The most unacceptable thing to Qiu Qin was that Qi Minlan always pretended to be gentle and lovely in front of Zhai Yaohui. He really did not understand why he married such a woman. "Right, I have something on today. I won't be back tonight. You all don't need to wait for me to have dinner. Settle it yourselves."

"You're not coming back again?" Qi Minlan was so furious that she simply took the cosmetic products and smashed them at Qiu Qin's ankle. This was the fifth time this month. What was keeping Qiu Qin so busy?!

In comparison, Zhai Yaohui, a man with such high status and power, would either keep Miao Jing by his side or stay at home with her. He would never stay out until late into the night and not be by Miao Jing's side. Qi Minlan's expression turned even uglier at the thought of this.

Initially, such a formidable man that was hard to come by should be her husband.

Why should Miao Jing, that village girl, be leading such a good life after snatching away her happiness?!

"Don't come back. Don't come back. If you're capable, don't come back forever!"

"Mom, what are you doing? Is it meaningful to vent your anger on these things?" Qiu Chenxi, who heard the noise, picked up the items and placed them in front of Qi Minlan's vanity table. "Mom, where's Dad going so early in the morning?"

"How would I know? He said he is meeting someone," Qi Minlan restrained her anger and said nonchalantly.

Qiu Chenxi knitted her brows. "Mom, do you know who Dad is meeting? Why do I keep feeling that Dad is often not at home recently? Could Dad be…"

"No, your dad doesn't have the guts to do so." Qi Minlan gave a scornful smile.

Old Master Zhai liked Miao Jing. Brother Zhai had to give her up and married Miao Jing. Qiu Qin also had a similar situation. She was married to the Qiu family because her in-laws liked her. Although Qiu Qin disliked her, he also married her abidingly. After she gave birth to a daughter for him, would Qiu Qin dare to treat her badly?

Qi Minlan prevented Qiu Qin from getting too close to other women, but she never thought that Qiu Qin would betray her or even had an extra-marital affair behind her back. "Your dad is meeting a man today. I have your dad in my hands. Don't worry."

"…" Qiu Chenxi sighed. "Mom, actually, it's quite good that you found a man like that whom you can hold in your hands. Mom, when you looked for Uncle Zhai the day before, what did he say exactly? I feel that Zhai Sheng has changed. He's different from before. He must have found someone that he likes."

"Haven't you been investigating? What's the outcome?" Qi Minlan actually did not believe this. In the past, besides being close to her, she had never seen Zhai Yaohui give face to any other young ladies despite many tried to get close to him given his personal qualities and family background.

She seemed to be the only one who received Zhai Yaohui's gentleness.

Zhai Sheng's temperament was exactly the same as that of Zhai Yaohui.

If Zhai Sheng was not even willing to marry Chenxi, given Zhai Sheng's bad temper, it was impossible that he would come into contact with another woman or take a liking to someone else.


"Won't that do? Be rest assured. Mom will definitely help you fulfill your wish. Zhai Sheng can't escape." Since Miao Jing snatched her man, she would let her daughter snatch Miao Jing's son.

When Zhai Sheng and Chenxi became very sweet to each other and were very much in love, she would definitely ask Chenxi to go back to her house frequently and do her confinement there when they had a child. She would also take care of her maternal grandchild. Miao Jing could forget about touching even the collar of her grandchild!

"Mom…" When she heard Qi Minlan talking about visiting parents' home and grandchild, Qiu Chenxi blushed in embarrassment and stomped her feet nonstop.

"Alright, what's there to be embarrassed about in front of Mom? I've already told you before that a man at Zhai Sheng's age is actually quite impulsive. You just have to grab one opportunity to be alone with Zhai Sheng and become Zhai Sheng's woman earlier. If you really become pregnant with his child then, that'll be the best. Even if you don't, it's fine too. What's done can't be undone. Chenxi, you have to work hard yourself. Didn't you buy a lot of new clothes recently? Wear them!"

"Mom, I'm not talking to you anymore. I'm going back to my room." Qiu Chenxi was both angry and anxious. She did not mind being taken advantage of and becoming Zhai Sheng's woman earlier.

However, Zhai Sheng always kept a distance from her when only the two of them were occasionally alone together. They did not even touch each other's hands, let alone sleeping together!

Initially, Qiu Chenxi still retained her woman's dignity and waited for Zhai Sheng to take the initiative. She even thought about rejecting Zhai Sheng the first two times that he initiated to be close to her.

He would not cherish something that he could obtain so easily.

At the third time, she would then allow Zhai Sheng to hold her hand and progress further.

Even Qi Minlan did not know that Qiu Chenxi had fantasized about this when she was just sixteen years old.

She's twenty-two years old this year. They had not even hold hands, let alone further progression. Qiu Chenxi was too embarrassed to tell her mother about this matter.

The mother and daughter ended their 'happy-too-early' conversation. Qiu Qin also rushed to the meeting place as per prior agreement. He saw Zhai Yaohui sitting there, waiting.

Qiu Qin could not help feeling a little nervous. "Chief Zhai, so sorry. I'm late by five minutes and made you wait. Actually, I could go to your house."

"There is no such need. As for the reason, you should know. I don't want my wife to be unhappy." Zhai Yaohui was not angry. He was here to 'withdraw' the marriage agreement and was the one in the wrong. It was just waiting for five minutes. Zhai Yaohui still had this bit of patience.

"Yes, yes, yes." Qiu Qin dared not put on any airs in front of Zhai Yaohui. That was precisely why he had never revealed any unhappiness in front of Zhai Yaohui no matter how unhappy he was inside. He had a very high tolerance level.

At the sight of Qiu Qin's behavior, Zhai Yaohui pursed his lips.

As a man, Zhai Yaohui looked down a little on people like Qiu Qin who was spineless and yielded to power. However, in the corporate world and society, this kind of people was considered smart. No matter what happened, they would definitely not leave any troubles or handle. Everyone would meet and part amicably.

"The reason I requested to meet you today is to discuss Zhai Sheng and Qiu Chenxi's matter."

Qiu Qin relaxed his frown. He realized the change in the way Zhai Yaohui addressed his daughter. It was as if he was keeping a distance. "Chief Zhai, please feel free to be frank in your words. I'm already prepared for this."

"In another year's time, it will be the 21st century. This is an era of democracy. Even if we want to matchmake our children, they also have to be willing parties. We can't follow the old ways and advocate feudalism and old traditions, and let the parents decide the children's marriage. Zhai Sheng is still young. He must focus his time and energy on the army. However, Qiu Chenxi is a young lady. It's different."



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