"You're right. Oh my god, tomorrow is the day of the exam. There's only one night left. I'm going crazy. I have to make use of the time to revise." Tang Mengran scratched her scalp in desperation. She flipped the books open and spread them on the table. Besides revising her notes and the knowledge points, she also tried out the examples.

Once Tang Mengran focused on her revision, Qiao Nan finally got a moment of peace.

Actually, they were going against the dormitory rules of switching off the lights to revise late into the night.

Nevertheless, it was the final term exam. As long as the main lights were switched off, and the students used their own torchlights, the teachers in charge of the dormitory would not punish them for it.

Qiao Nan covered her stomach with the blanket. She faced the wall with her back to the creaking electric fan and the light that was coming from He Yun and the rest who were revising. In almost three minutes' time, Qiao Nan's breathing turned heavy, falling into a deep sleep.

"Crap!" Tang Mengran, whose hair was messy, looked at the back of Qiao Nan, envious and jealous. "Nan Nan fell asleep in an instant. She did not even need time to settle down."

"Alright, we have been classmates for almost a year. This is not the first time Nan Nan behaves like this. Haven't you gotten used to it?" Zheng Lingling lent a pen to Tang Mengran. "From the way you threw your pen, I don't suppose you can use it tomorrow. This is for you to keep as a spare. If you're unhappy, don't take it out on the pen."

"Thank you, I really need it. Tomorrow's the final term exam. The money I have is only enough for me to go home. If the pen is broken, I can't even sit for the exam. When I go back home, I will definitely be scolded." Tang Mengran behaved as if she was given a treasure. She kept the pen nicely in her bag.

In the past, Qiao Nan had always been the one who slept the earliest and woke up the earliest in the dormitory.

But when it was time for exams, Qiao Nan was still the one who slept the earliest. However, she would not be the first person to wake up.

When Qiao Nan woke up and folded her blanket, the other girls in the dormitory had already woken up and were doing their revision.

Seeing that everyone, including Fang Fang, had this habit, Qiao Nan could only shake her head helplessly. In fact, among her roommates, apart from Tang Mengran who would skive occasionally and needed to cram what she learned in a short period of time, the rest were very conscientious in their studies and had no need to do that.

"Nan Nan, hurry up. After breakfast, let's go to the classroom to do our revision for another two more hours." Zheng Lingling reminded her.

"I am done. Let's go." In order to save time, Qiao Nan had wanted to cut her hair short in high school so that it would be more convenient to wash and comb, but Zhai Sheng objected strongly to it. They argued for a long time before Qiao Nan was allowed to cut her hair to shoulder length.

In fact, if she cut her hair short, she would look less feminine and would not attract the attention of the boys. Qiao Nan had no idea why Brother Zhai was so against it.

"Let's go." Tang Mengran pulled Qiao Nan along with her and ran outside the dormitory.

The six of them used the fastest speed to finish breakfast and rush to their classroom.

By the time they reached the classroom, most of the students were already in their seats.

Shi Qing, who had already done a few questions, looked at Qiao Nan with a puzzled look. Qiao Nan seemed to have arrived too late. What was she doing? Why would she be so nervous and think so highly of Qiao Nan?

"Shi Qing from first-year's class one, someone is looking for you. Come down now," the guards shouted toward the classroom.

Shi Qing frowned, reluctant to stop her revision. But she still went to the school gate to find out who was looking for her.

At this time, all of the students in the class were concentrated on the book in their hands. Even Xu Tingting, who was a busybody, did not lift her head to look. Her eyes were glued to her book, and she was mouthing the contents of the book.

The students had not even noticed that Shi Qing had left before she returned with someone beside her.

"All of you are so hardworking. It's so early in the morning and you're already doing your reading." The woman next to Shi Qing smiled and looked at the scene in the classroom, her eyes sweeping over the class. She seemed to be looking for someone.

Shi Qing lifted her chin and the person beside her located Qiao Nan right away.

Qiu Chenxi's cold and raised voice sounded especially jarring and noisy in the quiet classroom. But she was oblivious to it.

The students in the class looked up reluctantly. They stared at the person who spoke loudly and disturbed their revision. When everyone realized that the person was not from their class and that they had not seen her before in school, they could not help but frown at her.

"Sorry, she is my cousin." Shi Qing pulled at Qiu Chenxi. "Sister, what are you doing?" It was already very weird that she would look for her early in the morning, and she still shouted in their classroom. What did she mean by that?

Qiao Nan, who was writing, halted. "Cousin?" Shi Qing and Qiu Chenxi had such a relationship? Why did Brother Zhai not tell her?

Was Shi Qing hostile and declared war to her because of Qiu Chenxi?

Did Shi Qing come to take revenge for Qiu Chenxi and so she wanted to fight for the first place in the level?

"I am here to see you." Qiu Chenxi looked at Shi Qing with a smile on her face. "Qing Qing, you are too willful. No matter how your mom and I persuaded you, you refused to listen. With your grades, you could skip a grade to study in the third year next semester and take the college entrance examination the following year. Your school has already promised that as long as you maintain your standard and remain in the top three, they will ensure your admission to Peking University. You could have saved one year's time of hard work, but you insisted on doing it the difficult way. For the sake of me, you decided to go to… I don't know what to say of you. You take things too seriously."

"Skip a grade?"

"Peking University!"

Could it be any more exciting?

While they were struggling for the first-year final term exam, Shi Qing had the chance to skip a grade, and as long as she could remain in the top three places, she would be recommended admission to Peking University. This was such a privilege!

They had worked so hard, but they might not be able to go to Peking University, yet Shi Qing could be directly admitted to the university because of her excellent performance. She was simply the envy of all the other students.

Why would Shi Qing, who could have secured her admission to Peking University, transfer to Ping Cheng High School? What was she doing here? Was she seeking fun and excitement?

It was no wonder that Shi Qing dared to challenge Qiao Nan. She had the capability to do that.

It seemed that what Xu Tingting said yesterday was true. Shi Qing's past results were very outstanding. It was no wonder that the principal was willing to accept her transfer to the school at this time of the semester.

One was merely the top student in the first year, while the other person was someone who could have skipped a grade, advanced to the third year, and maintained her place in the top three. The students in the class looked on in anticipation for the good show that was about to unfold in their class.



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