When would this kind of days end?

"Don't bring it up. I feel so depressed thinking about it. My parents said that when there's pressure, there's motivation. When I am admitted to a good college, they will stop being so hard on me and I will have more freedom. But there's still two more years to college." To the students, the college represented freedom!

"Transfer student?" Qiao Nan put down the book in her hand. "Are you sure there will be a transfer student in our class at this time of the year?"

"Yes, the transfer student will be here next week."

"Next week?" Qiao Nan was shocked. "There are three weeks until the final term exam. The teachers have already covered all the knowledge points for this semester. If the transfer student joins at this time, does that mean the transfer student is only here for the final term exam?"

"That's right. Nan Nan, you find it weird as well, right? The transfer student must be foolish. If the transfer student is bent on a transfer, it will be more reasonable to do so in the next semester. The transfer student must be crazy to join us at this time." It was rare that Qiao Nan shared the same opinion with Tang Mengran. She was very enthusiastic about going into details.

"This is someone else's affairs. We can't do anything about it. We just have to make sure that we do well." Tao Zhenqin gave Tang Mengran a pat on her shoulder. "The next semester, all of us from the same dormitory will be in the same class except for you if you don't work hard now and screw up in the final term exam."

"Don't, don't say that. You're scaring me. Just imagining it is terrible. Forget it. I won't chat with all of you. I'd better do my revision." Tang Mengran trembled slightly. She bucked up and started to read her book. She did not want to be by herself in the next semester.

Tang Mengran put all her attention on her studies and put the topic of the transfer student at the back of her mind.

When the weekend was over and Qiao Nan returned to the school, she had yet to find out about the transfer student when she saw someone that she did not expect to see at school. "Brother Zhai?"

Zhai Sheng was in his green military uniform, looking serious and stern. He pursed his thin lips slightly, his thick eyebrows slightly arched. There was a controlled look in his dark and serious eyes, making him even more charming. He looked righteous and compelling. Many second-year and third-year female students could not help but swoon at the sight of him.

"Isn't that our instructor when we went for our military training last year?" Zhai Sheng was too outstanding and eye-catching. Even though he wore a simple green military uniform, he stood out among all the female students and their attention were on him. They only had eyes for him.

The students from first-year's class one could recognize Zhai Sheng right away at first glance.

"Brother Zhai?" Fang Fang adjusted her glasses and was reminded of her own guess back then. Fang Fang smiled. It seemed that Nan Nan's relationship with Instructor Zhai was much closer than she had imagined. However, if that was the case, what about Instructor Zhou?

"They seem to be coming out from the principal's office."

"Hey, who is the young lady next to the instructor? She looks so beautiful! The skirt that she wears is very pretty. Why haven't I seen it before? If I have seen it, I will definitely get my mom to buy it for me!" Tang Mengran pulled excitedly at Tao Zhenqin's clothes, pointing to the skirt worn by the young lady next to Zhai Sheng.

"It is natural that you haven't seen it. I heard that this skirt is only available in Beijing. You can't find it elsewhere. It is a foreign brand. It's difficult to find in China. I heard that it is a limited edition and its price is astoundingly high. Even if you manage to maintain your standards and stay in class one for three years in high school, your parents won't be able to buy it for you." Zheng Lingling tried to calm Tang Mengran down. Not everyone could buy this skirt.

"Isn't it just a skirt? Is it so expensive? Can it be made of gold?" Tang Mengran did not believe it. The skirt was so beautiful. She must find a chance to buy it to wear!

"It's indeed very expensive." Zheng Lingling rolled her eyes. "I heard that a transfer student will be coming. I haven't seen this girl before. Is she going to transfer to our class?"

"Nan Nan?" Fang Fang gave Nan Nan a concerned look. Ever since the instructor came to their school, Nan Nan did not look very well.

If the girl was indeed the transfer student, and Instructor Zhai did not inform Nan Nan that he would accompany the girl to the school, it was no wonder that Nan Nan was angry.

"I'm fine." Qiao Nan took a deep breath and told herself that she must believe in Brother Zhai. Although she did not know what was going on, from the expression on Brother Zhai's face, he did not look very pleased.

Besides, Brother Zhai knew that she was a student at Ping Cheng High School.

If Brother Zhai had something going on with the girl, he would not be so foolish as to bring the girl with him and show up in front of her.

"Shall I get a student to bring you to first-year's class one?" Principal Meng looked at Shi Qing kindly, as if she was the daughter of his close friend.

"Principal, thank you. There's no need for that. With Brother Zhai around, I'm sure I will be able to find the classroom." Shi Qing gave a smile as bright as the sunflower. She looked very sunny and cheerful, spreading warmth to people around her. "Brother Zhai, this schoolbag is very heavy. Can you help me carry it? It's packed with books. I can't carry it anymore."

Shi Qing took the schoolbag and handed it to Zhai Sheng.

Zhai Sheng gave Shi Qing a warning glance, reminding her to know her limits. Regardless, he still took the schoolbag from her.

Shi Qing raised an eyebrow and smiled smugly. She walked with light footsteps in the front, as if she already knew where the classroom was. She did not need anyone to show her the way.

Previously, a group of people were staring at Shi Qing. When they realized that she went in the direction of first-year's class one, the students from the class quickly rushed back to their classroom and sat down quietly on their seats.

"Brother Zhai, what are you looking at?" Although Shi Qing walked in the front, she seemed to know what was going on behind her. She did not turn back, but she knew that Zhai Sheng was looking at someone.

Zhai Sheng frowned and turned impatient. "Shi Qing, one must know their limits and I am known for my impatience."

Shi Qing pouted. "Why did I hear that you are very patient with a certain someone?"

"You have already said it yourself that I am only particularly patient with that certain someone," Zhai Sheng replied bluntly. If he had a choice, he was never one to conceal his true emotions.



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