Qiao Nan loosened her grip on Zhai Hua's hand and leaned back. "You're very clear what kind of person my mom is. People are vain. We only know to value what we don't have. Auntie Miao is a good mother, but she has lost herself because of Chief Zhai. When I look at your family of four and the happy days that all of you can have, and how your family has ended up to be, I feel sad and find that it is such a pity."

Zhai Hua turned silent at Qiao Nan's words. She was lost for words.

In the past, she never felt anything wrong with the way her family members got along with one another. Zhai Sheng and she had gotten used to the fact that her mother would follow her father around and neglect her children. In retrospect, had they been too independent such that her mother felt that she was not needed, and hence could only follow her father around?

It was not easy for her to transform from a village girl to be married to a family that came from a revolutionary background and became the wife of the chief of the army in a few years' time. Not everyone could adapt well to the huge transformation.

After thinking about it, Zhai Hua said, "Shall I go back now to accompany my mom?"

"You must chat with her and share a bed with her!" Since she was hugged by Auntie Miao through the night, Sister Zhai Hua must have a taste of how it was like to be hugged by Auntie Miao as well.

"I can eat and chat with her, but I would rather not share a bed with her. Since a young age, she has never shared a bed with me." Zhai Hua could not help but tremble. "Well, enough of this. I must go back to accompany and persuade my mom. I must help her lecture my dad. Every day, his dubious dealings with his old lover, Qi Minlan, never stopped and even insisted on having Qiu Chenxi as his daughter-in-law!"

It was great that there was a turning point in the engagement between Zhai Sheng and Qiu Chenxi. Her father finally understood. Zhai Hua did not idle at the Qiao family's residence. Instead, she stood up feeling energized and rushed back to the Zhai family's residence.

Qiao Nan bid her goodbye and reminded her to close the door on her way out.

Qiao Nan did not sleep well for a night. She could not wait to plop down on her bed to sleep. Besides, after the talk with Zhai Yaohui, she felt physically and mentally exhausted.

Fortunately, it was only once in a blue moon. Otherwise, her body would not be able to take it.

Qiao Nan took off her jacket and shoes and lay down on her bed. She fell asleep in no time.

Qiao Nan had only been asleep for about half an hour when someone pushed the door open and went into Qiao Nan's room. Seeing that Qiao Nan was in a deep sleep, Zhai Sheng closed the door quietly and took off his shoes and jacket. He hugged Qiao Nan in his arms and lay down to sleep.

By the time Qiao Nan woke up, she could smell the aroma of nicely-cooked dishes.

Qiao Nan got dressed, washed her face, and yawned as she came out. "Dad, what is it that you are cooking? It smells nice… Brother Zhai?" Qiao Nan blinked her eyes in confusion. Why was Brother Zhai at her house? Why did all the people from the Zhai family come to her house today?

"Nan Nan, you are awake. Wash your hands and get ready to eat." Qiao Dongliang, who came out with the dishes, felt way more awkward than Qiao Nan. Just now, when Zhai Sheng and Qiao Dongliang were busy cooking in the kitchen, Zhai Sheng kept asking Qiao Dongliang about Qiao Nan's eating preferences, whether she liked to have her dishes salty or plain. Qiao Dongliang felt very uncomfortable and awkward.

Qiao Dongliang knew Zhai Sheng's intentions toward Qiao Nan. If Zhai Sheng was not a soldier or a regiment commander, Qiao Dongliang would have sent him away.

Qiao Nan walked to stand by Qiao Dongliang's side. "Dad, why is Brother Zhai at our house?" When did he arrive? She had no recollection at all.

Seeing that Qiao Nan stood by his side instead of ignoring him and standing by Zhai Sheng's side, Qiao Dongliang gave Zhai Sheng a smug look and said, "I don't know. When I reached home, he was already here. Didn't you open the door for him?"

"No, I did not. When Sister Zhai Hua went back, I asked her to close the door for me and I went to sleep right away. Yesterday, Auntie Miao stayed for the night. I didn't sleep at all, so I was very sleepy. Dad, you have no idea when Brother Zhai came as well? When you came back, what was Brother Zhai doing?"

Qiao Dongliang's face darkened. "I saw him coming out of your room."

Was that the truth?

"He said he was here to see you. But seeing that you were sleeping, he did not disturb you." Qiao Dongliang did not really trust Zhai Sheng's words. He went into Qiao Nan's room and checked that she was fine and fast asleep before setting his mind at ease.

Afterward, he kept a close watch on Zhai Sheng.

Last time, Qiao Nan had revealed some of her feelings about Zhai Sheng to Qiao Dongliang. Initially, Qiao Dongliang found it hard to believe.

But seeing that Zhai Sheng kept asking about his daughter's hobbies and eating preferences, Qiao Dongliang had no other choice but to believe her words.

Zhai Sheng was already an adult, while Nan Nan was still young. Qiao Dongliang felt that Zhai Sheng's behavior was a disgrace to the soldiers.

"Nan Nan, come and have your meal." Zhai Sheng did not mind that Qiao Nan stood by Qiao Dongliang's side instead of his. He was in high spirits because of the sweet nap just now.

"Brother Zhai, is it fine for you not to be at home?" Qiao Nan took the bowl and chopsticks from Zhai Sheng.

"Certainly, there isn't any problem. Haven't you solved it?"

"Is it really solved?" She could not help but doubt his words.

"Don't worry, just dig in. You slept for so long during the day. Will you be able to sleep at night?" Zhai Sheng placed some vegetables into Qiao Nan's bowl. Had he found his way into her house and claimed ownership?

"Don't worry. In fact, I am a good sleeper." But given her current situation, she could not sleep for too long.

Qiao Dongliang cleared his throat loudly while glaring at Zhai Sheng. He felt anger boiling inside him.

"Dad, is your throat uncomfortable? I will get you a cup of tea." Qiao Nan did not realize that it was, in fact, a 'silent fight' between the father-in-law and son-in-law.

Qiao Dongliang drank the tea that Qiao Nan poured for him. Not only was his throat comfortable, but he also felt better now. "Daughters are better than sons. Daughters are more considerate." Nevertheless, he was angry that someone was after the apple of his eye.

"Uncle Qiao, is that so? Shall I pour you a cup of warm tea?" Even though Qiao Nan was still very young, Zhai Sheng had set his sights on marrying her. He found nothing wrong with that. However, if he and Nan Nan had a daughter in the future and someone did the same to his daughter, he would beat the person to a pulp!

Qiao Dongliang rolled his eyes and waved his hand. "No, the cup of tea that Nan Nan poured for me is just nice. You don't have to bother yourself." What a joke. The drink that his daughter poured for him was definitely sweeter than the drink poured by somebody's son!



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