She did not think too much. It was Teacher Liu who worried too much.

"It's good if you think that way." Teacher Liu sighed with relief. Being a teacher for so many years, he had seen many students who stirred up trouble because of competing with other students to be the top student. Some of them felt the stress at being overtaken by others and pushed themselves to get back on the tracks, but their grades worsened instead. They used to be top students but ended up to be students with fluctuating results.

Teacher Liu was worried that this time was no exception. Hence, he told Qiao Nan beforehand, lest she went down a blind alley.

Besides, Shi Qing also came at an inopportune time. Teacher Liu was busy doing revision with the students in class one and she transferred to their class at this time.

Teacher Liu heard from President Meng that Shi Qing's results were very good and her standard was definitely good enough for her to transfer to first-year class one.

Teacher Liu knew that President Meng would not possibly tarnish the reputation of class one. Thus, he was sure that Shi Qing's grades were good enough to join class one. However, he did not find out how her past results were.

Teacher Liu was surprised when he looked through the documents that Shi Qing submitted for the transfer today. He did not expect that there would be someone as outstanding as Qiao Nan in this world. More importantly, both of the students were in his class.

When he found out that Shi Qing almost skipped a grade and was recommended for admission to a university, Teacher Liu could not help but worry for Qiao Nan.

There was hardly any difference between their results.

But with the chances of skipping a grade and recommended for admission to a university, Shi Qing seemed to have the upper hand.

"Alright, go back and do your revision."

"Thank you, Teacher Liu." Qiao Nan thanked the teacher and returned to the classroom.

By the time Qiao Nan returned to the classroom, Qiu Chenxi was no longer there. Shi Qing had returned to her seat and was reading quietly.

Qiao Nan lowered her eyes and sat down in her seat.

As soon as Qiao Nan took her seat, Zhu Baoguo posed a question to her. "Xiao Qiao, why do I feel that Shi Qing's cousin behaved strangely toward you?" Shi Qing's cousin wanted Xiao Qiao to use the back door in their own school. Shi Qing was sick. Her cousin must be sick as well!

"Since you know that there's something wrong with them, why should you bother? You won't stand to gain at all." It was too complicated, and Qiao Nan had no wish to explain. Besides, other than her father, she did not tell anyone about her relationship with Zhai Sheng.

"I am just worried that you will be wronged and bullied."

"If you were worried, why didn't you do anything just now?" Qiao Nan was amused. "Tell me honestly… Forget it. The final exam is coming. I will preserve some dignity for you and will not probe."

In the past, when Xu Tingting picked on her, Zhu Baoguo would stand up for her and yell at Xu Tingting.

Today, Qiu Chenxi was arrogant and impudent, yet Zhu Baoguo remained seated and kept silent.

Zhu Baoguo was either afraid of Qiu Chenxi or Shi Qing.

Qiao Nan could tell that the dust on Zhu Baoguo's pants last time was a girl's shoe print. Qiao Nan wanted to show some respect for Zhu Baoguo's feelings, so she did not point it out.

Judging from Zhu Baoguo's words and attitude, Qiao Nan came to a conclusion that a few days ago, Zhu Baoguo not only fought with Shi Qing, but he also lost to Shi Qing.

Qiao Nan was amused that Zhu Baoguo, the bully who used to be ill-disciplined and out of control, was defeated by a young lady.

Teacher Liu had mentioned that Shi Qing chose the science course.

She used to worry that if she was not by Zhu Baoguo's side, would he be able to control his temper or would he revert to his old ways. Now, it seemed like as long as Shi Qing did not transfer to another school, there would be someone who could help her take Zhu Baoguo, the troublesome 'son', in hand.

What Qiao Nan was most concerned about was that Zhu Baoguo was too capable and had a powerful family background. Nobody would be able to control him, and he would gradually go out of control.

Zhu Baoguo did not know that while he was worried for her, Qiao Nan had already decided that Shi Qing would be the one who would be able to take him in hand.

"Oh, right, the exams! I need to revise!" Zhu Baoguo seemed to know what Qiao Nan wanted to say. Gone was his anger, and he started to read his book quietly.

Zhu Baoguo was indeed angry at Qiu Chenxi's arrogant attitude and wanted to shut her up, but she was Shi Qing's cousin and Shi Qing was standing next to her.

The enemy was stronger than him. He knew he would lose and injure himself, hence Zhu Baoguo decided not to act rashly. He would wait until he was stronger before he settled scores with them and got back at them for what happened today!

"Wait a minute, Xiao Qiao. You want me to revise, but what are you doing?" Zhu Baoguo had just started to read before he noticed that Qiao Nan, who was next to him, put away her books, stacked her hands together, and laid her head on them to sleep.

"I feel that I did not have enough sleep yesterday. Anyway, there is still an hour to go. I want to take a nap," Qiao Nan yawned and said in a relaxed manner.

She felt the pressure when she always ranked first in the level.

Now that she knew it was highly possible for someone else to rank first, she felt relieved that she no longer needed to push herself so hard.

She would just perform as per normal. Whatever she needed to revise and study had already been covered. It was useless to do further revision in this one hour's time. She would rather take a nap and rest well.

Zhu Baoguo looked at Qiao Nan and wanted to get her to wake up. She must not give up on herself. But then, he was reminded of Shi Qing's results and kept quiet.

Even though Xiao Qiao could have competed for first place in the level with the violent woman, her days would not be better and she would not stand to gain. In that case, there was no difference being in the first place or second place. Xiao Qiao was already good enough. It would be good for her to slow down her pace.

All the students in the class were doing their last-minute revision except for Qiao Nan, who was the only one who was bent over the table, sleeping soundly!

Anyone who took a closer look at Qiao Nan would notice something amiss. Qiao Nan remained in the same posture and her head did not move. It was only when the electric fan blew at her would a few strands of her hair move slightly.

If she was not asleep, nobody would be able to stay in the same position on a sunny day. It was too warm to stay in the same position.

"At least, she has some sense to give up. In that way, she could save some efforts." Xu Tingting drank some water. It was very soothing and cooling. She was extremely pleased with what she saw. Back then, in order to catch up with Qiao Nan, Xu Tingting was foolish enough to put in twice the effort and push hard on herself. But no matter what, her results could never be compared to Qiao Nan's results. Xu Tingting felt that her hard work back then was not worth it.



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