"This won't do. How can she vent her frustrations on Nan Nan and how can we let Nan Nan suffer for our mistakes? Zhai Sheng, Zhai Sheng, look at the trouble your father and you have brought upon Nan Nan!"

"What's wrong?" Zhai Sheng put aside whatever he was doing and came out upon hearing the commotion. Zhai Hua came out as well.

"What's wrong? You still have the cheek to ask! Qiu Chenxi knows that it is impossible between the both of you and she is going to look for Nan Nan to settle scores with her. Nan Nan is so unlucky to be your scapegoat. You must go to Qiao Nan's place to stop Qiu Chenxi from bullying Qiao Nan. If Qiao Dongliang is not at home, Nan Nan has no way to retaliate!"

Miao Jing's countenance changed. "No, I will go as well. I must be there myself to be reassured. Zhai Sheng, get the car now, hurry!"

"Sure!" Miao Jing only heard Zhai Sheng's voice. His person had already run outside to get his car.

"Wait a minute." Zhai Yaohui stopped Miao Jing, his head throbbing at the current situation. "Leave this matter to Zhai Sheng. Why do you want to go and join in the fun?" Zhai Sheng was going there to help his girlfriend. Why would Miao Miao go as well?

"I'm not joining in the fun. I am worried that Nan Nan will be bullied. You still have the cheek to say this. Qiu Chenxi caused all these troubles because of you!" Qiu Chenxi was the daughter of Qi Minlan. Back then, Qi Minlan seemed to be fragile and gentle, but Miao Jing had suffered so much over the years because of her. Like mother like daughter. Nan Nan was so simple and innocent. She would never be a match to Qiu Chenxi!

Since Miao Jing was bent on going to the Qiao family's residence, there was no way that Zhai Yaohui could stop her.

In the end, the family of four went to the Qiao family's residence together. Among them, Zhai Hua was the only one who was thinking of watching a good show.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

Someone was pounding on the door to the Qiao family's residence. From the sound of it, Qiao Nan could feel the pain the person outside must have felt. "Who is it?"

"Qiao Nan, come out right now!" Qiu Chenxi sounded fierce and malicious. One could tell that she must have bad intentions.

"You are?" Qiao Nan was frightened by the tone of the person. The person outside the door sounded as if she was demanding payment of a loan and was on a murderous rage. Qiao Nan was not stupid. She would not open the door for Qiu Chenxi.

"I am Qiu Chenxi! Qiao Nan, you are a liar! A shameless woman! You dared to wile others and snatch someone's fiancé at such a young age! Qiao Nan, you are still a student. Didn't the teachers teach you the moral values? I feel sad for your teachers. There are so many men in the world. Why do you have to resort to snatching? Does snatching from others feel good to you?!"

She had already sensed that something was wrong with Zhai Sheng, yet her mother said otherwise.


If not, why would her father call at noon to stop she and her mother from going to the Zhai family's residence and said that he and Uncle Zhai had come to an agreement that what they said in the past was just a casual talk and should not be taken seriously? He also said that she was not young anymore. If she met a boy she liked, she must grab the chance to date him, and if it worked out, they could marry each other.


In this life, Zhai Sheng was the only person she wanted to marry. Other men would not fit the bill!

What Qiu Chenxi said was offensive and coarse. There were other residents in the area apart from the Qiao family. With the ruckus that Qiu Chenxi created, those at home could hear bits and pieces of what was being said.

Qiao Nan paused momentarily. "Qiu Chenxi, are you sick? Have you forgotten to take your medicine when you came out today? Who is your fiancé?"

"Brother Zhai!"

"Have the two families gone through the procedures? Are the two of you engaged? Have you addressed Auntie Miao as your mom and Chief Zhai as your dad? Did Old Master Zhai agree to it? How long have the two of you been engaged?"

Qiao Nan posed few important questions from the other side of the door to Qiu Chenxi, making her turn red. If she wanted to blame it on others, at the very least, she should have proof. Her argument could not stand strong and yet she created a fuss outside people's houses. Qiao Nan had to hand it to Qiu Chenxi for her bravery.

"If not for you, Brother Zhai would be engaged to me, but you just had to come between us. Qiao Nan, don't you think you are too mean and shameless? Is it so good to snatch from others?"

"You failed to be engaged to Brother Zhai. Why am I to be blamed for it? Brother Zhai might not have agreed to the engagement, but Chief Zhai is on your side. Could it be that he is against it as well? It has nothing to do with me that the people from the Zhai family don't agree to the engagement." It was good news that Chief Zhai had sorted out his thoughts and gave up on forcing Zhai Sheng to marry Qiu Chenxi.

"Of course it has to do with you. You came between us!"

"Qiu Chenxi, don't think of bullying me just because I am not from the Zhai family. I know very well about your situation. I am not as close to Auntie Miao and Chief Zhai as you. Will they cancel the engagement between Brother Zhai and the daughter of their close friend just because of me? Qiu Chenxi, your surname should not be Qiu, your surname should be Lai. Both of you aren't engaged, yet you address him as your fiancé. Now that things do not go well for the both of you, you blame it on me. In this society, there are a lot of people who are divorced. Who can they blame it on?"

"How dare you say this has nothing to do with you?!" Qiu Chenxi was so angry that she kicked at the door. She had never seen such a cunning and pretentious woman. "If you are innocent, why do you not open the door for me? If you have balls, I dare you to open the door!"

Qiao Nan rolled her eyes. "Qiu Chenxi, are you muddleheaded? I am a girl. Or do you have it?"

Qiu Chenxi must be silly to say this.

"You, you…" Qiu Chenxi did not expect that Qiao Nan would be in the mood to talk glibly. "Qiao Nan, open the door now when I'm still nice to you. If you don't give me an explanation today, don't think of leading a quiet life! I don't believe that Ping Cheng High School will accept such an immoral student like you!"

Since Qiao Nan had the audacity to snatch from her, she would make it such that she could not stay in her high school or Ping Cheng!

By that time, there was no way that the Zhai family would accept Qiao Nan who did not graduate from high school and was uneducated as their daughter-in-law. She could not possibly fight with her anymore!

Since Qiao Nan dared to lie to her, she would destroy her!

Qiu Chenxi blamed it on Qiao Nan for her failed engagement with Zhai Sheng mainly because she was the only female, besides his coworkers, who was in contact with Zhai Sheng. Hence she was the biggest suspect of all.

Unless Qiao Nan could point out another person as the culprit, if not she would make things difficult for her.

If Qiao Nan was the one she was looking for, she had the right person by targeting her. If Qiao Nan was not the person, she would also be able to gain Zhai Sheng's attention by creating a fuss. Lai means blame



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