After Shi Qing said those words, everyone in the classroom grew silent.

Even though Qiao Nan had only been at Ping Cheng High School for more than one semester, she ranked first in the level for almost all exams. It was precisely because of her capabilities that every first-year student had taken it as a fact that Qiao Nan would always rank first in the level.

As long as there was Qiao Nan around, nobody could beat her in exams.

However, today, someone dared to challenge Qiao Nan. Hence, everyone in class one was intrigued by her words.

"That's right. Someone else should be the first in the level." Xu Tingting pointed her nails that had just been trimmed. She smiled brightly and gave Qiao Nan a smug look. "When I went to Teacher Liu's office last time to collect some stuff, guess what did I see? I saw Shi Qing's past transcripts. Wow, I finally knew that there is someone who is so brilliant in this world. Her results were so perfect and outstanding that nobody is capable of that."

Xu Tingting had waited a long time for a good show. She did not expect that Shi Qing was bold enough to challenge Qiao Nan on the eve of the final term exam.

"Shi Qing had a perfect score from elementary school to high school. Her scores for all her subjects were full marks, unlike some people whose results were pretty good in elementary school and at the beginning of junior high school. It was nothing compared to Shi Qing. I have high hopes for Shi Qing in this coming final term exam. Shi Qing, you must do our class proud!"

Qiao Nan touched her chin and smiled. She must be the person that Xu Tingting was talking about.

Indeed, although her grades from elementary school to the second year of junior high school were good, they were not as good as her grades now.

Shi Qing seemed to be formidable enough of an opponent to be praised by Xu Tingting.

"It is useless to talk about past results. What matters is now. Nan Nan will still be the first place in our level." Tang Mengran would not take it lying down. Xu Tingting was resolute to be at odds with Nan Nan to agitate her with those words. "Nan Nan, some people are evil by nature. They did not do well in their exams, so they said all these to affect you. Nan Nan, you must not take those words to heart and let them affect your performance tomorrow. Facts speak louder than words. It's useless to argue. It all depends on the results!"

"Yes, let's look at the results." Xu Tingting ground her teeth. Ever since Tang Mengran shared a dormitory with Qiao Nan, she was like Qiao Nan's dog, always siding with Qiao Nan. To think that they used to be classmates!

Tang Mengran was a villain who curried favor with the powerful.

Just because Qiao Nan was still the vice class monitor while she was not, and that Qiao Nan ranked first in the level, Tang Mengran always helped and supported Qiao Nan. She was too shameless.

Xu Tingting and Tang Mengran almost ended up in a quarrel. On the contrary, as the parties concerned, Qiao Nan and Shi Qing were calmer, particularly Shi Qing. After challenging Qiao Nan, she kept herself busy with her own work. Even when Xu Tingting praised her deliberately, she acted as if she did not hear her and did not appear to be smug or happy at her words.

"Hehehe, there are people who are all brawns and no brains and yet they want to challenge Nan Nan. Dream on!" Zhu Baoguo ranted to himself. People like Shi Qing, who was athletic, could never be good in her studies. Xu Tingting must have not slept well yesterday, and thus was daydreaming in broad daylight!

Shi Qing smiled at what Zhu Baoguo said. That stupid fool thought that everyone was like him, that they would not be smart if they were athletic.

Qiao Nan did not care much about Shi Qing's challenge. However, Tang Mengran was very worried about it because of her quarrel with Xu Tingting.

At night, Tang Mengran massaged Qiao Nan's shoulders in the dormitory. "Nan Nan, Nan Nan, you must do well tomorrow for my sake. As long as you keep calm and maintain your standard, Shi Qing will be far behind you. Xu Tingting, that woman, is too wicked. Nan Nan, you have to preserve my dignity."

"Tang Mengran, don't be too much. If you say so, Nan Nan will feel the pressure. If you are so unhappy and have to go against Xu Tingting, you should do better than Xu Tingting in the exams." Zheng Lingling was slightly annoyed. From what she heard, Tang Mengran did not have a happy time at home, but her personality was just like a child. She had no regards for other people's feelings. She would only think of herself. It was as if she had never grown up and was unschooled in the ways of the world.

It seemed that Tang Mengran had been pampered by her parents and so she turned out to be so naive.

"Zheng Lingling, don't be angry. I… I don't mean that. If I could do better than Xu Tingting, I would have already done so. But she is so much better than me," Tang Mengran said, disheartened.

In the class, her results were slightly below average or slightly better than those in the bottom.

On the contrary, even if Xu Tingting performed not as good as in junior high school, her results were still very good.

Tang Mengran did not understand. Xu Tingting had so many tricks up her sleeves, yet she could do so well in her exams. For her, she was devoted to her studies, but she could barely maintain her standard. It was so unfair.

Why would people like Xu Tingting be so smart?

"I am sleepy. I will sleep first. All of you can continue with the revision." They knew Tang Mengran's temper. Although she was willful, she did not overstep the boundaries. Even if she went overboard, the people in the dormitory would remind her. That was why Tang Mengran did not end up doing anything that was unacceptable and she could still get along well with her roommates.

"Nan Nan, it's too early to sleep. It's only half-past ten. How about doing more revision with us? Maybe you can sleep at twelve midnight?" Tang Mengran felt like crying. It was only half-past ten. All of the students would burn the midnight oil for the final sprint.

Although it was last-minute preparations, it was better than nothing.

Qiao Nan yawned, her sleepy eyes drooping. She shook her head. "No, all of you can do your revision. I want to have a good sleep now."

"Nan Nan…"

"Alright, do your own revision." Fang Fang took a book and stuffed it into the arms of Tang Mengran. "Rather than wasting time, you should do more revision. You don't have to worry about Nan Nan now. You should be worried about yourself."

Given Nan Nan's results, there was no need to worry about her.

"That's right. Don't forget that if you don't do well this time, all of us may be in the same class except you when it's time to choose a course. Don't come crying at us then. We won't be able to help you." Tao Zhenqin smiled. Given Tang Mengran's results, she should worry about herself. Otherwise, she might sob her guts out when she did not do well.



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