"Besides, he comes from a scholarly family, having an IQ of 120. He is scholarly while she is athletic. Aren't they a perfect match?" Qiao Nan continued.

"No, this is absolutely impossible. That person will never have any relations with the Zhai family. Dream on!" Zhai Yaohui's face darkened. He was just like the weather in June, where one could expect a shower anytime.



Qiao Nan and Zhai Hua asked in unison. They wanted to know why Zhai Yaohui was so firm in this matter.

"Because…" He would never let Miao Miao see that man often. If they were in-laws, they would get to meet during festivals and they would then be in each other's thoughts!

Before he could bring himself to say this, Zhai Yaohui suddenly understood Qiao Nan's intention in telling him this. "Are you telling the truth?"

"Some of them are the truth while some are lies." Qiao Nan stuck out her tongue. She was too daring to lie to Chief Zhai.

"Which of them are truths and which of them are lies?"

"The part about the principal and Auntie Miao is true. The part where Auntie Miao wanted Sister Zhai Hua to marry the son of the principal is false. The principal friend has this intention, but Auntie Miao has said that if Sister Zhai Hua is to marry in the future, it will have to be someone Sister Zhai Hua likes."

"She is indeed my dear mom!" Zhai Hua was so happy that she hugged Qiao Nan and pecked on her cheeks.

Zhai Yaohui calmed down slightly. "Is that true?"

"It's a hundred percent true." Qiao Nan wiped off the saliva that Zhai Hua left on her face. What was wrong with Auntie Miao and Sister Zhai Hua? One liked to hug people while she slept while the other liked to kiss people.

In this way, Zhai Sheng's sister had become the first person to peck on Zhai Sheng's future wife's cheeks.

Zhai Yaohui let out a long breath. "I understand now."

"Do you really understand?" Qiao Nan arched her eyebrows and there was a sparkle in her eyes.

Zhai Yaohui was angry and amused. "Don't be too happy. Although I understand, it doesn't mean I will help Zhai Sheng and you. Even without Qiu Chenxi, I have the same thoughts as Miao Miao. Both of you are not suitable for each other."

"I'm not in a hurry. Since Auntie Miao likes me, I'm sure I will get her approval someday. More importantly, I am still young. Even though I don't think that one's external conditions can override everything, I will do my best to meet your conditions in order to win your approval and blessing. Anyway, Brother Zhai is not after a princess. He is looking for a soulmate, someone who can stand side by side with him to face the world. Although there is some difficulty, I think I am up to it."

"You sound very confident."

"Without this self-confidence, how could I dare to be with Brother Zhai?"

Zhai Hua was impressed with the way Qiao Nan spoke to Zhai Yaohui. She was not afraid of his status and she never cowered in front of him. She seemed to be of his equal and dared to voice out her opinions. At her age, Zhai Hua would never dare to confront her father.

Nan Nan was a heroine.

Zhai Yaohui finally understood the reason Zhai Sheng wanted him to look for Qiao Nan. It seemed like he had fallen for Zhai Sheng's tricks again.

Qiao Nan was indeed smart. It was no wonder that Zhai Sheng liked her so much.

However, he maintained his stand. At least for now, Qiao Nan was not suitable to be the daughter-in-law of the Zhai family and she could not marry Zhai Sheng. "Why are you in a daze? Go back with me." Zhai Yaohui looked at Zhai Hua. She had just returned to Ping Cheng and should stay at home instead of hanging out at the Qiao family's residence. What was wrong with all of them?

"No!" Zhai Hua leaned back in a relaxed posture, refusing to leave the Qiao family's residence. "I rushed back from the army since I was worried about you and Mom. I am exhausted to the bone. In order to complete the previous mission, I haven't been sleeping for three days. I'm too tired to move now. I have to rest at Nan Nan's house for a while."

Her father would not be able to make up with her mother within such a short time. She did not want to be sandwiched between both of them. Since it was her father who created the trouble, he should suffer for the mistakes that he made.

He was not young anymore, yet he had to seek advice from a young lady. It was so embarrassing!

"Up to you." Zhai Yaohui left for the Zhai family's residence.

Qiao Dongliang walked Zhai Yaohui to the door. He had thought of going back home after sending Chief Zhai off, but he remembered that Chief Zhai's daughter was still in his house. He thought for a while, looked up to the sky, and heaved a sigh. Since it was still early, he decided to look for Old Yang to chat with or to have a game of chess.

Zhai Hua found a comfortable position by leaning back against the sofa. She was in high spirits. She motioned for Nan Nan to sit beside her. "Nan Nan, my dad has left. Come and sit over here."

"I can't." Qiao Nan had a bitter smile on her face.

"What's wrong?" Zhai Hua sat up and looked at Qiao Nan with a perplexed look on her face. "Are you not feeling well?"

"No, my legs are weak. I can't move."

"Your legs are weak… Were you frightened by my dad? Hey, Nan Nan, you are so incredible. When my dad was there, I couldn't tell that you were scared. I thought you were so much stronger than me and that you were not afraid of him." Zhai Hua laughed until she cried. It turned out that it was only a false show of bravery.

"No matter what, I couldn't show him my weakness. How could he question me in an interrogative manner in my house?" Qiao Nan patted her thigh, refusing to back down to Zhai Yaohui. At least, she must not reveal any sign of weakness before the 'enemy' left.

"Come here, I will give you a hand." Zhai Hua helped Qiao Nan over to her side and sat down. "But it's good to have the confrontation, lest my dad keeps on meddling with Zhai Sheng's affairs. By the way, were you telling the truth just now? When my mom was young, did someone hint to her that he liked her and ask for her hand in marriage even before my dad?" She had never heard of this.

"It's true." She did not fabricate it.

"But my mom never told me about it."

"Sister Zhai Hua, you have to do some reflection."

"After telling my dad to reflect on himself, you are telling me to do so as well?" Zhai Hua stretched her hands out in a bid to tickle Qiao Nan.

Qiao Nan grabbed her hands and fixed her gaze on Zhai Hua. "Sister Zhai Hua, I am serious. You have to do some reflection and the same goes for Chief Zhai and Brother Zhai."

Zhai Hua felt uncomfortable at Qiao Nan's words. "Nan Nan, are you joking or are you serious?"



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