"A straightforward person does not hide his intentions. Qiao Nan, I can give you all that you wish for." Chen Jun lifted his chin confidently. "Qiao Nan, you can choose to believe me. Similarly, I will not disappoint you. The only greatest difference between Zhai Sheng and me is that I need to spend a little more time before I can give you what you want to have."

Of course, if Qiao Nan could agree today, then the time he needed to spend would be greatly lessened.

Qiao Nan and Chen Jun did not understand the matter between Qi Minlan and Qiu Qin. Nevertheless, their current situation was similar to that of Qi Minlan and Qiu Qin in the past. Most shockingly, Chen Jun made the same choice as the Qiu Qin in the past. As long as he could gain from this, it was not an issue at all to marry a woman who loved another man.

As long as this woman was currently chaste and would wholeheartedly spare a thought for him after marriage, then that would be enough.

"Hahaha." Qiao Nan sneered thrice. "Chen Jun, I must say that you have been thinking too much. You're just wasting your time."

"Qiao Nan, you're rejecting me? Have you thought about it carefully?" Chen Jun's expression changed. Could he have overestimated Qiao Nan's rationality and intelligence? "I don't need you to reply to me immediately. I can give you a few days of time. As long as you can give me an answer before I return to college, then that will suffice. Of course, if you still have any reservations, I can give you more time. You know my address at the college. After you have sorted your thoughts, you can write to me directly. However, Qiao Nan, you have to remember that my patience only lasts until the end of this summer vacation. I hope you won't make a wrong decision that will disappoint me."

Thereafter, Chen Jun turned and left without any hesitation. Having made his point, he did not intend to continue to pester Qiao Nan.

Qiao Nan's red lips formed a straight line. No, there was something odd about Chen Jun's behavior today.

Chen Jun must have seen Brother Zhai and her gone into a small alley from afar today. He definitely did not see what they did in the alley. He had simply made a guess. As long as she and Brother Zhai refused to admit to this, not many people will believe it even if Chen Jun used this as a threat and announced it to the world.

Hence, why did Chen Jun leave so confidently as if he was certain that she would eventually sort out her thoughts and agree to his request today? That she would rather give up Brother Zhai and be with him?

"Xiao Qiao, what's wrong? You look like you are out of sorts. Your mom and sister are not in Ping Cheng. Logically, you should feel quite happy nowadays. Why are you frowning and sulking? Did your mom and sister come back to look for you?" At the mention of Ding Jiayi and Qiao Zijin, Zhu Baoguo felt his head hurt. He was more annoyed about it than when he talked about Wang Yang.

"It's nothing. I didn't rest well when I was home this time. I'm just a little tired." Qiao Nan shook her head.

"I heard from Zheng Lingling that Chen Jun came to look for you today. Did you see him?" Zhu Baoguo rolled his eyes. He could not help bringing up the main topic that he wanted to ask about.

"I've seen him."


"Why not?" Qiao Nan replied.

"Don't you know that he's up to no good toward you? The reason he…" Zhu Baoguo lowered the volume of his voice to prevent other classmates from hearing him. "He appeared previously in your life and even visited your house during the Lunar New Year not because he really liked you. This matter was all Wang Yang's fault. Wait, shouldn't you already know?"

"Your dad told you?"

"That… Could my dad keep this from me? I kept feeling that there was something odd about what happened recently, so I went to ask my dad. He told me everything." Zhu Baoguo was proud of that. His father had said that he would not tell him a word if Zhu Baoguo could not sort this out himself.


"Oh? What oh!" Zhu Baoguo was angered. "Nan Nan, you're so silly. You clearly knew that he's not interested in you. He's hired by Wang Yang. All the good things and words that he said to you were lies. Why did you still meet him? Nan Nan, don't tell me that you've taken a liking to him?"

"You're someone who's going to take the science course in the future, but look at what kind of logic you have. Does meeting him mean that I like him and have romantic feelings for him?" Qiao Nan rolled her eyes at Zhu Baoguo. "Alright, you should take good care of your own matters. Wang Yang suffered a setback at your dad's side. How do you think your dad knew about the cause of this?"

"Were you the one who told my dad?" How could that be?!

"Otherwise?" Qiao Nan snorted. "Are you still worried now?"

"No, no. Xiao Qiao, you're so smart. Why would you need me to worry about you? Hahaha, I've been too confused by attempting too many questions recently. Don't take it to heart. Don't mind me." Zhu Baoguo smiled in a more relaxed manner.

Zhu Baoguo did not have further questions, but the doubts in Qiao Nan's heart were still not cleared.

Today, Chen Jun left in such a carefree manner. He even gave her so much time. He did not have any intention to force her into a decision. She did not believe that Chen Jun did not have any backup plan!

Qiao Nan had been thinking about this. Before she could get an answer to it, the answer suddenly appeared in front of her, establishing its existence.

"Nan Nan, have you heard that there's a new student who will be transferred to our class? Is that person sick in the mind? This semester is ending soon. In the second half of the year, we'll be going to a different class. How could they transfer school at this time? Did the school agree to it? Is that student pulling out and does not want to take the college entrance examination anymore?"

Tang Mengran's tone was full of resentment.

It was not easy for Tang Mengran to maintain her place in class one. Even with Qiao Nan's help, her best results were considered average in the class. If her performance faltered slightly, she would be ranked amongst the last in the class.

If the student could be transferred to class one of Ping Cheng High School, then that meant the student's results must be excellent.

With another classmate of excellent grades, the possibility of Tang Mengran being kicked out of class one was higher. Hence, of course, Tang Mengran disliked this student.

Fang Fang lifted the glasses up her nose bridge. "Didn't Nan Nan tell you this matter before? Regardless of how formidable this student is, there's not much time left in this semester. As for the issue about class divisions, the school will do so based on humanities and science courses. With your grades, it's not difficult to get into the humanities course at all. You won't be affected by this new student. What's there for you to worry about?"

"That's true. But how could I let my worries down?" Tang Mengran held her face in distress. "It's not like all of you don't know that my grades are the poorest among all of you in the dormitory. I'm the worst amongst you all, so I'm not confident. If there's any slight movement or happening, I have to be more alert in case I become a muddleheaded ghost that doesn't know what happened."

"Poor Tang Mengran, did your parents give you any pressure?" He Yun sighed. She felt that life as a student was bitter.

In school, they had to take examinations and compare their grades every day. At home, they still had to listen to the nagging of their parents.



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