Once Zhai Sheng went to look for the vixen, she would follow him straightaway and make her suffer.

Nobody could fight with her!

In short, though Qiu Chenxi created a fuss at Qiao Nan's place, her target might not be Qiao Nan. Her real goal was to alert the enemy so that she would be able to find out who the woman Zhai Sheng was with.

Qiao Nan was unlucky that she was the only one that Qiu Chenxi could bully. She had become the 'scapegoat'.

However, no matter how well-thought-out Qiu Chenxi's plans were, she did not expect Qiao Nan to have such a reaction. At her age, she should be rash and easily angered, especially when she was being wronged. However, she could tolerate her harsh words and refused to open the door for her.

Qiu Chenxi's plan did not turn out as she expected.

She had yet to come up with a secondary plan when the people from the Zhai family arrived.

"Qiu Chenxi, you really came to Qiao Nan's house to look for Nan Nan. I thought that your dad was confused and misunderstood you." Zhai Hua jumped out from the car and glared at Qiu Chenxi. She was unlike the gentle and well-mannered lady that she had always been when she was at the Zhai family's residence.

Qiu Chenxi's hair and clothes were in a mess. What was most shocking was that there were many shoe prints on the door of Qiao Nan's house. Judging from the shoe prints, they were the same size as Qiu Chenxi's feet.

Did it mean that before they arrived, Qiu Chenxi actually kicked at the door?

"Sister Zhai Hua, is that you?" Qiao Nan breathed a sigh of relief upon hearing Zhai Hua's voice. Qiao Dongliang happened to be outside at this time. Qiao Nan was the only one at home. She was worried that if she opened the door for Qiu Chenxi, she would be bullied by her.

"Nan Nan…"

"Nan Nan, Auntie Miao is here, don't be afraid. What you did is right. Do not open the door to strangers." Miao Jing hurried out of the car, pushing aside Zhai Yaohui who tried to steady her with his hand.

All these years, she had suffered so much because of Qi Minlan and her daughter. Now that Nan Nan was dragged into it because of her relationship with the Zhai family, Miao Jing was so furious that she vented all her frustrations and grievances onto Zhai Yaohui.

"U-Uncle Zhai, Auntie Miao? B-Brother Zhai? All of you are here?" Qiu Chenxi was not afraid at all when she saw Zhai Hua. She knew that Zhai Hua did not like her. But whether she liked her or not, it did not affect her relationship with Zhai Sheng.

Hence, she was only polite to Zhai Hua for show. She did not really care for her future sister-in-law.

However, she could not maintain her composure in front of the other three people from the Zhai family. Qiu Chenxi had always maintained the image of a gentle lady in front of Zhai Sheng. At the thought of the shoe prints on the door of Qiao Nan's house, Qiu Chenxi's face turned red in embarrassment. She paled thereafter.

"If we did not come today, we would have missed a good show. Qiu Chenxi, I never knew that this is how the Qiu family teaches their children to be." Zhai Hua pointed at the messy shoe prints on the door of Qiao Nan's house. "All I can say is that Auntie Qi is really good at teaching her daughter. My mom is not capable of this."

Qiu Chenxi's eyes turned red. She refused to answer Zhai Hua's question lest she made matters worse. Instead, she looked at Zhai Yaohui and Zhai Sheng, a pitiful look on her face. "Uncle Zhai, Brother Zhai, my dad called to tell me that my engagement with Brother Zhai was called off. Why is that so? Didn't we agree to be engaged? Uncle Zhai, I have liked and waited for Brother Zhai for so many years. How could you do this to me? Moreover, how could you do this just because of a person like her? Uncle Zhai, didn't you dote on me the most in the past?"

Upon hearing the last sentence that Qiu Chenxi said, Miao Jing glared at Zhai Yaohui in anger.

Zhai Yaohui looked stern. "Qiu Chenxi, you are only twenty-two years old this year. Zhai Sheng is still young. He needs to spend more time in the army. Our family doesn't want you to waste your youth waiting for him, hence we made it clear to your dad. You said that you have spent many years waiting for Zhai Sheng. Could you tell me how long have you waited for him?"

Qiu Chenxi was only twenty-two years old. She was still very young. Since when did she spend all her time and efforts on Zhai Sheng? He had no idea at all.

Zhai Yaohui might have doted on Qiu Chenxi, but he would not wrong his son to favor someone's daughter.

"I have already made it clear to your dad. It's almost the 21st century. China has long advocated the freedom of marriage. If you like each other and date each other, or decided to be engaged and marry each other, we will not stop you. But if one of you is not happy, as the parents, we will not insist on the marriage. After all, all parents hope that their children will lead a happy life with their loved ones."

Qiu Chenxi's face turned pale, bare of any color.

Freedom of marriage?

What nonsense was that?

"So, the Zhai family wants someone like Qiao Nan instead of me?" Qiu Chenxi ground her teeth. The Zhai family of four rushed over to Qiao Nan's place as soon as they learned that she was here to look for Qiao Nan. How dared Qiao Nan say that she was innocent!

"What's wrong with Nan Nan? Nan Nan is better than you. I like Nan Nan. Let's not talk about Zhai Sheng's opinions. If I have to choose between you and Nan Nan, I will certainly pick Nan Nan and not you," Miao Jing said bluntly.

Back then, she had already known that Qiu Chenxi was just pretending to be well-behaved in front of them. That was not her true personality. However, she did not expect that she would be hiding so much from them.

If not for the fact that Qiu Chenxi's mother was Qi Minlan, she might have been fooled by her pretenses.

Zhai Hua patted the shoulders of Zhai Sheng. "Zhai Sheng, there is hope. Mom's impression of Nan Nan seems to be getting better and better. Do we tell her the truth now?" They could make use of the chance today to tell their mother of the relationship between Zhai Sheng and Nan Nan. In that case, they could date openly.

Zhai Sheng gave Zhai Hua a warning glance. He did not agree with Zhai Hua.

Zhai Sheng was very clear that his mother said those words to spite Qiu Chenxi. His mother had told Nan Nan long ago of the type of daughter-in-law that she was looking for. His mother was certain that even if others would misunderstand her words, Nan Nan would not misunderstand and would understand her intentions.

The reason why his mother sided with Nan Nan and helped her with no qualms was that she did not know the relationship between him and Nan Nan.

They had to lay low for now. After all, Nan Nan was right. Her fears and concerns were not unfounded.

Until now, Zhai Sheng could not understand the reason behind his mother's stubbornness. His mother was obviously very concerned about Nan Nan, but there seemed to be a hurdle that could not be crossed in her heart. This posed as an obstacle for Nan Nan and him.



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