She was not as wise as Qiao Nan to submit to circumstances and be quick to give up.

Xu Tingting was not the only one who had a similar mentality in class one.

In the next one and a half day, everyone noticed that Qiao Nan did not really do her revision. They felt that Qiao Nan must have felt that Shi Qing was too strong an opponent, and since she had no chance of winning, she simply gave up.

Shi Qing kept frowning and showed her displeasure at Qiao Nan's behavior. She had not worked hard and tried her best, yet she had given up. She did not believe that Brother Zhai would like such a woman.

Even though love was blind, Brother Zhai would never like girls like her.

After the first day of the exam, and when everyone had finished their dinner, Shi Qing asked to meet Qiao Nan in the woods nearby.

"Your shadow didn't tag along with you?" Seeing Qiao Nan came by herself, Shi Qing smiled like a gangster and kicked the small tree next to her. "He was assured enough to let you come by yourself to meet me? He is just a wimp. How dare he act up in front of me!"

"What's your reason for asking me to come here? Tell me now." Qiao Nan did not answer the question about Zhu Baoguo. He did not know that she was here to meet Shi Qing.

Shi Qing threw the bag that she carried over to Qiao Nan. "These are my class notes. I'll lend them to you." She was sure that she would beat Qiao Nan in the exams. Apart from Brother Zhai, she had not lost to anybody in exams or fights.

Even though she never felt that she would lose to Qiao Nan, Shi Qing felt angry for both Brother Zhai and herself when she saw Qiao Nan give up so easily. "Aren't you worried that Brother Zhai will be disappointed when he knows what you have done? As far as I know, Brother Zhai will not approve of your behavior."

"You indeed…" She did know about her relationship with Brother Zhai.

"Yes, I know. I am not stupid and I am not blind. Besides, Brother Zhai's behavior is quite obvious." Shi Qing's expression darkened. "You are thin and don't have a good figure. Your looks are average and you don't come from a good family. Your only strength is your good results. Now that there's me, don't you feel ashamed of yourself and that you are not worthy of Brother Zhai?"

"Why don't you just say that you don't understand why Brother Zhai likes me?" Qiao Nan was amused. Shi Qing was jealous, but her tone was different from Qiu Chenxi. Hence, Qiao Nan was not angry at her. "Well, it goes to show that Brother Zhai likes me not because of any other external factors. He likes me for the way I am. Qiu Chenxi and you…"

Since Shi Qing knew about her relationship with Brother Zhai, Qiu Chenxi would not have behaved in that way yesterday if Shi Qing had told her about it. She would definitely create havoc.

"This has nothing to do with her. It only concerns Brother Zhai, you, and me. I have liked Brother Zhai from a young age. He used to be with Qiu Chenxi, and since we are relatives, and I knew him later than Qiu Chenxi, I decided to back out. But you knew Brother Zhai later than me, and you can't compare to me in all aspects, so I won't let you have Brother Zhai. I want to fight for the happiness that I once gave up. Qiao Nan, let's compete with each other!"

"Compete in the exams?" Qiao Nan raised an eyebrow. "If you rank first, I will give up on Brother Zhai, and if I rank first, you will scram?"

"I am not so childish." Shi Qing gave Qiao Nan a look of disdain. "It is sheer bullying if I am to compare results with you. Since you are Brother Zhai's girlfriend, you will have more chances to meet him than me. I am certain I am so much better than you, and I am more suitable for Brother Zhai. As long as I stay at Ping Cheng High School, I will have more chances to meet Brother Zhai. By that time, we shall see whether Brother Zhai only has eyes for you and takes me for nothing."

"You said that Qiu Chenxi knew Brother Zhai earlier than you and hence you backed out. Now, you know that I am in a relationship with Brother Zhai, but you still insist to fight for his attention. Shi Qing, don't you think there is a problem with your reasoning?"

"Are you saying that I'm a third party?" Shi Qing's face turned red. She was embarrassed and angry.

"What do you think?" Seeing that Shi Qing blushed at her words, Qiao Nan knew that Shi Qing's personality was better than Qiu Chenxi's. She was not so unreasonable and full of herself like Qiu Chenxi. "Brother Zhai told me what happened with Qiu Chenxi. All along, it was the arrangement between the elders of the two families. Brother Zhai did not agree to the arrangement and has not accepted Qiu Chenxi. I am different from Qiu Chenxi… Forget it. There are some things that I will only say when the exams are over. I'm afraid it will affect your mood."

Brother Zhai and Qiu Chenxi were not in a relationship at all. Besides, it was Qiu Chenxi who took the initiative, but Brother Zhai never reciprocated her feelings.

In her case, it was Brother Zhai who confessed his love for her, and they had decided to start a relationship.

In the case of Qiu Chenxi, if Shi Qing did anything, she would not be considered a third party. However, since Brother Zhai was already in a relationship with Qiao Nan now, it would be a different matter if Shi Qing tried to fight for his affection.

"Of course, if you are unhappy that I did not tell you the full story, I can continue with what I want to say now."

"No need!" Shi Qing said in anger. "Actually, I understand, but I just don't want to give up. People are selfish. I have given up once. I don't want to give up for the second time. If I don't try my best, I cannot answer to myself. As for Qiu Chenxi, you don't have to care about her. I may be here because of her, but whatever I do has nothing to do with her."

"In short, I called you here because I hoped you would have the correct attitude. I don't want to win by dishonor. Even if it doesn't mean anything to rank first, I will definitely not relax and do my best instead." As long as there was a chance, she wanted to compete with Qiao Nan and strive to be the best.

"Also, Qiao Nan, don't be too happy. You are different from Qiu Chenxi, and I am different from Qiu Chenxi as well. I have an advantage over both of you. It's just that you do not know of it. Given that Brother Zhai sent me to school this time, you should be able to tell."

"Did Qiu Chenxi send you here because of your advantage?" Did it mean that Qiu Chenxi sent Shi Qing to deal with Brother Zhai's 'girlfriend'?

"Is this what you should be concerned about?" Shi Qing rolled her eyes. "An honest man does nothing underhand. If I don't make it clear, I will feel uneasy. In short, this is between you and me. As for Qiu Chenxi, you don't have to worry about her. Even though we are relatives, I am not very close to her."

"But Qiu Chenxi seemed to take you for a fool and made use of you." Yesterday, Qiu Chenxi went to their school and tried to deal her a blow by bragging about Shi Qing's results.

Shi Qing snorted. "It's hard to say who the fool is." If not for Qiu Chenxi having a hidden agenda, she would not have this chance.



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