"Brother Zhai, what's the hurry? One day, I will make sure that I will be the one who you are patient with." Shi Qing had no thoughts of giving up.

"Hmph." Now that Zhai Sheng and Qiao Nan had been together for quite a while, like her, he had the same habit of sneering coldly at others.

Even though Shi Qing wore a skirt, she strode to the classroom in big steps. As soon as she entered the classroom, she scanned around like a searchlight, looking for something in particular.

Initially, Shi Qing was worried that Qiao Nan would be too ordinary and she would not be able to find her or recognize her right away.

However, when her gaze rested on Qiao Nan, Shi Qing realized that it was an unfounded worry. The woman that Brother Zhai was interested in could never be ordinary.

Qiao Nan was not well-dressed. In fact, she was dressed shabbily. The clothes that Qiao Nan wore had the same color as her white skirt, but the difference was that her skirt was white in color, whereas Qiao Nan's clothes, though were made from good material, had turned whitish from too much washing.

To Shi Qing, this was the first time that she saw someone who wore clothes that had turned whitish from too much washing.

She looked glamorous like a white swan, while Qiao Nan looked grey and dull like the ugly duckling.

What made Shi Qing angry was that she looked as proud as a white swan, but Qiao Nan did not seem to feel inferior for being the ugly duckling. Her slender neck was slightly arched, her posture looked elegant, and she did not pale in comparison to her.

Even when Shi Qing kept staring at Qiao Nan, she still maintained her composure. She was neither overbearing nor self-effacing, and there was a cool look on her face. She had no whatsoever reaction to Shi Qing's surveying glance. Shi Qing could not help but darken her expression.

She took the risk of being scolded by the principal to wear a limited edition skirt to agitate Qiao Nan, yet she remained expressionless to her presence. Was Qiao Nan normal? Why did she not behave like girls her age?

Many of the students kept glancing at her skirt, envy and jealousy in their eyes.

Shi Qing had intended to establish an imposing air for herself by wearing that skirt, but Qiao Nan's calm reaction infuriated her. "You, stand up. I will sit in that place. From now on, this seat is mine. You can find another seat!"

Shi Qing did not care how Zhai Sheng would think. She stopped in front of Zhu Baoguo and ordered him to give up his seat.

As a bully, Zhu Baoguo had always been the one who ordered people around and would never take orders from others. "Are you sick? Since you are sick, you should remember to take medicine when you come out. It's okay if you have forgotten, but since you know that you are sick, you should have the medicine with you so that you can have them when your sickness acts up."

"So what if I am sick and didn't take medicine? Since I am sick, can't you show some concern for your classmate and let me have the seat? Are you a man? Why are you so wishy-washy? You should agree to it right away!"

Shi Qing was not fearful that Zhu Baoguo snapped at her. Instead, she admitted that she was ill. She was so straightforward that Zhu Baoguo was stunned momentarily.

Zhu Baoguo's face turned red. "It has nothing to do with you if I am a man or not. You do not need to know."

"What nonsense! I am not interested!"

"If not, why do you ask?"

While Zhu Baoguo engaged in childish banters with Shi Qing, Qiao Nan looked at Zhai Sheng as if asking why he was here.

Zhai Sheng placed Shi Qing's schoolbag on Qiao Nan's desk and stood by her side. "She is the daughter of an elder that I know. She is transferring to this school and the elder asked me to send her here."

"Is it very complicated?" Qiao Nan raised her eyebrows. The transfer student must have an impressive father such that she would dare to ask the future chief of the army to carry the schoolbag for her.

"It's not complicated at all." There was no obstacle between him and Nan Nan. Shi Qing did not pose a threat to them.

"Really?" She could not help but feel that Shi Qing was up to no good.

In fact, she had already noticed that ever since Shi Qing entered the classroom, she scanned the classroom before resting her gaze on Qiao Nan and had been staring at her for three minutes.

If Qiao Nan had thought too much and misunderstood Shi Qing, her move to take the seat from Zhu Baoguo undoubtedly proved that she was after Qiao Nan.


"That's good." Qiao Nan did not hesitate to believe in Zhai Sheng and neither did she probe further.

Qiao Nan and Zhai Sheng had finished their conversation, but Zhu Baoguo and Shi Qing had yet to end their quarrel.

Seeing that Zhu Baoguo was not easy to deal with, Shi Qing clenched her fists in annoyance. When she saw Zhai Sheng, she immediately loosened her fists. "It's fine if you refuse to give up your seat. You show no concern for your classmates, but I'm sure others will. This classmate over here, can you let me have your seat? I am not feeling well and I feel very tired right now. I need to sit down and rest."

Shi Qing gave up on Zhu Baoguo's seat. She turned and spotted a seat right behind Qiao Nan.

"Okay, but can we change the seat without informing the teacher? Do we need to tell Teacher Liu?" The boy's eyes lit up. He was happy to be engaged in a conversation with the new transfer student. Besides, she looked very beautiful.

"No problem. I will let Teacher Liu know. You are so kind, unlike someone who does not know to behave like a gentleman and is as noisy as a girl."

"It's nothing." The boy smiled with an infatuated look on his face. Without another word, he stuffed his books into his schoolbag and gave up his seat to Shi Qing.

"If you want others to behave like a gentleman, you have to act like a lady. Look at you. You're so rude and unreasonable that a shrew pales in comparison to you." After being friends with Qiao Nan, the only noticeable difference in Zhu Baoguo was that he became clever with words.

Shi Qing pinched her fingers and thought about the skirt that she wore. She smiled. "Brother Zhai, thank you for taking the time to send me to school. I am sorry to trouble you for the whole day. Let me treat you to a meal someday."

"No need." As soon as Shi Qing sat down, Zhai Sheng returned the schoolbag to her. "After all, it was your dad who asked me to send you to school. Now that you are at school, I have completed the task that your dad asked of me. Your dad used to look out for me. It's right of me to help him send you to school."

In fact, Zhai Sheng was telling Qiao Nan that it was Shi Qing's father who asked him for a favor. The reason why he accepted it was because Shi Qing's father had helped him in the past and he was simply returning the favor.

"Your dad's health is not good. You must watch your behavior. You will not want your dad to worry about you and come out of the hospital to look for you. Understand?"

Father Shi was too weak to send his daughter to school. Otherwise, Zhai Sheng would not be willing to take on this job.



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