister Zhai Hua, why did you come?" It was true that one should not talk behind someone's back.

"Nan Nan, did my mom really say that she will marry me to the son of that nonsense principal?" Zhai Hua was anxiety-stricken. She already had someone she loved. Besides, they were already in a relationship. She did not want to marry a man that sprang out of nowhere, one whom she did not know.

Zhai Yaohui shrank his chin. "Hua Hua, don't worry. I will definitely not let you marry that person. Dad is certainly on your side."

Zhai Hua was not only unhappy but also rolled her eyes directly. "Dad, you're the first one that I'm worried about. You did this matter before. Didn't you suggest that Zhai Sheng should marry Qiu Chenxi? You and Mom are really a couple. Your temperaments are the same. You both like to do things such as selling your son and daughter. If you want to get married, go ahead by yourselves!" Why did they have to sacrifice Zhai Sheng and her!

Zhai Yaohui was anxious. He had wanted to make his daughter take his side and help him persuade Miao Miao. "How can that be the same? Qiu Chenxi comes from good family background. She is good in her studies and also intelligent. She even grew up together with Zhai Sheng. They are very compatible together."

"Chief Zhai, the son of that principal is tall and very good-looking."



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