If her father had the spare cash, he would definitely save them for Qiao Zijin and her to use when they went to college.

"Why do you think we have a refrigerator at home?" Qiao Dongliang felt slightly displeased.

Back then, Ding Jiayi always clamored to buy a refrigerator. When it was summer, particularly, it would be much more convenient to have a refrigerator at home. However, the Qiao family's financial condition did not allow them to buy a refrigerator.

They never expected that now that Ding Jiayi was no longer at home, they would have a large refrigerator at home. When it was summer, they did not need to buy Popsicles from the small retail stall anymore. They could have Popsicles in the comfort of their house.

"Is it also from Zhu Baoguo's father?"

"It was indeed a gift from someone, but it was not from Zhu Baoguo's father. It was from Zhai Sheng."

"Brother Zhai?" Qiao Nan was stunned. "Why would he send this to us? Dad, why were you willing to accept it?"

"Accept?" Of course not!

Zhai Sheng, the young brat, was crafty. He knew that he would not have accepted the refrigerator. Therefore, after buying the refrigerator, he got someone else to send it to him. The person left after delivering the refrigerator. Qiao Dongliang did not have a chance to refuse.

Qiao Dongliang did not want to accept it, but he could not possibly leave the refrigerator outside. It would be a pity to be taken away by others.

Since it was already in the house, and it was summer, some fruits and vegetables would last longer if kept in the refrigerator, Qiao Dongliang could not help but end up using the new refrigerator.

"Hahaha." Qiao Nan was amused. Her father must have fallen for Brother Zhai's tricks. He had no other choice but to accept the refrigerator.

"Nan Nan, the exams were just over. How do you feel about the exams?" Qiao Dongliang poured a glass of water for Qiao Nan. He seemed to be very concerned.

"It's the same as usual."

"That's good." Qiao Dongliang clapped in happiness. Given Nan Nan's standard, it was good enough to perform as per normal.

Qiao Nan changed her shoes. She hesitated before saying, "But Dad, I may not rank first in the whole level in this final term exam. I may only rank second. Will you be disappointed?"

"The second in the whole level?" Qiao Dongliang paused momentarily. Since the third year of junior high school, Nan Nan had always ranked first. "It's very good to rank second. Besides, it is among the whole level. It's already a very good result."

"Dad, are you really not disappointed or unhappy?"

"No, why will I?" Qiao Dongliang smiled. "Initially, I thought that you looked strange when you came back today. So it was regarding this. It is very good to achieve the second in the level. For me, I am not highly educated and my grades were not very good when I was in school. Moreover, judging from your sister's grades, you're the only one who is intelligent in a family whose members are not good in their studies. You have inherited the few good genes in the family. If I were given another chance, I would never be able to rank second in the class, let alone second in the level. Nan Nan, you are much more capable than me. I must give you a thumbs-up!"

Qiao Dongliang gave Qiao Nan a thumbs-up proudly. He was already very satisfied and pleased with Qiao Nan's results.

In short, if he was to sit for the exam, he would only rank second-to-last in the class, let alone in second place.

Qiao Nan smiled, relieved of all tension. "Dad, I must give you a thumbs-up as well!"

Qiao Nan gave her father a thumbs-up. In this world, no other father was better than him.

After eliminating her last bit of worry about her results, Qiao Nan felt lighter and more relaxed. "Dad, I just finished my exams. I intend to give myself a five-day break. After getting the report card, I will then make a study plan. I am really tired out these few days."

"Just for five days? Why don't you rest for a few more days? In fact, there is two months' worth of summer break. Nan Nan, do you want to travel around?" Qiao Dongliang felt that Qiao Nan had pushed herself too hard. The study plan she had was too packed.

The children from other families would enjoy and have fun in the two months of summer break.

As for Nan Nan, she would devote all her time to her studies during the summer break. It was no different from studying at school. The only difference was that in the school, there would be teachers guiding them along, while at home, she would be doing her own preparation work. It was too hard on her.

"Dad, are you saying that you will allow me to travel?" Qiao Nan leaned on the sofa. "Dad, why do you have this idea?" Travel would cost a lot of money. She did not have any income, so how could she spend without any qualms?

"It's nothing. I just feel that you are still young and should travel more. Since you are still in school, you can travel during summer break or winter break. When you start working, you will not have summer breaks or winter breaks if you aren't a teacher. By that time, it will not be as convenient for you to travel."

"Dad, do you miss Mom and sister?" Qiao Zijin had always wanted to travel during summer break.

"Miss them? More or less." After calming down for two months, Qiao Dongliang was no longer that agitated when mentioning Ding Jiayi and Qiao Zijin. "Nan Nan, do you have any place that you want to visit?"

"Yes." Qiao Nan nodded. "I prefer exploring nature where there are mountains, seas, or lakes. But I don't plan to go now. I have already thought it through. When I finish college entrance examination, the summer break is the longest, almost two and a half months. I will take a break for half a month to travel around." Now, she did not dare to travel around lest she could not concentrate on her studies.

"Alright, when the time comes, I will give you the money to travel. You must have a good time."

"Dad, what about my college fees? You refuse to let me work to save for college. Dad, have you won the lottery?" Qiao Nan looked at Qiao Dongliang curiously. Her father seemed different. It was as if he had figured out something.

Qiao Dongliang did not know whether to cry or laugh. "Lottery? I never buy lottery. Have you forgotten how I used to teach you and your sister? As for your college fees and your travel fees after the college entrance examination, don't worry. There are two more years to go. Are you worried that I won't be able to earn them?"

"Alright." Qiao Nan gave a faint reply. Her father was indeed successful in the way he taught his daughters. She was never interested in the lottery.

Otherwise, given that she went through rebirth, as long as she remembered a number, she would be able to make a fortune.

"By the way, Nan Nan, you have to give Zhai Sheng a call. Tell him not to buy us stuff like this anymore. This place is lent to us by the school. Now that we have a television set, a telephone, and a refrigerator, it is as if we are staying here forever."

It was uncertain what would happen to Qiao Nan and Zhai Sheng in the future.

Qiao Dongliang felt uneasy accepting the refrigerator that Zhai Sheng gave them. It was as if he was selling his daughter. Besides, if Nan Nan went separate ways with Zhai Sheng in the future, it would seem like they owed him whatever he gave them.



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