He used hard means to conquer Nan Nan and did not give her any options. While Nan Nan was still ignorant of matters related to the heart, he forcefully stamped the seal of the Zhai family on her.

He fully believed that he would definitely be very good to Nan Nan and give her happiness. There was no doubt that he was the right choice for Nan Nan.

However, he only knew now that he and Qiao Nan were of one heart and mind. She cared about him and he had a very important place in her heart. The love that he gave was reciprocated. What could be more wonderful than this in the world?

Qiao Nan smiled bitterly. She was still young? She was an old woman that was 'more than forty years old'. How young was 'young'?

In the previous life, she did not even get married. In this lifetime, she got involved with someone like Zhai Sheng. Since she got together with him, she had been suspecting if her reborn and everything that happened thereafter was only a dream.

At some point, she might open her eyes and awake to reality. She would be back to that cold and lonely rented apartment. She would again face Qiao Zijin who was already having a glorious life but continued to suppress her. She also had to face her mother who would force her to agree to donate one of her kidneys to Qiao Zijin.

From an extremely unfortunate situation to a fortunate one, this change made Qiao Nan often feel that she was in the clouds, stepping on something soft and unreal. She had an unrealistic feeling of floating in the air.

In terms of love affairs, very few would not think about personal gains and losses. Anyway, Qiao Nan could not do that.

"Brother Zhai, you should believe in me."

"I do and I always will!" The look in Zhai Sheng's eyes and his tone became firmer and determined. "Nan Nan, you have to remember. Other people's attitudes will not change my feelings toward you. You're the only one who can influence my judgment and decision."

"Brother Zhai, this is also what I wanted to tell you. I'm used to being bullied by my mom and sister. There's a sense of slight stubbornness that I can't change in my bones. You're the one who started this, but I'm true to you. Unless you don't want me, don't believe in the others' words. Similarly, I will only believe your words. However, if you really don't want me, Brother Zhai, I will definitely not turn back. Never!"

Sensing Qiao Nan's determined and devoted love which was similar to his love for her, Zhai Sheng felt an upsurge of emotions in his heart. His eyes were shining as he pulled Qiao Nan strongly into the small dark alley beside them…

Before Qiao Nan could react, her lips had been planted on by similarly soft, thin, and hot lips that sent sparks through her body.

Not only Zhai Sheng's lips were hot, but even the air that he exhaled from his nose was also so hot that it nearly made Qiao Nan melt.

This kiss of Zhai Sheng did not have any skills to speak of. It even seemed rough and clumsy. Besides kissing with strength, there were not many other actions. Two pair of lips were plastered together and it was difficult to differentiate the breathing between the two people.

However, such a simple kiss which was not even tinged with lust already made the two of them shudder with excitement!

Qiao Nan's legs were wobbly and her body was crumbling.

Zhai Sheng's arms, as strong as steel, were holding onto Qiao Nan's waist, pressing her against him. Their bodies were pressed tightly against each other, just like their lips. There was no gap between them at all.

Qiao Nan's eyes were in a daze, her face flustered in red, while Zhai Sheng's eyes were increasingly brighter and sharper. It was as if he was a hunting leopard that had secured his prey and was prepared to pounce on and completely devour it. He would conquer it entirely by himself and definitely not let anyone else touch it.

How could Qiao Nan, who did not even have a kiss in her previous life, endure such fervent and abundant love from Zhai Sheng? It was akin to a volcano eruption. She was like dough that did not have any ability to resist.

Qiao Nan was truly thankful that her man was a soldier who had perseverance and self-control that were as strong as steel.

If it was other men, Qiao Nan could forget about going to school with the situation today.

Before Qiao Nan could react from her state of daze, Zhai Sheng gasped heavily and buried his head into Qiao Nan's shoulder. His whole body was stiff, turning as hard as steel. His breathing was hotter than before.

When Qiao Nan regained her senses, she already felt that she was not just being hugged by Zhai Sheng. She was seemingly trapped in an extremely tiny cage and surrounded by hard iron bars on all four sides. It even made her feel a little painful.

"Zhai… Brother Zhai, I still need to go to school. If I don't make a move now, I'll… I'll be late." At this moment, Qiao Nan jumped to her senses and realized how inappropriate she and Zhai Sheng had behaved earlier.

Kissed! She and Brother Zhai actually kissed!

All of a sudden, Qiao Nan did not know if she should be pleased that she finally had her first kiss in two lifetimes or feel embarrassed at the situation at hand.

There was a strong reaction in a certain part of Zhai Sheng's body. When Zhai Sheng, who was unable to even move his legs, heard Qiao Nan, his teeth even turned itchy. Through the clothes, he bit her collar bone without reservation and said, "Even if it's a girl, you can't do that too. Be careful when you're bathing in school, understand? When you reach school later, just say that you like to eat spicy food and Uncle Qiao prepared very spicy Sichuan dishes for you if someone questions you. Understand?"

At the sight of the red and slightly swollen lips of Qiao Nan, which was even redder than her face, Zhai Sheng said in satisfaction.

He was the one who kissed and caused Nan Nan's swollen lips!

Qiao Nan did not know whether to laugh or cry. He was too petty. Moreover, she did not have the habit of being naked in front of people of the same gender. "Brother Zhai, don't tell me that there are barriers when you bathe in the camp with a group of guys!"

If that really was the case, where did the joke of picking up the soap come from in the 21st century?

"I'm a regiment commander. I have my own bedroom and bathroom!" Zhai Sheng refused to mention that when he first joined the army as a new recruit, of course, he had to bathe together with everyone.

At that time, Zhai Sheng did not feel anything at all. However, at the thought of Qiao Nan revealing her body in front of other women, Zhai Sheng felt extremely uneasy and was definitely unable to accept that. Otherwise, he would not have bitten Qiao Nan's collar bone.

Given his strength, there would be a mark even if he did not break the skin. It would take two to three days to disappear.

Unless Nan Nan wished to explain to her classmates, Nan Nan had to cover herself more with her clothing for the next few days at least.

"Brother Zhai, I'm really going to be late if I don't go to school now." Qiao Nan's eyes were red and her body turned stiff. It was not because of other reasons. It was because she had felt the existence of that 'heavy machine gun' with a strong murderous feel against her abdomen.

Although one had not eaten pork, they would have seen a pig running away.

At the thought that Zhai Sheng was already twenty-three years old, a young and impulsive age, Qiao Nan was scared out of her wits. Wasn't it just a tight kiss? Why did it turn out this way?

"Z-Zhai… Brother Zhai, y-you have to calm down."



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