"Shi Qing already knew about the matter between us. Fortunately, she has not told Qiu Chenxi. Otherwise, Qiu Chenxi will surely create a fuss and make the whole world know about it. At that time, how am I going to face Auntie Miao? Auntie Miao does have quite a good impression of me, but if this happens, what will she think of it? I'm not only concerned about my dad. I'm also afraid that Auntie Miao will realize it herself without anyone telling her. Brother Zhai, I know that you want to be good to me. There will be opportunities to do so in the future. But now, we can't let our relationship go to light yet. Control, we have to be in control."

There was a man who could not wait to bring all the good stuff in the world to her. No woman would dislike this kind of treatment.

However, for the sake of a longer and better future ahead, it was not appropriate to do so at this juncture.

After a round of scolding from Qiao Nan, Zhai Sheng, who usually only disciplined others instead of the other way round, was not angry. Instead, he smiled sullenly. "Right, we have a lot of time in the future. I have an entire lifetime to be good to you. Certainly, we should not be anxious about just one or two days. Nan Nan, you thought about this more thoroughly than me. Rest assured. I'll also be more careful in the future to ensure that we can eventually be together. To enable the two of us to get married successfully and be together forever, I'll give more consideration to what I do."

Qiao Nan's words did not mention anything about marriage, but the underlying meaning was to be with Zhai Sheng for life.

How could Zhai Sheng not feel pleased when he heard this?

"Brother Zhai, can you stop joking and be more sincere? I'm talking to you about serious matters." Qiao Nan stomped her feet in fury. It was completely different from the calm and nonchalant composure that she held when she met Shi Qing that morning.

"Aren't I being serious with you? Aren't you the one who talked about lifetime first?" Zhai Sheng drank a mouthful of water. Nevertheless, he had a greater belief in the hurried and sweet kiss that they had in the small alley that day.

That was both Qiao Nan's and Zhai Sheng's first kiss. It began so suddenly and the process was not very smooth. Regardless, the outcome was beautiful.

Thinking about his lackluster performance that day, Zhai Sheng drank another mouthful of water to moisten his dry throat. Next time. Next time, his performance would definitely not disappoint Nan Nan.

Qiao Nan's face was red. "Brother Zhai, do you believe that I will hang up on you?" Clearly, Brother Zhai had been so good to her previously. He accommodated and sided with her in everything. Why did Brother Zhai like to tease and bully her after they became boyfriend and girlfriend?

Qiao Nan, who did not have much experience about romantic relationships, did not know that when a man really loved a woman, that man would certainly only think of how to 'bully' that woman after being with her.

"I believe." Zhai Sheng adjusted his tone. "Since you've already said it, I'll definitely do accordingly. Wait for me to go back."

Once Zhai Sheng turned serious, that fire of anxiety in Qiao Nan's heart earlier vanished immediately. It was as if the fire was put out by a basin of cold water. "I'll wait for you to come back. Not chatting anymore. My dad should be back soon. Although my dad asked me to make this call, he'll feel uneasy if he really sees me calling you. Bye, Brother Zhai."


When he heard the beeping sound coming from the phone, Zhai Sheng put down the 'searing hot' phone in his hand.

Just as what Zhai Hua said, since he knew Nan Nan, he had been going home more often. The total number of times that he had gone back in the past few years was less than that of the past year.

However, he could not bring himself not to go back. His heart and lungs were there.

"Regiment Commander Zhai, did you just finish your call with Mrs. Regiment Commander?" Zhou Jun came in with a report.


"Regiment Commander Zhai, you're really going back to Ping Cheng again? After you've gone back, my leave won't be approved anymore?" Zhou Jun was both happy and depressed. He was sad that his regiment commander was going back and could not approve of his leave. He was happy that his regiment commander found someone that he liked and that they would have Mrs. Regiment Commander very soon.

"What do you think?" Zhai Sheng lifted his eyes and gave Zhou Jun a glance.

"Regiment Commander Zhai, can I discuss it with you?" Zhou Jun laughed as an idea came to his mind.

Zhai Sheng asked Zhou Jun to take a seat. "Tell me."

"Regiment Commander Zhai, for the sake of Mrs. Regiment Commander, you must put in more effort now. You don't have to worry about the matters in the camp and just have to leave them to me. I'll take care of them for you. When the matter between your wife and you is successful, can you help me when I'm wooing my wife then, Regiment Commander Zhai? I also wish to get out of singlehood and lead a life with wife and children."

Nan Nan was still young and had to study for a few more years. She was busier than him. Even if he could spare the time to look for Nan Nan, Nan Nan would not have the time for him. She would be fully focused on her studies.

He might as well make use of this period to work hard for his career and fight for a better future for Nan Nan. In this way, he could also give Nan Nan ample time to complete her studies.

Zhou Jun had a great plan, but it was not better than that of Zhai Sheng.

A good wife would not wait. What was crucial was the ability to take action quickly, accurately, and mercilessly!

After hearing Zhou Jun's words, Zhai Sheng displayed a good attitude that was rare. "Yes." He was always concerned about the family situation of the soldiers under his wing. There was no reason for him to disagree.

When Nan Nan and his marriage report had been filed and approved, regardless of how difficult it would be in the future, he would find ways to arrange for Zhou Jun when he wanted to take leave then.

"Regiment Commander Zhai, I'm so fortunate to be under your wing!" The extremely foolish Zhou Jun did not realize that he would no longer have any fate left with Qiao Nan if he waited until the day he could be on leave.

He could not make it in time to woo the lady that he had his eyes on. That lady had already been confirmed by his 'evil' regiment commander to be Mrs. Regiment Commander. He even had to greet her when he met her in the future.

Would anything be worse than this in the whole world?

On the other hand, as she promised herself, Qiao Nan really gave herself five days of break. In those five days, Qiao Nan would only do a few things.

First of all, she would sleep. In the twenty-four hours a day, Qiao Nan would sleep for almost ten hours, more than eight hours at night and more than an hour in the afternoon.

Secondly, she would jog after waking up. The air in the morning was fresh and the weather was considered cool and comfortable. At this time of the day, jogging and perspiring would make one feel extremely good.

Thirdly, she would watch television and have meals.

Qiao Nan's life was considered carefree. The lives of Qiu Chenxi and Shi Qing, this pair of cousins, though, were not as happy.

In the house of the Qiu family, Qiu Chenxi and Shi Qing could not see eye to eye with each other. Qiu Chenxi was also quite smart. She graduated from a prominent university. Nevertheless, in terms of intelligence, Qiu Chenxi completely could not hold a candle to Shi Qing. Among the people that Qiu Chenxi knew, only Zhai Sheng was more outstanding than Shi Qing.

In other words, besides Zhai Sheng, Shi Qing was the most formidable person that Qiu Chenxi had ever seen.

Shi Qing had a similar background as Zhai Sheng. Her ancestors were also veteran revolutionaries. The Shi family became successful based on their own merits and hard work. They were completely different from the Qiu family who relied on others and pulled strings to attain what they had today.



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