Without clearing this obstacle, his mother would never accept Nan Nan as her daughter-in-law. Before that, he and Nan Nan must not tell his mother about their relationship.

Since Zhai Sheng had given her a warning, Zhai Hua was tactful enough to keep her silence lest others heard about what she said.

Qiu Chenxi paled at Miao Jing's words. "Auntie Miao, are you serious?" Miao Jing would rather choose Qiao Nan than her?

Qiu Chenxi took a few deep breaths and turned to look at Zhai Yaohui reluctantly. "Uncle Zhai, you have always seen me as the daughter of a good friend. I'm not angry that Auntie Miao misunderstood me, but I want to know your thoughts on this."

Zhai Yaohui sighed. "Qiu Chenxi, it doesn't matter what Auntie Miao or I think about this. What matters is how Zhai Sheng thinks about this. Do you understand?"

He was helpless that Zhai Sheng did not like Qiu Chenxi.

In fact, as long as Zhai Sheng was willing, Qiao Nan would not be in the picture.

He might have already been engaged to Qiu Chenxi even before he knew Qiao Nan.

"Does it mean you agree that it's over between Brother Zhai and me?" Qiu Chenxi had a look of absurdness on her face. They had already agreed on it years ago! How could they have a change of mind now?!

Zhai Sheng did so as he had someone else in mind, but what about Zhai Yaohui?

Zhai Yaohui should be trying means and ways to please her because of her mother.

Once Zhai Yaohui made a decision, he would never regret it. "Chenxi, you are still young. You are educated and beautiful. In the future, there will be lots of opportunities to meet boys who are suitable for you. When you get married, I will definitely prepare wedding gifts for you."

He had watched Qiu Chenxi as she grew up. If she married in the future, he would be willing to prepare some dowry for her, let alone wedding gifts.

Qiu Chenxi's face was as pale as a sheet. Her frail body trembled slightly. She was a pitiful sight.

After thinking for a while, Qiu Chenxi gritted her teeth, trying to maintain her broken self-esteem. "Uncle Zhai, according to what you just said, does it mean that as long as Brother Zhai likes me and is willing to marry me, you will still accept me?"


"Nonsense!" Miao Jing glared at Zhai Yaohui. "You may have agreed, but I don't agree. Anyone can marry into the Zhai family but her. If she wants to marry into our family, fine, she will move in, but I will move out right away!"

Miao Jing, who left no room for discussion, did not know that in the previous life, Qiu Chenxi married Zhai Sheng with the help of Zhai Yaohui and her.

In fact, even if Miao Jing did not fall out with Qiu Chenxi and Qi Minlan, since the first day Qiu Chenxi married Zhai Sheng and moved into the Zhai family's residence, Miao Jing moved out of the house and would rather live by herself in a small quad than seeing Qiu Chenxi every single day.

"Uncle Zhai, who has the final say in your family?" Miao Jing was too detestable. Back then, she snatched Uncle Zhai from her mother, and now she had to come between Brother Zhai and her. She and her mother must have offended or owed Miao Jing in the previous life. In this life, Miao Jing was after her mother and her to take back what they owed her and to make life miserable for them.

"It doesn't matter who has the final say. Zhai Sheng is my son. Without me, he will not be here. Zhai Sheng, let me tell you. If you take me as your mom, you can't marry this woman. If you don't take me as your mom, I won't care whoever you marry!" Miao Jing left no room for discussion at all. Previously, she meant that she would leave the house and her husband who did not like her. Now, she meant that if Zhai Sheng married Qiu Chenxi, she would not want him as her son.

Qiao Nan was dumbstruck by Miao Jing's words.

What was wrong with Miao Jing? She would forsake her son because of an outsider? Besides, she was very supportive of Qiu Chenxi a few months ago.

What happened to Auntie Miao? It seemed that she bore some grudges.

Qiu Chenxi was so furious at her words that she bit down hard on her lip. "Auntie Miao, aren't you too much? Uncle Zhai has said that society advocates freedom and autonomy of marriage. If Brother Zhai is willing to marry me, you have no right to stop him."

"He is my son. I may be too much, but as long as Zhai Sheng agrees to it, you have no say at all!" Miao Jing stared at Zhai Sheng with an overbearing look on her face. "Zhai Sheng, have you heard what I said just now? Tell me, will you listen to me?"

Zhai Sheng stopped himself from frowning. He said plainly, "Mom, no matter whether you agree or not, I will not marry her. I don't like her."

He did not like Qiu Chenxi, hence he could listen to his mother. But if the party concerned was Nan Nan, it would not do.

"Alright." At Zhai Sheng's words, Miao Jing gained immediate relief from her years of pent up grievances.

Although she had managed to keep Zhai Yaohui by her side, his heart had been with Qi Minlan.

But Zhai Sheng was her son. She might not be able to keep Zhai Yaohui in hand, but she must be able to control her son.

Fortunately, Zhai Sheng was much more clear-minded than her. She had been muddleheaded for years. If she finally came to her senses only when Zhai Sheng had fallen in love with Qiu Chenxi and had married her, she could not imagine how life would be for her. She would definitely be very miserable.

"Nan Nan, don't be afraid, open the door. I am thirsty after talking for so long." Miao Jing felt much better with the support of her son. It was then that she realized that she was very thirsty.

Since she became the wife of the chief of the army, Miao Jing sought to behave with propriety and not to bring shame to Zhai Yaohui. She did not allow herself to act unruly or to be laughed at in front of others. She could not remember the last time she did not hide her true nature and had a good quarrel. It seemed so far away as if it was in her previous lifetime.

"Sure." Qiao Nan opened the door for Miao Jing. "Auntie Miao, I only have boiled water at home."

"It's okay. It is better than being thirsty. Give me a big cup of water. My eyes and throat are on fire."

Seeing Miao Jing's cool manner, Qiao Nan could not help but curl her lips. She darted a look at Zhai Sheng before giving her a big cup of hot water.

Miao Jing was indeed thirsty. She gulped down the whole cup of water in one go. Qiao Nan was stunned. "Auntie Miao, do you feel bloated? Do you want to walk around lest your stomach feels uncomfortable?"



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