Qiao Nan grabbed the note and did not really wish to open it in front of Zheng Lingling.

It was good that before Qiao Nan could say anything, Tang Mengran came to pass a message to Zheng Lingling. "Lingling, Teacher Liu asked you to go to his office to see him. Hurry. Teacher Liu is waiting for you."

"Aye." Zheng Lingling immediately put Qiao Nan's matter aside and rushed to Teacher Liu's office.

Once Zheng Lingling left, Qiao Nan quickly turned her back and opened the note. There was not much content in the slip. There were only two phrases: Zhai Sheng, small alley.

When Qiao Nan first saw these four words, she was momentarily stunned. She also did not realize what they meant.

But when Qiao Nan recalled what happened on the way when Zhai Sheng sent her to school this evening, she started to realize what Chen Jun wrote in this note meant.

So, Chen Jun saw what she and Brother Zhai did?

"It's so difficult to meet you." Chen Jun, whose back was facing the entrance of Ping Cheng High School, said with a hint of sarcasm on his face when he heard footsteps coming from behind him. He had even believed that Qiao Nan was a fairy from heaven that was pure, sincere, and kind.

In the end, the reason why he did not succeed was not that Qiao Nan was wholeheartedly focused on her studies, but because he was not good enough and did not meet Qiao Nan's expectations at all.

He really could not tell that the seemingly simple and pure Qiao Nan was even more scheming than him. She wanted more and was even greedier than him.

He had underestimated Qiao Nan in the past. From a certain perspective, Qiao Nan, this woman, was really quite 'suitable' for him.

"Senior Chen, why did you look for me this time?" Qiao Nan pursed her lips.

"If you didn't know why I was looking for you, would you come and meet me now?" Chen Jun sneered. "An honest person talks openly. If you don't want others to hear about your relationship with Zhai Sheng, then you should know what I want."

"First of all, what is it about Brother Zhai and me? We're open and honest. Your threat to me is nonexistent. Secondly, I don't know you very well. All this while, including today, we only met thrice. What kind of person are you? What are you thinking of? How would I know?" Staring at Chen Jun, that nervous mind of Qiao Nan when she was on the way here finally relaxed.

She had known that given Brother Zhai's alertness, he would have found out if Chen Jun had been following them.

The greatest possibility for Chen Jun to write her such a note was that Chen Jun initially came to look for her today. However, he did not expect to see Brother Zhai by her side.

Hence, Chen Jun followed them from a distance and hoped to find an opportunity to get close to her when Brother Zhai left.

While they were on the way, Chen Jun saw Brother Zhai pulling her into a small alley and they only came out after a while.

As to how Chen Jun was going to threaten her, he must have imagined and guessed it himself.

Even if Chen Jun guessed it correctly, what could he do to her if she refused to admit it?

Chen Jun was speechless for a while. "Your reaction is quite fast. You don't seem like a simple eighteen-year-old student who has not stepped into society at all."

"I'm certainly not quite easy to lie to. So sorry to have disappointed you," Qiao Nan smiled and replied in Chen Jun's face.

Chen Jun hoped to trick her into saying something?

No way!

Chen Jun stomped his feet a few times in a sullen manner. He silently vented the negative and dark feelings in his heart.

Yes, he was following Qiao Nan and Zhai Sheng from a very far distance along the way.

With Zhai Sheng's ploy, the Wang family had been controlled by the Zhu family. Hence, there was no hope for his father's promotion this year. He initially looked for Qiao Nan as he wanted to find out more about the truth of the matter, but he did not expect to see Zhai Sheng with her.

Chen Jun was not a green lad who had not seen the world. At the sight of the distance between the two, Chen Jun knew that Zhai Sheng had a close and intimate relationship with Qiao Nan.

When he saw Zhai Sheng pulling Qiao Nan into a small alley and coming out only after some time, as a man who had toyed with many women, could he not know what Zhai Sheng was thinking of? Would he not be able to guess what happened between the two after Qiao Nan was pulled into the small alley?

It was this moment that Chen Jun understood why Zhai Sheng would collaborate with Zhu Chengqi all of a sudden to suppress Wang Yang, affecting Chen Jun negatively as a result.

In fact, he no longer needed to trick Qiao Nan. He already knew the answer.

Nevertheless, the more this was the case, the more sullen he felt and could not accept the outcome. "Qiao Nan, you're an utter disappointment. I've always thought that you're a pure and good lady, and that you're definitely different from other ladies who value a person's status more than their character. I didn't expect that you're the same as those bitches who only look at one's family status and not the individual themselves! I was even moved by… Bah!"

So, the women in this era, regardless of age, even high school students, were already so practical.

It was not that he was not good enough or that he had lost his charm. Qiao Nan's standards were too high. She had long had her eyes on Zhai Sheng. In comparison to Zhai Sheng, of course, he was nobody to Qiao Nan.

"Don't give me a mouthful of nonsense. If you've said enough, I'm going back." Qiao Nan let out a breath and glanced sideways at Chen Jun. She then turned and wanted to leave.

"Qiao Nan, if you dare to leave now, I'll tell the whole world about your relationship with Zhai Sheng, and also what Zhai Sheng and you did today. Qiao Nan, don't be silly. Given your status, do you think you'll really be able to marry Zhai Sheng and enter the Zhai family? Although it's the 20th century now and a new century is coming, there are still rules in the upper-class society. Zhai Sheng is only toying with you. After he's sick of you, he will definitely abandon you and cast you aside. Zhai Sheng is different from you. Even if he has a past, it won't be difficult for him to marry another woman who is more outstanding and chaste. But you can't. If you become the 'used shoe', not every man can accept you. Even if you can lie once, you won't be able to keep the truth forever. At that time, you still have to divorce."

Therefore, before anything happened, it was best that Qiao Nan quickly come to the realization. It was better to repent and mend her ways before it was too late.

"Qiao Nan, given your intelligence, you should know that Zhai Sheng is not suitable for you. Zhai Sheng loves you now, but how long can his love last? Before he's sick of you and abandons you, why don't you take the chance now to spare more thoughts for yourself when he still has feelings for you? You should consider and plan for your future. Qiao Nan, you're living such a life now. In my view, you, more than anyone else, are someone that needs to plan more for your future. Qiao Nan, don't give up and also don't miss such a good opportunity."

Qiao Nan was not stupid. She understood what Chen Jun meant immediately.

Qiao Nan tugged the corners of her lips and sneered. "Then, what do you suggest?"



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