Qiao Nan tucked her chin and lowered her face. She tried to control the corners of her lips that curled upward. She finally understood what was going on.

However, when there was a chance next time, she would definitely ask Brother Zhai the details. There was no way that she would be dismissed by his brief explanation.

Zhai Sheng was not at the Zhai family's residence. He must have rushed back from the army to send Shi Qing to the school. Qiao Nan wanted to know what help did Father Shi rendered that Zhai Sheng would go to great lengths to return the favor.

Shi Qing was not stupid. Initially, she had thought that Zhai Sheng cared for her, but when Zhai Sheng mentioned that her father was in the hospital, she knew that Zhai Sheng did not care for her. He was just explaining to Qiao Nan.

Shi Qing, who realized the truth, gritted her teeth. Qiao Nan, who heard it, looked toward Zhai Sheng. Why would the transfer student have such a huge reaction? Was there something that she did not know of?

Besides, it seemed that Qiao Nan was the reason why she transferred schools. But what was the reason?

Zhai Sheng lifted the corners of his lips. He was reluctant to answer Nan Nan's question.

Qiao Nan massaged her temple. It seemed that besides Qiu Chenxi who had yet to give up, the transfer student was also interested in Brother Zhai. Next time, she must ask him how many 'close sisters' he had.

The transfer student looked quite bright. Given the way Brother Zhai explained to her, she must have known about Brother Zhai's relationship with her.

Zhai Sheng tapped his finger lightly on Qiao Nan's desk, telling her not to worry. Even though Shi Qing knew about their relationship, it would not be a problem for them.

Be assured?

Qiao Nan could not help but worry. She even suffered from gastric pain now.

If the transfer student told Auntie Miao about their relationship, all her efforts of keeping it from Auntie Miao would go down the drain.

Qiao Nan scratched her scalp. Forget it. She could only take one step at a time. With the final term exam in a few weeks' time, she had no time to worry about all those messy affairs like the transfer student or Chen Jun.

After sending Shi Qing to Ping Cheng High School, Zhai Sheng left straightaway.

Qiao Nan told herself that she should focus on her studies and set the matter of Shi Qing aside for now. She could only be passive and react to whatever she had up her sleeves.

However, it was weird that after Zhai Sheng left, Shi Qing changed her attitude toward Qiao Nan. She acted as if she was not interested in her and treated her just like any other classmates. She greeted her normally. She was neither like Qiu Chenxi, who showed her displeasure to her openly, and nor was she like Xu Tingting, who disregarded her completely. Qiao Nan was perplexed by her attitude.

"What's wrong with you?" There was only one week left before the final term exam. After lunch, Qiao Nan returned to the classroom to work on the last question. Zhu Baoguo, who returned to the classroom, looked miserable. His clothes were disheveled and there were a few strands of leaves in his hair.

Zhu Baoguo, who was grimacing in agony, pretended to be perfectly fine upon seeing Qiao Nan. "Nothing. There's nothing wrong with me at all."

"Nothing? What's wrong with your pants? Why is there dust on your pants?" Qiao Nan looked at Zhu Baoguo's pants.

Zhu Baoguo looked down and saw that the dirt on his pants was, in fact, a shoe print. His face turned black in anger. That woman was a monster! She was better with her fists than him and she was one who bore grudges. Their quarrel happened days ago, yet she bore it in mind and made trouble for him now!

Zhu Baoguo dusted the shoe print off his pants. Shi Qing, who wore a sports suit, walked happily into the classroom, humming an unknown tune. She was unlike the lady-like image that she portrayed when she first came to the school. Instead, she looked like a ruffian.

When she walked past Zhu Baoguo, she snorted at him.

Zhu Baoguo was so angry that he clenched his fists and could not wait to fight it out with Shi Qing. But when he was reminded of how good she was with her fists, he could only stop himself from acting rashly.

"Xiao Qiao, let me tell you something."

"What?" Seeing that Zhu Baoguo lowered his voice deliberately, Qiao Nan cooperated by whispering to him.

"You must not offend Shi Qing. If you must, wait until the next semester starts."

"Why?" Why must she offend Shi Qing and why must she wait until next semester?

"This…" Zhu Baoguo blushed. He could not tell Xiao Qiao that Shi Qing was a violent woman. Even though he had been in the army, he could not win against her!

If Xiao Qiao offended Shi Qing, there was no way that he could help her as he was defenseless against her.

But when summer break came, he would train in the army to toughen himself. By then, he would be able to help Xiao Qiao and she would not need to give in to Shi Qing.

"It's alright if you don't wish to say." Qiao Nan stopped Zhu Baoguo when she noticed that his face turned so red that it was about to burst. "Don't worry. The exams are coming, and I don't provoke others as well."

Besides, the issue was not whether she wanted to provoke Shi Qing. It was whether Shi Qing was willing to let her off.

Qiao Nan never expected that Shi Qing had the ability to make Zhu Baoguo, the bully, avoid her and stop provoking her.

Bearing in mind Zhu Baoguo's kind reminder, like usual, Qiao Nan spent her days doing her revision and the final preparation for the upcoming final term exams.

Shi Qing seemed to be even more serious than her. This put Qiao Nan at ease. It seemed that, like Qiao Nan, Shi Qing was serious in her studies. She was not as terrifying as what Zhu Baoguo made her to be. It was no wonder that Brother Zhai told her not to worry about Shi Qing.

Although Qiao Nan did not get to spend a lot of time with Shi Qing, from the one month that they were classmates, Qiao Nan noticed that Shi Qing was quiet, and at times, she would exchange glares with Zhu Baoguo. But apart from these, Shi Qing had a very serious attitude toward learning. She was as studious as her.

It could be said that after Qiao Nan went through rebirth, apart from her roommates, Shi Qing caused her the least trouble among all the women she met.

Did Shi Qing really like Brother Zhai? What was her motive to transfer to her class? Qiao Nan was perplexed.

Shi Qing knew that Qiao Nan must have felt jealous and worried, but she did not care about what Qiao Nan thought. No matter what, her objective would not change.

"We are finally having the exams tomorrow. I have grown thinner from the daily revisions. I will rather die earlier and be reincarnated." Tang Mengran bent over the table. She could not help but complain. "Nan Nan, you have nothing to worry about as you will always rank first in the level."

"That may not be the case." Shi Qing, who sat behind Qiao Nan, closed her book and voiced her opinion in front of Qiao Nan for the first time. "It's about time someone else takes the first place in the level."



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