That night, Zhai Sheng not only stayed at the Qiao family's residence to accompany the father and daughter for dinner but also dawdled to watch the evening news together with them. He was only willing to leave when it was half-past seven.

Once Zhai Sheng left, Qiao Dongliang immediately closed the door. "Nan Nan, do you really know Zhai Sheng or are you both just having fun? You're a girl. You can't play with this kind of matter. Moreover, you're now just a first-year senior high school student. Nan Nan, please don't do anything foolish at this moment. Are you and Zhai Sheng…"

He had not wished for a son-in-law but the son-in-law appeared. It was too annoying!

"Dad, don't worry. I assure you that I will definitely do well in my studies. Just watch after me. If there's an issue with my academic results, I promise you that I will certainly not meet Brother Zhai unless my grades improve or even before I graduate from senior high school. Will that do?" Qiao Nan smiled and leaned beside Qiao Dongliang. Her voice was soft and sweet.



Qiao Dongliang sighed. "Alright, Nan Nan. Dad will believe you once. Remember what you told Dad today. If your grades suffer because of this, don't blame Dad for being heartless. Nan Nan, you know the wealth and status of the Zhai family. Actually, Dad doesn't want you to go through hardships. In fact, being simple and ordinary is the reality. It's also happiness."

The entry status of the Zhai family was too high. He was afraid that before Nan Nan could get into the family, she would be stumbled by the high standards of the Zhai family and suffered a major and merciless setback.

Qiao Dongliang was aware that, recently, the few members of the Zhai family were seemingly on good terms with their family. In particular, today, all the four family members of the Zhai family came to his house one after another.

However, that was only because Madam Zhai liked Nan Nan. When the party who liked Nan Nan was changed to Zhai Sheng, the situation would be very different.

The Zhai family could accept a goddaughter like Nan Nan but may not be willing to accept a daughter-in-law like her.

Qiao Nan pursed her lips for a moment. "Dad, I'm doing this because of Brother Zhai. In this world, besides Dad, Brother Zhai is the only one who's good to me. A man that's so good to me and also so outstanding, Dad, tell me, how many women in this world will not be tempted?"

"Dad, don't look down on me. I'll definitely work hard. When I'm successful in the future, I won't let the Zhai family use my family background as an excuse to stop me from being together with Brother Zhai."

"Such arrogant words. You're not afraid of being a laughingstock?" Qiao Dongliang was both angry and amused. Mostly, his heart ached that Qiao Nan had to work so hard.

"What's there to be afraid of? I'll walk my talk." Furthermore, she had already said this to Chief Zhai in the exact same manner.

Qiao Dongliang touched Qiao Nan's head. "Nan Nan, you're still young. There's nothing wrong in working hard. Dad won't advise you regarding other matters, but Dad just hopes that you will promise me one thing. As a lady, you have to love and protect yourself. I heard that you also learn this at school. Do you understand what Dad means?"

Until now, Qiao Dongliang could not forget that piercing feeling in his heart the moment he saw Zhai Sheng coming out of Qiao Nan's bedroom. It was as if his precious treasure had been taken away by someone.

"Dad, what are you talking about? Brother Zhai is a gentleman. I'm not stupid either." Qiao Nan blushed. She had been dating Brother Zhai for a few months. Besides holding hands and having little hugs, they had never kissed.

Even in this era, it was very rare to have such a pure love and dating relationship such as that of Brother Zhai and her.

"It's good that you understand." Qiao Dongliang also felt embarrassed.

Regardless, he had to say that. Nan Nan was still young, not knowing much about such matters. Zhai Sheng was much older and perhaps even knew things that he should not know. He had to protect Nan Nan properly in case Nan Nan got bullied!

In short, Qiao Dongliang was worried that Zhai Sheng was older and his body was mature. He might not be able to control his physical needs when he was together with Qiao Nan.

"You're back?" In the house of the Zhai family, Zhai Yaohui said coldly when he saw his son coming back in a happy mood, "I thought you're not coming back today."

"Sooner or later." After he married Nan Nan, they would have their own home and he would no longer come back to the house of the Zhai family every day.

Zhai Yaohui snorted and slammed the table in anger. The two of them was not even in marriage talks yet, but Zhai Sheng already intended to move out after marrying the daughter-in-law. That was so ill-disciplined and out of control. Was it his family marrying a daughter-in-law or was it his son marrying into another family?!

Miao Jing, who just came out to get water, saw this and was stunned. "What's the matter? Is the daughter Qi Minlan gave birth to with others so good? You like her so much and keep calling her Chenxi. I gave birth to a son for you, but you are so annoyed at him that you scolded and shouted at him?"

Zhai Yaohui's expression turned stiff. "I didn't mean that. Besides, didn't I already promise you that I won't interfere in the matters between Zhai Sheng and Qiu Chenxi anymore? They could get together if they want to. Otherwise, I'll definitely not say another word."

"You've been wishing and hoping for Qiu Chenxi to be your daughter-in-law for almost twenty years. Now, you've changed your mind in one day. How will I know when you'll suddenly go back on your promise?" Miao Jing expressed her doubts in Zhai Yaohui's integrity.

In the past, before she appeared, didn't Zhai Yaohui also tell Qi Minlan that he would definitely marry her? However, in the end, Miao Jing was the one who married into the Zhai family!

Zhai Yaohui said something?

Whatever Zhai Yaohui said in the Zhai family had no weight!

"…" Clearly, Miao Miao, who was normally so good-tempered and accommodating to him, tended to explode like a volcano recently. Her temper was extremely bad. It was like the firecrackers which burst immediately upon lighting them up. Zhai Yaohui felt helpless, missing the Miao Jing in the past. "I'm a soldier and I take promises very seriously. How will I not keep my promise!"

Miao Jing laughed sarcastically at Zhai Yaohui until the latter's face turned black.

Miao Jing was not referring to other matters. It was because Zhai Yaohui was the one who said it himself to let Qiu Chenxi marry Zhai Sheng.

If Zhai Yaohui was serious about all his promises, then what about his previous words to the Qiu family and Qi Minlan? Wouldn't that count?

That serious look of Miao Jing made Zhai Yaohui's head hurt. Fortunately, this was his own wife who gave birth to two children for him and supported him for many years and was not a soldier under his wing. Otherwise…

Zhai Hua, who was eating an apple, broke into a laughter that was as ugly as the sound of a duck. She felt that her mother's aura and might were powerful today. It would be good if her mother had done this earlier. "Mom, since we have time now, why don't the two of us have a chat to bond with each other?" In particular, they could talk about the matter regarding that principal. How about that?

Miao Jing looked at Zhai Hua with disdain. "I don't want to chat with you. What are you going to talk to me about? Training the soldiers or carrying out your mission? I don't like to chat about the things that you're interested in. You also don't understand the things that I'm interested in. It's meaningless."

Zhai Hua, who finally wanted to become a filial daughter, was actually shunned to this extent by her mother. She crumbled to the ground, wanting to vomit blood.



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